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  1. This week: Nature's Path Rebound cereal w/ soy milk and blueberries Orange Juice 1 scoop of Vega Next week I'm going to start with a green smoothie in the mornings and move all starchy carbs to the post-workout window. I usually have a Raw Revolution organic food bar as a mid morning snack. Anyone tried these?
  2. Yeah, the food definitely sounds delicious. Keep it up!
  3. Hey Robert, I recently started doing 2 Iyengar asana (yoga) classes a week. For those who feel like they need to participate in some kind of physical activity everyday, practicing asanas is a great "active recovery" form of exercise. I like to cycle/climb/weight lift one day and follow it with a rest/yoga day. It's working great for me. The psycho-spiritual element of practicing asanas is also very rewarding.
  4. Stay away from green tea and grains? That just doesn't seem right to me.
  5. Kyle


    I'm the dude on the left. The guy on the right is my buddy Chad. This was taken on a snowboarding trip last winter in Lake Tahoe. Cheers! http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/9302/chadandihp3.th.jpg
  6. Greens+ is what has bee pollen has part of its ingredients.
  7. I haven't been keeping up. Last Saturday I went on my first ever rock climbing outing. Wow! What a friggin' mindblow. I've never done anything so exhilarating in my entire life. I followed (of course) the entire time and am pleased to say that I didn't let my nerves get the best of me - meaning - I never fell. By the end of day we had put in about 900 feet of climbing. I'm pretty much hooked now. I bought a couple of books and will continue to attend my Wednesday night class for as long as possible. I can't wait to get out there again. This weeks training schedule: Monday: Yoga Tuesday: 21 mile ride Wednesday: Interval training on a treadmill/Rock climbing class Tomorrow: Yoga Friday: Cycle Saturday: Sunday: Cycle Unfortunately, I think I need to pick either cycling or rock climbing as my primary sport. At this point, I'm leaning towards climbing... I was thinking that I could at least continue to use cycling as my mode of aerobic exercise and interval training to supplement my climbing training. Something like a 2 to 3 day split.
  8. Very cool. I started taking rock climbing classes a couple weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it so far. I'd like to start some of my own bouldering in the near future.
  9. Monday: 35 minutes cycling on my road bike. What a huge difference, I averaged between 15 and 16 mph. The gears on the bike were making some kind of clicking noise that I need to check out and fix. Wish I had all of the knowledge of an experience bike mechanic. Other than that, it was a very easy ride and I'm looking forward to next week when total riding time will be bumped up. Tuesday: Iyengar yoga. I plan on doing 2-3 classes per week from now on. Wednesday: Rock climbing class. Ultra forearm workout. Tomorrow: 45 minute ride with 10 minute warm up and 10 minute cool down = 65 minutes
  10. Hero, you should to join the Peace Corps, man! Simple (almost completely void of consumerism I would imagine), compassionate living, and the chance to live in an exotic location for a couple of years.
  11. Kyle


    Look up Manitoba Harvest. They have hemp-everything. I think they sell them by the tub at a reasonable price. Thought I don't know what reasonable would be to you
  12. Oy! Too late! I bet I could have taken to the local bike kitchen and had it done for free. I guess I was a little anxious.
  13. I did my scheduled ride on Thursday (30 minutes) as well as on Saturday (45 minutes). I tack on another 20 minutes to each ride to account for my warm up and cool down. Bunnylalu, I extracted the program from the Long Distance Cyclists' handbook. Apparently, it's structured so that your fitness "peaks" at nine weeks so that you're prepared for the ride. Potter, this week I rode my mountain bike but next week I'll start with my road bike (my road bikes tires were flat and I took it into the bike shop in the later part of the week to have the tires thorn proofed). In all honesty, I know that I could finish a 30 mile ride (maybe more) with relative ease but starting slow and getting use to being on the bike will be nice.
  14. Today's exercise: Rock climbing at the local climbing wall 1:45 minutes Just bought myself a pair of my own climbing shoes. Pretty excited.
  15. My bad! This program is actually designed to peak at 9 weeks; not eight. There goes the thread title! Here is a breakdown of the riding schedule. Let me know what you think. Week 1 - Preparation Day 1: 30 min Day 2: 30 min Day 3: 45 min Day 4: Rest Week 2 - Preparation Day 1: 30 Day 2: 45 Day 3: 45 Day 4: Rest Week 3 - Preparation Day 1: 45 Day 2: 60 Day 3: 60 Day 4: 90 Week 4 - Preparation Day 1: 45 Day 2: 60 Day 3: 90 Day 4: 120 Week 5 - Recovery Day 1: 60 Day 2: 90 Day 3: 90 Day 4: Rest Week 6 - Overload Day 1: 45 Day 2: 60 Day 3: 90 Day 4: 150 Week 7 - Overload Day 1: 45 Day 2: 60 Day 3: 120 Day 4: 180 Week 8 - Tapering and Peak Day 1: 60 Day 2: 60 Day 3: 120 Day 4: 60 Week 9 - Tapering and Peak Day 1: 45 Day 2: 60 Day 3: Rest Day 4: 56 miles
  16. Hey yo! I haven't posted in a few weeks due to going on a vacation and having a schedule that has been busier than usual. Unfortunately, I fell off the horse and had some fish in the last few weeks but I'm determined to get back on the right track. With that said, I'm starting an 8 week cycling program that should get me tuned up to be in peak condition for a 56 mile ride in 8 weeks. All workouts are measured by time rather than total distance. Today was the first day. 10 minute warm up 30 minute ride stretching Felt good but I need you guys to help me to stay consistent! Too many times have I given up on a workout when something comes up or I just dont "feel" like it. I'd sure appreciate it.
  17. wow, it's growing right out of your arm! Looks like its 3 dimensional. Awesome.
  18. I agree whole heartedly. It's tough for me to go over my uncles house and hear about how many different drugs he relies on to keep his blood pressure and cholesterol in check.
  19. I give blood every 56 days to help out those in need. Anyways, the blood bank where I give provides a free cholesterol reading each time you you go. Well...the first time I went my reading was 144. Between the first and second time I started eating a primarily plant-based diet. My reading came in the mail the other day and my reading was 112!!! Damn, somethings working right. Makes me feel quite healthy.
  20. I'll be seeing Morrissey on June 10th. Woo hoo!
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