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  1. So it's been a week since I last worked out, and my diet has included a lot of Polish chocolate. I hate when family visits from the homeland lol Been walking and driving a lot around the city showing him around, so there hasn't been much energy for a workout. Tomorrow I'm definitely gonna get a workout in though In general, pretty well. Ever since I added stretching after every workout, it's been feeling nicer. Although last week after deadlifting, the next day it was bugging me. The time before it was fine, so I'll chalk it up to bad form In what way? Stretching, squatting? I have no idea man lol How do people ride such long trips (50km+)? After about 10km my ass hurts so bad
  2. On Wed I did legs, which was mostly squat, sumo squat, lunges, wall sits, calve rasies, a touch of plyometrics, and afterwards a short bike ride. The next 2 days, my calves, hamstrings, and groin were on fire. I don't think it's ever been this sore. I couldn't flatten my foot when walking, so basically I walked around on my toes. It was definitely interesting going to the toilet. On Sat it finally healed up enough that I could walk, but calves still hurt with every step. Even today they're still a little sore, almost a full week later. Had no idea my calves would get this ruined.
  3. I lived in the Bogatynia area until the age of 6 before moving to Canada I assumed he meant iHerb, but I could be wrong.
  4. Yay, another vegan Polak I was so surprised to see how vegan friendly Poland has become. Even a tiny village of 2500 where I lived had meat substitutes in a small corner shop. Where abouts in the motherland are you?
  5. The thing is, it happens even with no weight. Even if I do a simple stretch (like the image below), I still get rounding. http://www.concept2.com.au/app_cmslib/media/lib/0705/m9192_v1_stretch2.jpg Found a few videos on YT which seem to be decent advice.
  6. I was literally just about to say the same thing. I don't live in Finland, but I know someone who does and she told me about how good iherb was. I've made about 6 orders with them (I'm in Canada though), and have yet to have an issue with them
  7. I never really checked how my back looked during a squat in the past, but recently I did because I was curious, and noticed my lower back curves when my ass gets to the grass. I've read it's because of tight hips and hamstrings. For about the last couple months I've done a lot of stretching (not just for better squats, more so for general health), but it's still curving. I've also tried to widen my stance, but no luck. Any ideas what can be done to prevent the curving? http://www.eatdrinklift.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/butt-wink.jpg
  8. Ok I'll post recent happenings, since someone did ask 1. Went back to a workout I did over 10 years ago, because it seemed to work for me back than. I did the traditional chest/tri's, back/bi's, legs, shoulders/forearms, rest. Later decided to switch it up a little. I read how Schwarzenegger would superset with chest and back exercises, so I decided to give that a try. Now I'm doing chest/back, tri's/bi's, shoulders/forearms, legs. 2. I've started jump rope again, unfortunately my right knee has not been kind ever since I injured it out 2 years ago. I make sure to land soft, but after a 14min jump, the knee hurts the next day, and still hurt about a week later. The other day I managed to do 16mins, the next day my knee is fine, but a few days later it starts to hurt. I'm definitely not jumping as much as I'd like because of that. 3. I have been biking a lot more too, easier on the knees I noticed. Went for a ride, got lost a couple times, ending up doing 20km (which is a lot for me, I am a fat ass and all lol) 4. My leg workouts are very light, mostly plyometrics. Burpees, jump squats, jump lunges, swiss ball squats, and wall squat isometric, etc. I'm slowly adding weight to my squats, but my priority is getting my hip and core area more flexible and strong before attempting anything crazy. 5. My heavy bag has unfortunately been in storage. I moved into a condo and can't really hang it anywhere, but can't seem to sell it either (I got a great deal and went through a lot to get it, so I'm a little attached to it). 6. I'm stretching a lot more than usual. I've come to the conclusion my knee and back issues are because of tightness and my body doesn't perform to it's full potential because of that. I'm mostly sticking with traditional yoga poses, pigeon pose is my favorite 7. Nutrition wise, I haven't been eating too well in the past, probably one reason I've become such a chubbo. A lot of bread, processed crap, eating heavy late in the day. But ever since I got back into the gym, I've been eating more clean. Usually around 1-2cups of beans and/or lentils with 1-2cups rice, protein shakes, apples, bananas - all daily now. Began taking 5000iu vitamin D because the recommended nmol/L is 75-250, and mine was 28. B12 recommended is 198-615, mine was 458, but I'm taking 2000 mcg daily just for a little kick.
  9. Pretty interesting article I came across today. http://www.ergo-log.com/rice-protein-works-just-as-well-as-whey-for-bodybuilders.html
  10. Peanut butter is something you shouldn't eat?! Blasphemy.
  11. Oh ya, I forgot about soda. There were many times I'd drink 2L by myself in a day.
  12. I bought cake frosting the other day, ate about half of the thing that day - I regret nothing
  13. Here are 3 videos I came across tonight. Gonna get these are mp3's and listen to them while I workout This is my 1000th posts.... woo
  14. Oh wow, did you really just revive an 8 year old topic? lol
  15. I've been around lol Honestly, for awhile I stopped exercising due to laziness and other factors, but have been hitting the gym 4-6 days a week now I'll do an update post just for you in a bit
  16. I'm listening to "Game - The City" right now. Sweet track that gets me pumped up and also "Jadakiss - The Champ Is Here".
  17. I watched Beautiful Creatures the other day, and loved it, so now I'm listening to the soundtrack
  18. Lololol lol as well ... actually made me chuckle
  19. Yesterday I went for a short bike ride, for an hour maybe, and my lungs began to hurt very quickly (within 5mins of riding). I don't believe my lungs were bleeding, but it sure did feel like it. If I felt like I was dying I'd return home, but it wasn't bad enough for me to turn around. When I got home and took deep breaths, it was a bit painful. I went for a long walk and I felt it a little too, but not as bad when riding my bike. Couple months ago I took a bike ride, went drinking that night, a few days later went for another ride, and I ended up being sick for about a month. At one point throwing up, chills, nasty phlegm that woke me up at night when I couldn't breathe, trouble taking deep breaths, and all that good stuff. I've noticed even when I was a teen that my lungs hated the cold air, jogging down the street to catch the bus would hurt. So it's not something that just came up recently. So my question... wtf is wrong with me?
  20. Links? I'm no expert, just curious what they say
  21. Here's some pretty good reading for reasons to use coconut oil http://www.streetdirectory.com/food_editorials/health_food/fruits/reasons_you_should_be_using_coconut_oil.html Personally, I use it for cooking because I use less of the stuff compared to olive oil. I'll use maybe a tea spoon on my big pan and I don't add anymore during cooking, I love the stuff. I have another non-stick pan that's not really non-stick anymore (it's old) and if I use coconut oil, stuff tends to not stick as much compared to using olive oil. It is quite expensive, so when it's on sale, I go a little nuts and buy a bunch of them
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