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  1. because im not planning on any meets and this is all just for personal gratification, should i just stick to off season?
  2. oh ive got you, it gets a bit bloody complex, im gonna need to take notes as i read
  3. let me get this straight, you train four days a week, one excersize a day, and only three sets?
  4. third time lucky james, i needed some new bed time reading haha
  5. not got it, im on the comp now and not my phone, [email protected], try that
  6. Just about to finish work, will check in 10 minutes
  7. Awesome, my e mail address is [email protected] really appreciate that, I have to admit I'm not doing this for vanity reasons but come summer I'm not gonna complain about going shirtless already worked out my nutrition and card for then, not particularly cutting just changing season, plus the amount of cycling I have planned, and I'm treating my self to rock climbing lessons for my b day I should be laughing
  8. Fair enough, mid may I'm thinking, that's just over six months from when I started, what would you recommend to do after?
  9. 05/01/13 day eleven of strong lifts 5x5 squats 45kg bench 32.5kg barbell row 42.5kg squats were very ropey today but i held form and just managed it, bench is still a piece of cake and bent over rows were an absolute dream, first time ive actually enjoyed doing them, ive tweaked my form and realised my breathing was the wrong way round haha good solid reps after that and not a single bit of bounce so bloody proud of my self
  10. so im thinking of throwing a cardio/core day in between weight days, is this a waste of time? im thinking of cable crunches, handing leg raises, weighted side bends and cable wood choppers, im thinking of using the same principles as 5x5 by doing high weight low rep, and slowly progressing each week, is this a good idea? any other recommendations? i hate doing crunches and just find em boring as hell. im not really one of thos guys obsessed with a six pack, i just want to strengthen my core to help with squats/deads, plus it gives me an excuse to get down the gym an extra time
  11. 02/01/123 day ten of strong lifts 5x5 squats 42.5kg overhead press 27.5kg deadlifts 60kg squats are getting taxing but i think thats down to being tired, nailed overheads, just, and dead lifts were awesome, really wish i could do more. good start to the year.
  12. So after only three hours sleep and starting work at 7 in the morning I was really looking forward to the first weights session of the year, but the lazy bastards at the gym are closing at one
  13. What setup have you got? And how much was it?
  14. I can feel bits and bobs on me that weren't there a month ago, but I'm still not lifting too heavy so I'm not expecting loads, it's going in the right direction so it's all good, awesome, if. Had a home gym I'd only ever go out for work
  15. thats why im glad ive not drank in nearly 7 years haha ill be putting up new pics in the next couple of days for impartial comparisson.
  16. just checked my numbers and although putting on 6lbs i have apparently lost 2.8% body fat, dunno how accurate those figures are (im a chronic self doubter, hense why i like to keep records) but they both seem to be going in the right directions. looks like 2013 is already off to a good start happy new year all.
  17. 30/12/12 day nine of strong lifts 5x5 squats 40kg bench 30kg barbell row 40kg squats were still solid,bench was a piece of cake and rows were feeling alot better after i tweaked my form. on a side not sundays seems to be the day the gym turns into a gentlemans club, every one was polote, courteous and was one of my best gym experiences ever. even after doing a night shift and only having four hours sleep. all the meat heads must be nursing their hangovers still haha
  18. Dylan the greens are in the dinners, I've made five or six different meals that I've portioned up, those stats are just an average, dude I don't know what I was doing with my life before I found nakds, the choc orange one is nearly as good as sex, nearly haha
  19. Cheers man, same to you, no idea on date yet, I'm thinking late summer/early autumn, just depends when I raise enough money
  20. im bloody jealous, im happy as long as i get gym time, 2 minutes from work luckily
  21. im never really off work, had two days and straight back in, you got plenty of time off?
  22. depends if he could translate my laughter and walking away, the ironic thing is im the only person i know of that uses the rack for squats and not curs, shrugs, pull ups hell everything else but squats haha
  23. oh and i forgot to add, i had to wait nearly 10 minutes while some guy used up the squat rack to do his shrugs fucking bell end. i think he could tell i was annoyed because he then asked me if i was interested in some 'premium roids' haha
  24. 27/12/12 day eight of strong lifts 5x5 squats 37.5kg overhead press 27.5kg deadlifts 55kg squat s were fine, as were the dead lifts but only managed to complete three full stets of presses, i put it down to tiredness and poor nutrition, but het its christmas, and its something to learn from not dwell on
  25. im on 60% carbs so i doubt its that, ive been pretty level for the past four to five days so i think im over the worst of it
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