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  1. OMG! Just checked out your profile and all that. Great stuff! In which gym are you working out?
  2. Well you would have needed to remove the "&feature=related" from the url to make it work. Had a similiar problem before and sorted it out myself. http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/powers_of_persuasion/its_a_womans_war_too/images_html/images/we_can_do_it.jpg
  3. I trained yesterday and today. Yesterday I did bicep curls, squats, overhead presses and other types of lifts with two kids, who's total weight was 75lbs. Today I got a free tour at one gym and went there to try those machines etc. Didn't mark anything down, but I did a lot. Then I had a boxercise session and after that pilates. Enjoyed them both.
  4. Does it count that I squatted ysterday with TWO kids (75lbs total) on my back? Does it? e. forget this, my squat was better than what I remembered.
  5. Another one from Finland! Robert, soon we'll need our own section from the forum. lol Welcome here mate, don't worry about veganism, just listen to your heart and it'll work out eventually. You know, not even Rome was built in a day. I'm sure you already know this but starting a routine is always tough and needs time and so even beginning a vegan diet needs time to adjust yourself into. And here's a vegan 21-year-old girl from Finland. I'd love to know from which city/town are you from.
  6. Happy Belated Birthday sweet RAINRA.
  7. I would suggest that you should suggest to your brother to think about getting himself an animal that's already a herbivore. Suggesting that because there's no study about cats feeling ill in a vegan diet would be like you were suggesting that there should be made a study with living, breathing and feeling animals and I've always thought that it's not vegan to support testing and studying on animals in the first place. And it wouldn't be that reliable to make a test with cats living in a home-like enviroment. And there isn't any study out there to say that cats living with a vegan diet are healthy either. Would a tiger live healthy and strong with a vegan diet? If wanting to digest vegetables, you're supposed to have a digestive system of an omnivore or a herbivore, but cat has neither. How would you think that anyone could turn vegetables into fake meat that would act like meat in their stomach? Surely anyone can say that their cats are living fine, but have there been cats, who've been in a show and won a prize for being a healthy and thriving look. I wouldn't trust the owner that much to say that they could tell the difference between a healthy cat and not-as-healthy cat. With a vegan diet you're brother would be putting his cat at risk of getting ill with even unhealthier diet then what their commercial diet (Whiskas, etc.) is. And IMHO it's not really animal friendly to do so. Even I with a dog to take care of don't think it would be any good for her to eat vegan and i don't want to force her to it. I think Marcina, studying veterinary nutrition and all that, is right and you might want to listen to her instead of us, who are only making wild guesses. But I would suggest that you could politely ask your brother, if he would re-think about getting himself a carnivore or suggesting him to feed his cat game or other more ethical meat, fish and eggs with otherwise vegetarian diet. But you should make it clear to your brother that feeding a vegan diet to his future cat is playing with the cat's life and should be thought carefully and fully before the cat comes.
  8. I'm going to enter into this comp too!! I'm having my hair dyed today so we'll be taking pictures and all that jazz. And I'm also going to show off my old hair styles so be prepared!
  9. I knew I would get my thread spammed after that picture. Yeah, it was a GREAT work-out and I loved training with other vegans. Don't worry about the appearance too much Violetti. It's only the angle that makes it look that way. We should have had pictures taken from those poses we were training at the bar. It would have been so much fun. cbob3000: Yeah, I do think that being "turkulainen" you have to be a little crazy too. And thank you, sweetie for your comments! Though I'd look strong rather than just beautiful, but I guess that next tu tuc it's almost impossible.
  10. YEAH... BUDDY! Okay there's: Hardcore-Penguin (me), Violetti, Piiskis (who's not here I think... She was lifting weights first time in 10 years and damn... she's so STRONG!) and - last but not least - tuc. SeaSiren: Thanks!
  11. I'm doing great! Thanks. Got my bench up a bit again and I'm thrilled... There're my schools Final Exams right now and I don't have much time on my hands, but I'm trying my hardest to get to train too. Went to Turku last week end... See anyone familiar to you? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v358/HC-PinGviini/IMG_0213a.jpg Took that picture in a rush as we were training for so long earlier.... Yeah buddy! I hope your training goes well for you..... buddy! Another Robert! And thank you too sweetie, you're lovely. AIN'T NUTHIN TO IT BUT DO DO IT; THAS' RIGHT! Congrats on the new gym; seems like you are enjoying it to the fullest. What type of newer cardio machines do they have? And way to show that guy whats UP! Not a new gym yet, I seem to feel so cozy there where I've been training for the 7 months and no wonder. Last week I was there and there was a powerlifting competition. Those girls with their muscular quads and those boys and their calves.. It was inspirational and disturbed my training but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!! Those guys were still young (most of them at least, two older ones though) and they were still quite shredded, not that much fat on them and I loved watching them snatch. And I DID show that guy well as I did those hyperextentions. And felt so good after I finished my sets that it almost made me sing. AIN'T NUTHIN TO IT BUT TO DO IT! THAT'S RIGHT!
  12. You look like ten years younger than what you really are. Or that's how many Finns look like in their 30's. So there might be a good reason for you to feel younger than what you really are.
  13. This thread itself gives me cravings for smoking one. But who would develope not-tested, good-tasting, enviromental-friendly cigarette for me? And no, I'm not really really craving one, but cigarettes smokejust looks so cool and I have a thing with winter + cigarette-situations. It's not only a way to relax, it clears my mind completely. Who am I kidding? Smoking is bad for you, Hanna! *slaps herself* You don't need any.
  14. I was shouting Yeah buddies and Lightweight babies at tuc's place when I tried to lift my 1RPM. Didn't help much...
  15. Just wanted to say that I listened to Bif Naked today for the first time and I FELL IN LOVE. She's so wonderful and such a beauty too. And I just love her voice.
  16. LOL! Or make your own mwah ha ha ha! Yeah. And you can put your own natural harvest in it too to add some more protein.
  17. You didn't answer any of my questions.
  18. Guillaume, stop being riddiculous. MSG is good for humans as it makes the food taste better and that's why people use it. Period. Are grains of sand bad for you? Are they toxic? And is everything you sweat, piss and shit toxic as your body is getting rid of it by removing it from your body? Yes, they don't really have anything to give to human body, but you won't die from getting some sand in your body. But MSG actually HAS something you're body needs and is able to use. And as it's in many "natural" (fuck that shitty "natural" argument ) whole foods, you should see how it shouldn't be dangerous as you'd be dead already if it was. This thread is retarded.
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