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  1. hi again, i've created a spreadsheet of all the data in your thing, and uploaded it on google drive https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhePMRUhhBvSdHZOeHdBSllKeXRSa3pLR3REM2RhZkE&usp=sharing - i hope links are OK to docs few technical things: the calories didnt seem to match up with the macros exactly, usually like 10% off or less, so i calculated the calories based on carbs*4 + protein*4 + fat*9 (can someone tell me if this is correct) other than that, it's sorted by the calculated protein/calorie value if you see any mistakes lemme know please aspirant hope you dont mind me using your data, all credit goes to your research anyway, i might add legumes and other common veg foods in a separate spreadsheet, sound good? send me some suggestions if you like
  2. thanks, will use, btw how did you class things as "protein rich"? the humble zuchini at the end clocks in at about 39% protein (by calories) vs kale which is about 33% and green beans which is about 25% i should convert this into an excel document so it can be arranged by carb/percentages etc, would be very useful -lol nvm i did it myself, see next comment but yeah, thanks, this is exactly what i was looking for, was looking for some nice leafy greens to grow over winter
  3. haha something about this cracks me up 1st photo: all the ingredients 2nd photo: delicious looking soup in a blender no recipe required but damn, it looks nice and creamy, i'm making this tonight
  4. Hey everyone, i'm wanting to build some muscle, as im tall and skinny, and look like a stick, anywho, i want to plan a vegan diet and build some muscle anyway, at the moment, i'm about 6'2 and 160 pounds, so very skinny after years of vegan/vegetarianism, and i play sport twice a week my TDEE is aparrantly about 2560 calories per day, at the moment, my diet looks something like this breakfast: some cereal and oj, or oatmeal lunch: maybe a sandwich, and some fruit or some crackers with stuff on them dinner: generally some sort of vegetable rich meal, a curry or soup or something maybe w/ wholegrain or multigrain bread and snacks like fruit/wholegrain crackers throughout the day , and maybe some toast w/ tomatoes or avocado or something so i was hoping someone could help me work out a meal plan on a slight surplus or link me to some pre-made ones around my goals, or just help me make a meal plan from scratch thanks, peace.
  5. collard greens and kale are supposedly protein rich ( at least per calorie, not volume ), i think other leafy greens are too, broccoli is, i think asparagus has some protein, like 8 grams for a bunch of spears, i think some sprouts are rich in protein, though i guess they are alot of legumes, uh there's more that i just can't think of right now you could also try a chlorella/spirulina powder, from what i understand they are just dried & powdered kelp, rich in micronutrients + protein- nut sure how unprocessed you want it, i have no experience with it so just give it a google- i think they are mainly taken for general health rather than protein though
  6. don't be sad, i'm not, i turned vegetarian when i was very young due to well, general disgust for meat, really i think i was around 10-13 when i swapped, it started off by me being disgusted by things like sausages/chicken/meat pies etc, anything that contained meat, it might have been because i started out so young, i mean, i remember eating meat, i remember some of the tastes and textures, and i don't miss them at all, honestly, it's hard for me to get down fake meats that tase very real, even though i know they are 100% vegan for the most part, cooking meats just smell like death to me, the times it would smell appealing would probably be when it's cooked in a seasoned sauce or something, the flavours would mostly be coming from that at this point, i really have an iron will against meat and well, probably a lesser will to dairy/egg poroducts etc as i'm less picky about those (i'm sure i will be one i finish my degree, move out of home and have more freedom), but yeah still, i do avoid dairy products as much as i can
  7. not at all, even if it would smell good, or taste good, it still revolts me after being veg for so long, i think if i were to taste that meat fat/grease type thing on my dinner, gag reflex would kick in and i'd spit it out that said, unfortunately, it's hard for me to eat out also, i normally dont trust places unless they are like, an exclusive vegan place, or maybe maybe maybe a health food resturaunt that comes very close- i would definitely feel uneasy walking up to a street vendor/market restuaraunt type thing, or just any type of restuaraunt and ordering a "vegan" dish - unfortunately alot of the times, even if they do think it's vegan or vegetarian safe, they just wouldnt have the care/dedication to find out for sure i'm picky
  8. Greetings everyone, winter is coming up where i live, and i want to grow some vegetables to maybe lower the cost of eating good and help supplement a vegan diet. anyway, i was wondering if anyone has some good suggestions on vegetables/fruits that would be particularly good for a vegan bodybuilding diet, i was thinking stuff like spinach/leafy greens because they grow fast and are high in iron, and maybe some sort of sprouted food like wheatgrass (anyone have any experience with wheatgrass?), but yeah, what are the best plants i could grow to supplement a vegan diet? whether it's for the carb content, the high yields, or specific nutritional needs, any ideas appreciated. thanks
  9. greets from australia, i've decided to start working out and hopefully build on some muscle, i've done pushups/home weights workouts in the past, about a year ago, but i got discouraged by a couple factors- first, the cheapass protein powder i bought.. literally tasted like vomit, secondly i wasnt really seeing results (i had planned to keep going regardless but i got sick for about a week, and gave up) my goals would ideally be to gain some upper body muscle, and condition my lower body to help me out in my sport - though if that's unrealistic, i'd just build muscle, right now i'm pretty tall and skinny, and i've been vegan/vegetarian for probably well over half my life now (22), and probably as a result, i'm skinny. anyway, now i've decided to commit myself to building on some muscle, looking better, being stronger and fitter, and i've ordered a bunch of stuff, like supplements and multivitamins, and equipment, and what i have at home right now to work out with is : an adjusable dumbbell set(20kg) adjustable ez curl set (25kg)- though i'm willing to mix and match these weights to increase them, aswell as buy more weights doorway pullup bar - for now i will be doing whatever i can at home, though later in the year it will hopefully be convinient for me to go to a gym on a regular basis, just not right now other than that, i was hoping that some smart people could point out the main topics i need to research to be most successful, like creating a routine, and calculating how many calories i need- aswell as whatever i'm too new to know is important, that you could point out currently, i'd like to think my diet is pretty healthy, good portion of it being raw foods, the rest being whole grains (like bread and toast), cereals etc, lots of fruit and vegetables, though i might under-eat, or just not get enough calories- no idea and as for supplements, i've currently ordered some sunwarrior protein deva multivitamins and some creatine anywho, any general guidance/advice would be appreciated, anything i haven't asked about that is important, would be nice also. TL;DR general advice for starting out appreciated thanks for reading
  10. greetings, i've just been looking for a multivitamin suitable for vegans with the main thing's i'm worried about (b12, and vitamin D), and came across deva multivitamins it looks like there are two options from them, they have a tiny version for easier swallowing, which also costs about $5 less for 90 of them, then there's a larger one which is more expencive i was hoping some nutritionally smarts people could tell me if there would be any actual difference between the two, it appears that the mini's have less content, but still above 100% daily volume for the main things, while the normal version has 200%+ of the recommended daily volumes of the vitamins here's some links where you can see the information here's some links to the nutritional info (in an online store) http://www.return2health.net/deva-nutrition-tiny-tablets-multivitamin.html#back-of-bottle http://www.return2health.net/deva-nutrition-1-a-day-multi.html#back-of-bottle i've already ordered one of each, which should last me for like 6 months at one a day, but if i could save $5 for little/no difference next time i order, that would be sweet too anyway, any smart people can take a look for me?
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