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  1. Didn't Scooby end up going veggie/vegan too? Either way, I really enjoy his videos, he's got a great personality.
  2. http://filer.case.edu/dts8/thelastq.htm ?
  3. This! Even with shipping costs they're almost always going to be cheaper and their pea protein is $4.59 a pound or so..
  4. I didn't watch because I hate mindless consumerism/commercialism and anything that glorifies it. I went on a bike ride, which was very pleasant for being in the mid 40's!
  5. They're still selling something. So I guess we agree.
  6. Any type of publication like this gets the majority of their revenue from advertising, the only reason they want more subscribers is because then they can charge advertisers more money because they have xx amount of subscribers. This is why many mags give out free or dirt cheap subscriptions, if they show that they have 10 million annual subscribers they can charge advertisers based on that high number of subscriptions, it doesn't matter that those subscribers paid $3.99 for the annual subscription. If you don't think that makes anything they publish slightly biased then you're their demographic.
  7. Right... Menshealth is part of what is wrong in this country. While the routine may be solid I have no doubts that their angle is to sell you some type of product and sell and spam your email address; I would also being willing to wager that whatever garbage product they are hocking doesn't have any of the tenets of veganism in mind.
  8. Epic! So much sugar though.. Anyone ever try using stevia in pad thai?
  9. I just saw that you they are now advertising vegan supplements. I've been getting a custom mix for years from them but it's great to see a premixed one for the average customer!
  10. Portland. I'm in the same boat and plan on moving to Seattle very soon but Portland is awesome too.. I hear the job market is rough though (I don't have much education)
  11. I really like mine, even though I have odd shaped feet (mortons toe) and narrow feet. They say to size them to your longest toe but I have long toes and my middle two toes are longer than my big toe (and not even from foot to foot). What I had to end up doing was heating and stretching the middle toes of the VFF's. They don't fit me perfectly but even with that running in them is amazing. You will want to start very small though, start at like half a mile and work up slowly. Not only will your calves thank you but there are other issues people have had with the achilles tendon. As for everyday athletic activity they are great, squatting in them feels very natural...
  12. I don't like how their new supply of Pea protein (just the pea, rice is ok) has such high sodium levels. I chose to lower the amount of the Gemma pea in my mix. I'm not at 40/30/30 Pea/Hemp/Rice. It is still the best deal around and their flavors are top notch!
  13. I get a mix of Pea/hemp/rice/soy (40%/25%/20%/20%) from trueprotein in their premium chocolate PB cup flavor and it is amazing! Sooo good!
  14. x2, I'm curious where this crazy idea of yours came from..
  15. I love my vitamix, it was integral to my becoming a healthy vegan!
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