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  1. Day two went well. Did a modified version of my program since i am working out at work this week. My legs are feeling a bit tired today but i think i have to hit them harder next week. i was hoping to destroy them but as a warm up routine not bad. Hack Squat Dumbbell Single Leg Calf Raise 2 leg machines one for quadriceps and another for the back of the leg. next week ill be adding in my squat variations so it should be a good deal.
  2. Alright guys new plan. I worked out once this week with the following routine. I am listing two routines first being a modification of what my normal one is because i am working out at my crappy office gym. next week my schedule normalizes and i am able to go to the awesome gym. i can see how that would be more benificial. This week i have somewhat modified my routine since i found out they have a gym at work and in order to save me some hassle of walking to and from work then too the gym i am working out here. Until next week when i start at noon and can reasonably get up and go to the fully equip one. They do not have a chin up bar nor a dip bar. they have an Olympic weight set and then a rack of dumbbells as well as a rack of ez curl bars in various weight increments from 5lbs to 200 lbs. they also dont have a squat rack. so i am modifying this weeks program to the following Monday: barbell over head press close grip upright row bent over one arm dumbell row Cable Rear Pulldown Today I will do the following: hack squat good morning dead lift Dumbbell Single Leg Calf Raise pilates for 20 minutes for core Friday: pushup Dumbbell Decline Bench Press dumbell benchpress then i will start with the work out modified with everyones suggestions. ================== day 1 pull ups overhead press upright rows wide grip rows day 2 squat dead lift front squat roman chair step ups day 3 pushup dumbell benchpress dip day 4 rockclimb day 5 rest day 6 start over. Weight:172 BF %:22
  3. good mornings were originally on the list but they hurt my back and neck so i can only do the bars worth. so i switched it up. check out page two of my training blog and see what i was doing before. i can handle intense work so i am not worried about my plans intensity. especially knowing i was doing 7-8 exercises a day on a max out basis.
  4. woah. thanks for the link. ill be skipping that. also i stopped getting the dizzy rushing feeling from the protein. best i can tell my body must have been sorely in need of protein.
  5. anyone know if the vitamin mix you can add in is vegan?
  6. I was on a workout program for a month and did not feel as though it was teh best for me so i stopped working out all together. well its been a few months so i thought i would try again. this is the plan i have come up with and will start tomorrow. any suggestions? keep in mind i have never really worked out with weights until that one month stint, two months ago. i need your advice guys. so im going on round two for trying to exercise with weights. the last time was just to much and i felt disconected with my workouts. so this is my current plan: 3 x 6-10 day 1 overhead press pull ups upright rows wide grip rows day 2 hack squat front squat roman chair step ups dead lift day 3 pushup dip dumbell benchpress day 4 rockclimb day 5 rest day 6 start over. if i like i could do a tricep isolated manuever skull crusher kickback pushdown four to five exercises for 3 sets of 4-6 should be sufficient. you will intensify it if you do a superset. one set of bench presses immediately followed by pushups. then 30 second rest and onto the next exercise. deadlift followed by jumpsquats ect. what do you think?
  7. That's very odd. What did you have it with? i had about 4 apricots some westsoy plain soymilk and a teaspoon of sugar blended together. I have felt thise way before when i tried the rice protein too. I do not eat much generally around 1500-1800 calories a day and my protein intake hovers somewhere at around 35-60grams depending on if i eat in or out. so perhaps my body was like wtf is this? anywho we shall see what the future holds for my intake.
  8. very cool. that is what i did this morning. I felt weird after i took it. my heard beat fast and i felt kinda not quite dizzy but tired... perhaps i am unused to taking so much protein at once? it definitely felt like a drug experience.
  9. i figure if i used half a cup when only .45 was needed this should equal about 30 grams. Would you concur based on how much you need to pack it down? also do you know the thread in which this was discussed?
  10. thank you i appreciate the help. i mixed my gemma with plain soymilk and some aprocrots as well as a spoon full of sugar not bad but you can taste the powder.
  11. So i just got my 6lbs of gemma in the mail. What i did not do was order a measuring cup. can someone tell me what the equivalent of 30g's of gemma is in cups? or any other easy to measure way? THanks guys i appreciate the help
  12. Thank you both for the replies. This is pretty much what i figured. I think at 120 grams of protein though it should be enough. My worry is that unused protein stores as fat and since i gain fat very easily i am trying to avoid this. 120 grams of protein will not make me gain 15 lbs of muscle in a month but i think it will work for my needs. unless i am completely wrong.
  13. I have a few questions for you guys. Do to some recent issues with self esteem i thought i would kick my program up a notch (read: reanimate a dead program) Two things i am unclear about in regards to protein are: 1. Do you take protein shakes on your days off from working out 2. On the trueprotein boards someone mentioned they would not reccomend the gemma protean for recovery shake. I was confused about this as its the cheapest and most easily accessible thing for me to use. 3. how should i time my shake intake if i am taking three servings a day of gemma? This is my base line plan. eat 2500 calories a day (bmi says i need 1800 or so) with at least 75grams of protean a day from shakes. so i was going to take one serving of gemma three times a day (25.6g per serving) I think currently if i try i am getting 50-75 grams of protein a day which is not a lot. However i do not want to take 1 gram per lb on me until i can prove i can work out with an intensity that utilizes it. i figure with the shakes and food i should be getting 120g per day. comments suggestions opinions flames?
  14. ralst- I dont mind at all thanks for asking.
  15. i went from being able to do none to being able to do three in the last few weeks. so yeah hopefully once i get back into the gym next week ill increase it to 10 which is my goal.
  16. so i have not been doing well. I havent been rock climbing for a while now and no working out to be had. i lost some weight but its mostly fat so not too worried there. I have never felt so bad about myself before this week which is weird because i have been really over and really underweight. I think im dissapointed in myself which is the hardest thing to shrug. My weight lifting plan was not working for me, besides giving me a sense of completion as far as working out it was not the right program. I jsut feel so new at excercise that its hard to train without someone telling me how to do this or that. I am going to revamp my program and my nutrition. I also feel really bad about my chest. the extra skin is killing me. It makes me depressed every day to look at it but i don't want to get surgery without trying my hardest with working out first. and i can honestly say that while i have put in effort it has not been maximum effort with maximized nutrition. I am going to try to eat 2500 calories or so a day with over 120 grams of protean. I think before now i have been only getting about 50-70g of protean if i try really tried hard. I looked into the gemma protean powder and i can get enough for three servings a day for over three months for under 100 dollars. which is amazing. Next comes the workout plan. I want something challenging but not overwhelming. I am thnking that since the gym is free weight and cross fit to start intensively doing body weight workouts incorporated with weights. like dips chin ups push ups pull ups with squats dumbell pressess and what not. I really need help here finding a program for me any suggestions would help me greatly as i follow direction well i just suck at innovation.
  17. so i lost my job and have been on unemployment. i went from 171lbs to 159lbs again. i feel leaner with more muscle but its hard not to think that i have de-evoled. i liked gaining that weight. oh well the new job is better and allows for better gym times for me.
  18. I enjoy comics and while i am kinda anti corporation i reserve a weird double standard when it comes to my childhood and adult love of comics. DC is owned by time warner. horrible horrible. but then again they make comics about the flasshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zoom. L*G move to utah and become my trainer mkay thanks. I find i need someone to be all like do it wimp. then ill be like im not a wimp and then snivel a bit and wipe the tear from my eye and do the 40 thousand pushups i need to do. otherwise i am kinda like looking at the weight making stories about how they came into being. so that when i see them im less intimidated... ohhh good old 35 lb barbell you would scare me if not for my knowledge of how your were birthed mainly when a unicorn ate too much ore at the center of the earth when she was visiting the snake(Nidhogg) wrapped around Yggdrasil (the tree of life). good old 35 lb barbell. so uh yeah...that was a tangent. see thats why i need professional help. hahaha
  19. Hello Jade, I would love to hear and share stories with you. I often get discouraged because at times it feels like others perhaps do not understand some of the internalized pressure that my history can enforce. I would love to know what your training plan is as well, you look amazing! looking forward to hearing from you. Phil Soo i stopped counting weeks because i have fallen off the wagon in terms of weight lifting. I did however rock climb every other day last week and this week as well as through 15-30 minutes of cardio in the mix. I really enjoy rock climbing i just do not have the endurance as of yet to encorporate both rock climbing and weight lifting congruently. I think i will climb this week and next week, then get into a 2 day split with 2 days rock climbing. I am feeling great as i am decreasing my body fat. Emotional response and feedback ajustment: I have been walking around my house topless for the last few weeks so that i can get use to the idea of my body. I have not enjoyed my body for quite some time, but i have also never endeavored to change it until now. So i am doing a duel program of working to improve myself as well as my emotional response to my physical self. there are things that i cannot change on my body that have been damaged by being severely overweight but there is much that i can change. In the end it is about having unqualified love for oneself in all aspects.
  20. so its been a week and i have done no weights but have instead rock climbed every other day and done 15-20 minutes of cardio, i am back to my normal weight again. i feel great. it is going to be hard to once again start lifting.
  21. the first time i saw my niece after she was delivered i thought who is this hairy mess of a beast, what an ugly baby, but then she made some slight sound and turned ever so much and i just changed my whole countanence. I promised then and their id do what ever it took to keep her safe and provide her with knowledge. congratulations on the baby she looks amazing.
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