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  1. wow! that shadow monster is AMAZING! I've seen some pretty amazing visual strangeness since climbing in the Pacific NW. On the summit of Sahale peak there was a circular rainbow surrounding my shadow on the pinnacle like a crown. And near Mt Jefferson there was this weird phenomenon where a shadow of yourself projects upward into fog and appears to be a giant standing above you, spookiness! I'll have to try to find my photos.....
  2. Try exploring if you have any food allergies which can worsen symptoms of seasonal allergies. For me it is wheat, during times of colds/seasonal allergies I am worse when I eat wheat and it is very much less severe when I eliminate wheat.
  3. I guess would have tend to think that overweight/sedentary people would need less rest than active people. It also seems to me that how deep a person sleeps, how long their sleep cycles are, and how many cycles they have in a slumber would make a difference as well. (I read once that the average length of a sleep cycle is 90 to 110 minutes, over a night that can make an hour or mores worth of difference).
  4. I recently had some tofu that I thought was amazing, I was told it was just firm tofu that was coated in nutritional yeast and fried, I was impressed at the simplicity for something so tasty.
  5. I recently wondered if a family cow (a well cared for happy pet dairy cow with a loving family on a big green pasture) is an ideal way to attain dairy? I subscribe to Mother Earth News and this was an article in a recent issue that answered my question.... http://www.motherearthnews.com/modern-homesteading/keep-a-family-cow-and-enjoy-delicious-milk-cream-cheese-and-more.aspx This article is not necessarily sugar coating the reality, I find it to be more factual on the process and so for myself I was able to determine that the mother cow suffers (if not regularly milked, when separated from calf, and from being kept continuously pregnant and from milking after weaning). And the calf suffers from that separation. Attaining milk, even from one singular loved and well cared for family cow, unavoidably involves suffering and likely slaughter to an unwanted life (the male calf). FYI, I myself would never consume dairy even *if* there were no suffering or slaughter simply because of the seriously unhealthy aspects of dairy consumption. PS Tonight I'm making chile rellenos stuffed with ooey gooey Daiya!
  6. My mom's dog went blind over a year ago. Dogs are so wonderfully resilient, he'll learn his was of orienting himself. Just try to maintain a familiar environment (furniture placement, clutter, etc) and maintain familiar routines. For the most part treat him the same as before and try not to pamper him too much (or he won't learn). Teach a few new verbal commands to help him out with obstacles like "step" or "jump" (that'll likely come naturally to you). And be aware of how he'll use his other senses to orient himself if he becomes "lost", such as feeling textures under his feet, or listening for sounds like a television, or smelling for his food bowl, etc.
  7. and for heart health make it no more and no less that 7 hours including naps: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,900401,00.html
  8. I am a previous Coloradoan as well, although I've summited more mountains here than in Colorado, I was more of a backpacker there, but I'm the gear-toting, rope-tying-into climber type here! haha Well nice to meet you and happy trails!!
  9. I am outdoorsy girl in the Pac NW as well! What mountains have you climbed Baby Herc?
  10. Sage is doing very well this week since her surgery on Tuesday! Here is a couple photos... http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=113419&id=515257368&l=06aa8b0607 she will be done with some of those meds tomorrow! She's figured out how to spit them out just this morning so tomorrow will be a tricky last day. The hospital tested her stone and found it to be a common one so they have her on a prescription diet for the next month to balance things out and prevent further stone formation. There is a little more to why I'd be "homeless" in a month or so and it does have quite a bit to do with financial stuff but also because I am in limbo between the lease ending on the Vegan House of Kindness and the arrangement of the next house I plan to live in not being ready yet, so in the meantime I am needing to find an inexpensive, very short-term apartment that will allow cats while I'm in limbo. So that is the long story of why I fear being temporarily "homeless" (but not like on the streets in a cardboard box kind of homeless, although that would be an adventure! But the find a friend to take us in for a while kind of homeless.) I am however, in the works on perhaps staying in the VHK and signing a short-term lease and finding people to fill the vacant rooms so that I will not have to leave quite yet. Typically I am pretty responsible and on the upside of my finances but a run of bad luck the last two months really depleted my accounts.... my car was towed and impounded for a small fortune, got a ticket for speeding, had a major car repair, and now multiple trips to the vet and then the need for Sage's surgery just tipped the scale to the negative side. I don't expect this run of bad luck to last long, and usually I'm not one to ask for help because I know there is always someone out there worse off than me. More or less Robert insisted on raising funds to help Sage out and I can't begin to express my gratitude to Robert and the VBBF community for your generosity!!!! LOVE, Jessi & Sage
  11. Robert: Thank you for you generosity, you are amazing! Marcina: Thanks, Sage is unbelievably sweet, she is everyone's best friend, the entire vet hospital is in love with her personality too! The "alternative" did not cross my mind, it seems that would be a crime for something so fixable!
  12. Sage is now stone-free! She has been in the animal hospital since Monday morning is staying overnight another night, but the surgery went well and she's doing good! I got to see the x-ray this morning and the stone in her bladder was so big it took up about 1/2 of her bladder! Kindly from solutions between the vet and my best friends credit card we were able to put off me paying the cost of the surgery right away... I have 30 days ....to pay the first half to my friend and the second half to the vet. So still any help is super-appreciated! acatherine13: Thank you for the recommendation on Dove Lewis. The surgery was performed first thing this morning so unfortunately I didn't see this post until tonight but I didn't have much opportunity to shop around since it was an urgent matter. I must say though, this vet is very very very awesome so I am happy that Sage was in good hands with the original vet.
  13. http://m3house.org/HELD/index.html and http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6310451
  14. L&G, are you gonna make me a cd of all the pics you collected from everyones camera at vv? I would LOVE a copy still
  15. hmm...interesting perspective... generally speaking TV and video games are effective means of population control then. I can see that.
  16. Can someone please explain what is so seriously unhealthy? I'm not dissputing it's just that I hear it ll the time without someone backing it up with serious science. I've heard that it messes with hormone levels which makes it harder to get pregnant and there's no red week, but if you don't want to get pregnant that wouldn't be an issue. lease back it up, cause I really really want to read about this. This article seems to be what you are asking for: http://sportsmedicine.about.com/gi/dynamic/offsite.htm?zi=1/XJ&sdn=sportsmedicine&cdn=health&tm=107&f=10&su=p284.9.336.ip_p736.8.336.ip_&tt=2&bt=0&bts=0&zu=http%3A//
  17. I was curious about the "brain sand" as well... apparently it is a real thing called "Corpora arenacea". Although I didn't find much info outside of it being calcified deposits in the pineal gland and other organs of the nervous system that appear with age.
  18. Robert, I want to buy 3 pounds... um, how much is shipping upstairs to my room? haha!
  19. This is the chart I was presented with (female): 12-15% Essential fat 16-20% Athlete 21-24% Fit 25-31% Acceptable 32+% High I think my exact % was 27.
  20. How did you determine your exact cholesterol #?
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