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  1. What part of the panhandle? I am in pensacola.
  2. My little brother came to town with my parents today. I love working out with him. He knows how to push me like no other. It's nice working out with another strong person with experience as well. We only had about 40 minutes to get it done but here is what we did: Romanian Deadlifts: 55x10 145x8 195x6 235x6 285x8 325x8 375x3 Push Press: 95x12 135x10 Widest Grip Lat Pulldowns: 101x12 126x10 101x12 EZ Strict Curls: 75x8 x 3 sets Palms Up BB Wrist Curls: 75x10 75x12 Palms Down DB Wrist Curls: 10's x 20, 20, 20, 16 Set a huge PR for RDL's because of my brother and using chalk today.
  3. Decent workout tonight while at work. Incline BB Bench Press: 135x5, 165x3, 205x1, 135x5, 205x2, 165x10, 165x10, 165x8, 165x8, 165x6 Did these with a thick bar tonight. Made them a lot more difficult. Bench Dips: BWx30, 30, 30, 60 Barbell Squats: 135x6, 205x2, 225x2, 295x1, 325x1, 345x1, 355x1 No belt tonight and did them barefoot because my workboots are not well suited for squats. Rack Squats: 295x1, 295x1, 315x4 First time doing these. Pretty difficult. Start from bottom of movement at about 80-90% depth.
  4. So I figured out how much I weight I need to get my total to to surpass Mini Forklift. If I maintain my bodyweight at 93.6 kg I need to improve my lift total from 484 kg/1065 lbs (present), to 532 kg/1170 lbs. Prior to this I never considered powerlifting at all and only really trained for just overall strength, fatloss, and aesthetic purposes, but I love a good challenge. Consider it on!
  5. Had a killer workout this morning. Went right after I got off my 12 hour overnight shift. Used chalk while deadlifting tonight for the first time. Made it so much easier and no torn callouses! Rack Deadlifts: ( with chalk ) 135x10 225x5 315x2 405x1 455x1 405x2 315x8 315x6 SS w/ BB Squats: 135x5 230x3 280x1 280x1 300x1 230x5 230x5 230x5 Legs were weak and sore as hell tonight for some reason Power Clean and Press: 140x2 160x1 170xFAIL I try to do these with as little dip down to catch the bar as possible. Leg Press: 460x10 640x8 820x6 910x6 640x10 640x10 Felt pretty easy today Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns: ( strict as well ) 150x8 120x12 EZ Barbell Curls: ( strict with no upper body movement or momentum ) 90x4 70x10
  6. Coconut oil can still make you fat as it has a large amount of calories per serving. I think it is technically just the lesser of the evils in the case of oils. The omega 6 to 3 ratio is good which is why it is mostly a solid at room temperature. I say if you are going to use oils to use coconut but dont fo overboard as too much caloric intake vs expenditure will still lead to fat storage.
  7. Did a quick bench session at work tonight. BB Incline Press: 135x5 185x2 235x1 205x4 205x3 185x8 185x9 185x8 135x20 135x17 Very happy about the 235 PR!
  8. Whoops i accidentally edited this instead of quoting and posting a new one. Can I get my bench up to 270?
  9. It was indoor climbing at a local shop with soe walls. I would say these days i pull from the rack a little bit more often. I find it a little more difficult than pulling from the floor as there is no leg drive and relies all on movement from a deadstop only using your back.
  10. Decent workout tonight. Obituary helped me get through this one. Rack Deadlifts: (raw, no gloves, chalk, wraps, etc...) 135x10 225x6 315x2 405x1 455xFAIL (tore a callous) 405x1 (immediately after failed attempt) 405x1 315x3 225x10 225x12 225x20 BB Squats: 135x10 225x5 280x1 320x1 280x5 280x3 280x3 230x5 230x5 230x10 Power Clean and Press: 140x7 Power Cleans: 140x6 160x2 Try to do as little dipping down to catch bar as possible in an attempt to utilize more shoulders and upper back.
  11. I completely agree with this. I feel as if my mood is better overall.
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