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  1. There was a re-run of this episode a few weeks ago. I laughed so hard. Conan is awesome! My favorite part is him asking to use the bathroom and brushing his teeth. LOL
  2. Let me welcome you also. Welcome!!!!
  3. Giacomo!!!!!! I am so sorry you are still feeling sick. Sometimes it helps to sleep with several pillows under your head or to sleep sitting in a recliner. This helps with the head congestion and keeps you from coughing. A vaporizer is also a good choice. When I get sick like that, I say "bring on the meds". Theraflu becomes my best friend. That stuff really works. I would love to hear of other natural remedies people might have. As far as your competition goes, I am rooting for you 110%!!!!!! You have so much determination and drive that I know you are going to do awesome!!!! Oh, and if you are in need of a pair of shorts, I have some extra mens clothes laying around the house I could send to you. LOL Do you think he will miss them?????? Ha!
  4. Amy


    Welcome Cat!!!!!!
  5. Congratulations on your anniversary!!!! Great job! I love the internet too!!!
  6. That was so great that I had to search for others they did!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m2mqksNiQ8&feature=related
  7. Yay!!!!! I am happy. That was so much fun to watch! Thanks for being extra generous Robert!!!!
  8. Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!! Happy Birthday Dear Lean and Green. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! We are sending you lots of love from Illinois (the iceberg state) Your best friends ever, Strider, Tiffany(not Daisy), and Amy
  9. It is hard to choose just one. Two of my top choices are: The Shawshank Redemption & Office Space
  10. Great song choice! LOL Cookie was actually my first word ever spoken.
  11. I have 2 songs This is your life (Switchfoot) The Dance (Garth Brooks)
  12. Amy

    new here

    Welcome! The more the merrier!
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