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  1. Creatine is one of the most well-known and research supplements that is known to work for bodybuilding. I would like to mention do it just take 5 g a day and don't think about it too much. You'll see an increase in strength definitely if it is your first time
  2. Like I have always said, I suggest getting 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight. If you reach this goal it is very unlikely you will not reach your goals.
  3. You just need to stick to basic compound exercises and try to go heavier. Maybe keeping a training log will help you push yourself further and further every time you go in. If this doesn't do it make sure you're getting enough protein and overall calories to make gains
  4. A bodyweight circuit is a great way to do high intensity interval training in my opinion. I hate doing cardio style high intensity interval training. I like doing push-ups and jump ropes and stuff like that
  5. The two best exercises for my forearms are behind the back wrist curls and any type of grip strength exercises. Particularly grip strength exercises I see a significant size increase in my forearm muscles
  6. Personally for me I like getting the work I've done in the morning. I have a huge breakfast and then go to the gym an hour later. If I go too late I will be too tired
  7. I think switching up different grips and just doing one or two throughout the day is the best way to increase your overall pull-up capability. I would not go to failure but I would do multiple want to rep sets throughout the day
  8. Do you have craigslist there. I found lots of good squat racks and other weightlifting equipment on craigslist here in California
  9. Make sure to incorporate lots of stretching into your routine and start light with the weightlifting. You need to make sure that your form is perfect so that you do not tweak anything. I would not go to failure for the first month or so
  10. If you can reach it, 1 g of protein per pound of body weight is ideal for bodybuilding
  11. Lifting heavier weights is the key to simulated muscle growth and you will plateau without lifting heavier and heavier over the months.
  12. For chest I would definitely incorporate dips into your routine. Not only are these a great chess exercise but they also work your shoulders and triceps a lot. For back you can try horizontal pull-ups which are great for back thickness and replicated a rowing movement which is hard to do at home
  13. My recommendation for this would be to gain muscle first especially if you are around the 10% body fat Mark. If you are 15% or over I would try to cut fat first
  14. I agree these are five stable exercises that people should start off with even if they do not have a gym membership. I remember seeing lots of newbie gains when I first started exercising just simply using these exercises
  15. I usually to about 5 to 7 exercises per body part. Obviously for legs it will be more like 7 to 10 and four calves and forearms will be more like 3 to 5. But the average is probably five different exercises with three sets per exercise.
  16. Yes you can absolutely build muscle on a vegan diet. There are plenty of vegan bodybuilders that are proof of this. As long as you get a good amount of calories
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