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  1. Thank you for the comments. Sit up Bench Press 2x10, x8 Lat pull down/Biceps curl 3x12 Seated behind neck press 3x12 Prices push down 3x8 Leg presses3x12 I was stronger than last week, and my heart rate peaked at 109. Tune plate special: Two today, Surf City (Jan and Dean) and We're an American Band (Rob Zombie). Off for a shake. Edit: Ten minutes of Tabata on the Airdyne. Six minute warm up, six cycles of Tabata, cool down. Now it is time for the shake.
  2. I have finally found someone I agree with on the super foods issue. As far as building muscle on a vegan diet? Through the years I have seen Robert Cheeke and others do it via the www.
  3. I have been reading Ken Cooper' s Start Strong Finish Strong. I have always enjoyed Dr. Cooper' s work on cardiovascular exercise, and his book Aerobics kind of dented my skull in realizing the importance of conditioning exercises. One thing that I disagree with him however, is the Sun. He sets the Sun up there with cigarettes and corned beef as a life stopper. Statistic indicate that melanoma is, in reality, a rather infrequent cancer. Of the 300,000,000 people who live in the States, 55,000 died of melanoma last year. Although I wouldn't want my kids oiling up with baby oil and baking for a few hours, I do not understand Sun phobia. It gives life, fights depression, produces Vit D, and is connected with lower incidences of bowel cancers. Am I underestimating the center of our solar system?
  4. The Ketogenic Diet was developed in the 30's. It was used to reduce diabetic symptoms. And it worked. Then it was discovered to help alleviate seizures. Before big meds were developed to be used on individuals with seizure disorder, the Ketogenic Diet helped seizure patients. It is still used today for individuals who do not respond to their meds. (Makes you wonder why they do not use it in the first place?) It is a high fat diet, Atkins on dianabol. Can a vegan do it? I am guessing no.
  5. It is nice to become acquainted with another person who is missing his large intestine. (Well, my lower large intestine. I was born with caudal regression syndrome.) Please feel free to PM, me and we can share notes.
  6. Hi, I am Jon. (People sitting in folding chairs say, "Hi Jon!") I remember when this forum was pretty new, and Robert was just getting it rolling. I decided to return. This is a good forum, and a plant based diet, although my current year by habits are embarrassing, is the way to go. I lost a grandparent a couple of years back, and although I was 50, and he was 94, and we were expecting him to move on, it was devastating. Of all the things that represented his life, and my family members descended like vultures, the only things I took were his Masonic trowel, and his opera glasses. (I did get his WWII photo album as well.) Anyway, grief and depression set in, and even with Cytalopram (sp), I am just recovering. I posted on another post, I started Wing Chun pushing a year ago, and it got me out of the house. I was so out of shape from lying in bed for a year or so, that I had to get myself in shape by riding my Airdyne. Recently (as my workout log indicates) I just took up strength training again. I use a Soloflex, partly because I have had it almost thirty years and I love it almost more than my GSD, and the shock rings are "easier" resistance for my joints. I had an acquaintance tell me once "real men use real weight". That might be true, but since high School my Soloflex body has always looked better than his real weight body. I am going plant based because I live next door to a cattle ranch. It is beautiful. I wake up every summer morning and I have cattle lounging on the other side of the fence. I realised, although I love beef, those calves that have Mexican Stand-offs with our German Shepherd, won't make it to another summer. Call me sentimental. It is time for a change. Well, it is good to be here, and hope to hear from you all.
  7. Downhill. I only went once this year, but I think I might get a pass to Targhee or Snow King next year. I do get my fingers and feet quite cold.
  8. I started Wing Chun about ten months ago. It is the first martial art I have really stuck with (sorry Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and Haganah). I catch a bit of heck at work because I go to "slap" fighting twice a week, but no one will go with me. Wing Chun is what actually got me back off the couch. I would get so winded in class I needed to start riding the Airdyne for the training effect. Unfortunately, I work with a guy who started boxing about six months ago. He is in his mid-thirties and tips the scale at about 320. I commend his becoming active, but he tries to intimidate me. He will walk up, flex his meaty bicep, and tell me how sore he is from boxing. Yada, yada... I did hear he sucker punched a fellow who worked him for a couple of rounds and knocked the guy senseless. He is a poor sport also. (This was after they left the ring...) Although I am not intimidated, I do connect with reality and understand that a fellow twenty years younger than me, and at least a hundred pounds heavier would be a big challenge. I had better have my bong and tan sau working that night. Anyway, I really enjoy the Wing Chun. I do not mind getting hit, either with the closed fist or open hand, it is part of the experience.
  9. Gloves when I cycle. If someone wants use them in the gym then I really don't care. Wear them if you want.
  10. The "Good" Dr. Oz will say whatever is "popular" at the moment. He had Gary Taubes on a few years ago and whined like a baby when he ate low carb for two days. My parents are in their seventies and watch him. Every so often I have to remind them he is a quack. Do carbs cause cancer? Sure. Pepsi, Mt. Dew, refined "foods", junk foods, doughnuts, you name it. They do not differentiate between good wholesome food, and the poop people stuff down their pie holes. "They" just say carbs.
  11. April 3, 2016 I will back date a few days. Tuesday Wing Chun. Thursday Airdyne workout, forty minutes, eleven plus miles. Friday: Sit ups Bench press Lat pull down/biceps curl Seated behind neck press Triceps push down Leg press 3x12 for each exercise. I started plant based eating about a weeks ago. Already my indigestion is starting g to mellow out. I usually ride the Airdyne three days a week and go to Wing Chun twice a week. I am looking at lifting 2-3 days a week. See you tomorrow.
  12. 01.18.12 A brief check in. I have a bacterial infection on my chin from shaving. It is possibly MRSA...anyway I am two days into a three day anti-biotic drip, plus 7 days of oral anti-biotics. I have not had such copious amounts of bowel issues since I was about ten. I'll get back to wokring out when I can. Right now I have a stint in my hand for easy IV drip access. Good luck to the rest of you.
  13. 01.16.12 I got my kettlebell workout in today. I still feel a bit under the weather, hopefully that will pas. 2 arm swings one handed presses one handed snatch around the waist I used the 35 lbs. dumbell for all. Jon
  14. Hello Gang, I used to be a big candy bar eater; Twix and Hersheys for the most part. I have been switching to dried fruit, Mariani brand usually, I like the mangos and dried dates. I assume those are better for me than candy, but aside from that, are dried fruits to "sugar" packed to eat in your opiions? T.
  15. Thank you for the message Robert. Thursday: I didn't workout today, but I did ski for 2 hours in the evening. Skiing is always fun. I will workout this evening though, probably just kettlebells.
  16. Hello, I am introducing myself. It's good to be here. I'm 47 and starting vegetarianism. I kow this is a vegan/bodybuilding website, but I'm working on the veagn approach as I still eat eggs and drink milk. I have lifted weights since I was 13 so that would be on and off for 34. I have bodybuilt (is that a word?), olympic lifted, power lifted, used SuperSlow, Bullworkers, and right now I'm into kettlebells. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and Forks over Knives are the two films that have got me started.
  17. Thank you for dropping in Dylan. I will have to give the riblets a try.
  18. I hvae just started vegetarian eating, and hopefully will be able to transition to veganism in the future. I come from a background of being a heavy beef eater. I tried raw foodism 11 years ago, and was fairly successful, until I discovered the In-n-Out Burger. I'm 48 (almost) and it is time for a change. So vegetarianism to start, and we'll see what happens after. Today's workout was a straight kettlebell workout: Swings 1x25, 1x10, 1x15 One handed snatch: L: 3x5 R; 3x5 One handed press: L: 3x5 R: 3x5 Around the waist: 40
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