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  1. Welcome! I used to live in BC and I'm Canadian. feel free to ask us if you have any questions.
  2. Anyone know of a good shaving cream that won't clog pores?
  3. I've been a megadoser for quite some time. Used to take 10-12 grams/day, now I take 2-3, or maybe more when sick. eating their wild diet an adult male gorilla gets about 8.5 g/day. This along with some other things ensures I never get sick.
  4. My friend bought this supposedly all-inclusive book. Many of the sections seem incomplete or tacked on, and some advice seems just stupid. For example, McNutt advises doing reps as quickly as possible; this seems to fly in the face of common sense and advice available elsewhere which dictate your rep speed should be controlled to maximize effort and muscle contraction. His vegan ideas are interesting and I am obviously sympathetic, although when he says that the reason physiques are getting bigger is because of impacted colons from excess whey protein, my eyes glaze over. You can sign up for his exclusive, direct-from-the-manufacturer monthly hemp protein autoship program-- $97 for 6 pounds of protein, which isn't altogether too bad. I'm particularly interested in his enzymes "MassZymes", which you can read about here: http://www.masszymes.com/. For the low price of $137 a bottle (which will last "up to one month'-- up to 6 bottles per month are recommend, for $497) you can try them out. I'm skeptical, because I can't find any mentions of them on the Net, can't find a formula, and they make all kinds of inflated claims. They claim their enzymes are special because they make them only in small batches. Surprise, they're definitely made by a contract manufacturer so they can't be completely unique; a manufacturer who would be able to make enzymes is definitely making them for someone else, so at best they are marginally more effective. Also, I can't find an ingredient listing or any contact info, both of which are red flags for me. I've emailed Wade with the address of this forum; we'll see what happens. I'd like a lot more transparency, especially on the enzymes and being how supplement facts are a required disclosure. Wade McNutt, MassZymes, Matt Gallant, Mass-Zymes
  5. Yeah, but for results from individual aminos, like tyrosine for energy and focus, l-carnosine for anti-glycation or l-arginine for erection aid, they have to be taken alone on an empty stomach. I have never tried arginine for this purpose, but one creepy old guy at the library assured me it worked well (he went into greater detail that I'll share here).
  6. According to Strength Training Anatomy (which I highly recommend), incline presses isolate this muscle more than flat benching does. And ditto on the pullovers.
  7. People are funny as to what they worry about. Xenoestrogens are FAR more potent than the phytoestrogens in soy, yet everyone is all into denigrating soy. I don't eat too much soy, but you better bet I do my damnedest to avoid xenoestrogens.
  8. Can you DL it and attach it onto this forum, please?
  9. Which men's shirts have sleeves? Just the white with black writing/black armbands, or the white with blue writing, too?
  10. Merely trying to offer helpful suggestions as far as aging healthfully.
  11. Here's Ron Coleman's list: 1) Everyone knows me by name. 2) Brian will yell, "Yeah, big man!" and hit the back of my head. 3) Two big black guys will spot me. 4) The gym is 110 degrees in summer and there's no AC. 5) I can do walking lunges in the parking lot and drop the weight onto concrete. 6) I'm the biggest man there. 7) There's plenty of room for my Viper, Hummer or similar overpowered car. A Japanese man follows me around with a camera. 9) I take off my shirt and flex and no one says anything. 10) I'm Ron Coleman, bitch.
  12. Gillette is owned by Proctor and Gamble, which is notorious for its animal testing. So even if the Gillette products themselves are vegan, I personally would buying their razors.
  13. Diet is going to play a key role. Eat lots of antioxidants. Also, homocysteine plays a huge role in age-related diseases. I don't know if it helps out with the sundry facets of aging like looks and energy, but as far as cancer and heart disease go it's one of the best predictors. You might want to get your homocysteine and C-reactive protein levels checked. Life Extension has pretty good sales on these two. If they are elevated, take aggressive steps to lower them and keep them down. Hope this helps, and don't stress. Remember, playing keeps you young.
  14. So the people at my work (with a few exceptions) are big-time carnivores. If I tell my boss I'm feeling tired, his first response is "are you eating meat?" Anyhoo, one of the girls said if I stay vegan, my body will go to s**t and I'll "never get laid again" (we insult each other jokingly a lot). So to prove them wrong I will not only maintain my diet and thrive on it, I will get truly huge. Already I have put on a lot of weight and am wearing large-size shirts where I used to be medium. Just wait til I start squatting and deadlifting and I will get HUGE. Coleman huge! YEAH BUDDY!
  15. Quite right. Some fats will in fact help you lose weight-- the omega 3s play so many roles in the body that cutting down on fat while cutting down on o3s might actually backfire.
  16. I would strongly encourage you not to buy into the view some are putting forth that acne is an attempt for the body to 'cleanse' itself in some way. Implying that the disease is some kind of attempt for the body to come back into balance is an inherently flawed viewpoint, as it implies that there is a point of perfect health that every body should, taking all extenuating circumstances away, be able to come back to. In the case of acne there are numerous factors, such as genetics, that are affecting your skin. I am going to PM you with some suggestions.
  17. You can save yourself a lot of money and just get a well-absorbed zinc supplement. As a vegan you're unlikely to be magnesium deficient.
  18. A lot of what they're writing about on wiki is based on the earlier ideas that mass cultivation of chlorella would feed the world. Obviously that is not the case. But chlorella still is an awesome supplement. It is true that most species need to have their cell walls broken (there is one that I know of that doesn't-- a subspecies of chlorella pyrenoidosa), but if this process is done properly very little nutrient loss should occur. Yaeyama makes a great spray-dried chlorella. No other food contains as many nucleic acids, and the only other source that's relatively high is sardines and salmon, so we're SOL on those. In addition, chlorella has extremely high levels of chlorophyll and carotenoids, especially lutein. In addition, nothing else possesses chlorella's ability to detoxify the body. I take high amounts of chlorella every day. There is not one thing or a collection of 100 things that could replace it in my daily supplement program.
  19. I use Vega 2-4 times per day. It is the protein base of my morning smoothies. I put it on berries with rice milk. I also shake it up plain with water as a post-workout drink. The stuff rocks. Hopefully Sequel with source some cheaper maca and chlorella, as they are out there, and be able to bring the price down a bit.
  20. I've been doing a version of the Thrive diet and been putting on weight pretty well. The key is to eat high carb, high protein foods frequently and, as Brendan talks about, easily digested ones which nourish and give energy rather than deplete. SOme excellent ones are soaked nuts and beans. Lately I've been eating lots of hummus. mmmmmm... hummus.
  21. If you read up on this form of creatine, you'll find it's a scam. It's basically creatine mixed with ash. There are several newer forms of creatine that are "legit" (as in they contain what the labels say) but they are unstudied. Monohydrate remains the king.
  22. Any idea when the new shirts will be available? I want one!
  23. I usually drink coconut water post-workout. mmmmmm. so good. bottled can't compare to the real thing right from a coconut, however.
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