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  1. Thanks, Ed. Wish you made it here too! I don't know much about Zack -- I know I was on this forum before him but that he has WAY more posts than me, so I commend him for his passion, and for helping to keep the discussions going on my favorite little website.
  2. Mac owned Kolosci both times. I see him owning Tommy as well. I think he'll play it the way he's played it in all 3 fights - dance around a bit, get his range down, get a feel for the other guy, then clench, work his way around back, soften him up, and put him to sleep with the RNC. Tommy can't let that happen - IMO, he has to go in and push the pace, throw bombs, shoot, throw Mac around, and try to get in the ground and pound position. Having said that, I think Mac's probably too quick for him anyway. My call: Mac by submission in Round 2. I obviously want Mac to win, but of all the people on the show, I think Tommy is the most likable. So having them both in the finals is great. How funny was Hightower wussing out of fighting Mac?
  3. Robert's not afraid to be whatever he wants to be. And that's
  4. I manage a group of people who are perpetually negative, despite working for a non-profit, with decent pay, on beautiful Cape Cod. I have tried numerous tactics to try to bump them out of their negativity, but nothing has worked - they will take every and any situation and turn it negative - even compliments . So last week I simply had had it, and I lost my cool and yelled at them . They were clearly shocked and dismayed ...BUT, the negative conversations promptly stopped...well, ok, ALL conversations stopped , but since 90% of their conversations are negative, all the negativity has disappeared and been replaced with silence. I know they're all pissed off at me, but I don't care: It was the most peaceful workweek I've had in a long time. And that makes me
  5. Wow. I can accept that Wal-mart has a legal claim, but the lack of compassion is pretty incredible.
  6. Welcome, Tracey! Looking forward to watching your progress!
  7. Full disclosure: I'm a documentary junkie. I love documentaries. If I could attach a small HDTV to my handlebars and watch only documentaries while pedaling NH singletrack and sucking Purely Decadent Choc Brownie Soy Cream out of my camelbak for the rest of eternity, well that would just be heaven. This was an interesting docu as it, IMO, didn't try to make a point one way or another - it was more of a "here she is, you decide". It gave a broad understanding of Ingrid Newkirk, and in the process, gave some insights into the ethical and practical battles that occur within the AR/AW world. She was sympathetic enough, a little kooky, not overly engaging, and entirely committed. A couple of the people in other orgs did NOT look quite so sympathetic and clearly had agendas (yikes for them). The cruelty videos spoke for themselves, and the lady in charge of those sessions was someone that I'd want to work at my AR/AW org (you know, when I start my own - you're all invited too ). The PETA event at the end seemed overly lavish and contrived. Didn't like that whole thing at all as it was in such contrast to the down-to-earthedness of Newkirk in the rest of the flick. I liked the segment with the rescued turkey 'cuz I love turkeys. The reading of her will, and that whole aspect, was again kooky, but I thought it was genuine. Overally, pretty interesting. I'd give it 2.5 out of 4 stars.
  8. "Dear Richard Thank you for your continuing correspondence. No. Yours sincerely, J L Green Chief Assistant (Policy) " wow - what an a-hole
  9. finbarrio


    Ohhhhhh, bummer. Sorry to hear that. I've found that since we put our dog Amy to peace, the things I miss are spurred by the things I remember so fondly. So in a way, I welcome those feelings - it really makes me feel her spirit. I hope your sadness is also tempered in that way - by the sweet and funny memories you have of Max.
  10. See ya, Big. Keep kicking butt.
  11. Great to see you at the Boston VegFest, Robert. Your speech was awesome - very motivational, as the mob scene that attacked you afterwards confirmed.
  12. Kristy and I will be there, as will my sister (vegan), and her daughter (definitely NOT vegan and likely to challenge every exhibitor to a debate - yes, she's a bit precocious for a 7 year old).
  13. Agree and disagree. It is hard to believe from a practical standpoint. I suppose a small team with knowledge, access, and a firm belief that what they were doing would have an eventual desirable outcome could do it. But the govt hasn't done itself any favors. The 9/11 commission hardly mentions building 7, the FBI confiscated all the security tapes of the plane hitting the pentagon, even though there were a million different videos and angles of the WTC towers coming down. Etc... lots of unanswered questions, and insufficient info from the gov't, which speaks of cover-up. Why cover-up, unless...
  14. Hmmm, that sucks Crash. Your compassion is attracting ill animals to you! Not exactly an enviable position. I don't know what else you could have done. I've been in that situation and struggled to figure out what to do. I opt for the "let it take its course" approach, mainly because I couldn't break an animal's neck.
  15. , a very valid point. but there are some, let's call them "inconsistencies" in the whole 9/11 story that have not been explained well enough. For me, the biggest one is Building 7. There's just no way that thing fell on its own. And if one believes that, then one has to believe that it was planned in advance because there's no way a demolition team could have taken it down in just a few hours. After watching zeitgeist, I thought - if there really is some wealthy cabal of rich people ruling the world, then they're just sticking it in our faces by getting a moron like Bush elected.
  16. Great stuff. I like the name "windscreen wiper". for the other one - I got a challenge/request for you: Do the same excercise - let's call it the "hanging crawl" - but this time, instead of crawling, try "jumping" from ring to ring - while keeping legs in the L position. So you'd actually be not holding onto anything for a split second in between each ring. I think it'd be easy with legs down, but with legs up, it might be a good challenge. Good luck (I'm assuming you'll accept because I suspect you can't pass up a challenge )!
  17. Not sure if this is the right place to put this medical info news, but I know that the topic of child vaccinations has come up before... http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/october2007/181007_dangerous_vaccines.htm
  18. Yes, I saw that, but I just assumed that I was hallucinating. It's surprisingly cool, and a HUGE shift from the big truck-big man mentality that seems pervasive in those circles.
  19. finbarrio


    Hi Crash- So sorry to hear about this. Back in July my dog Amy was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer. She had surgery, but my vet wasn't too optimistic and said two things that really rang true: 1) he said "it's 'carpe diem' time" (and so it was trips to the beach, treats galore, and lots of wrestling on the floor); 2) he said "she'll let you know when it's time." And she did. And not only did she, but other "signs" pointed that way as well (if you believe in that kind of thing, which we do). Hope that advice might help you as much as it helped us.
  20. Silly thread...unnecessary...especially the negativity, accusations, etc.
  21. *Spolier Warning* Kind of a tough episode - more girlfriend drama than fight drama. Ugh (not again). And Serra is much more of a whiner than I previously thought. I don't like him anymore. Danzig kills me - sleeping during "prayer hour". He's awesome. The fight itself was a bit predictable. Dorian didn't seem that confident that he could keep it off the ground - and when it went to the ground, he had no answer. I know he's gotta fight his fight, but throwing wild head kicks isn't exactly the best way to defend takedowns.
  22. Good on ya, Ed. I'm sure he'll appreciate. The batter stage is such a dangerous one for me. One day I just might skip the baking part altogether and just eat the batter.
  23. Two awesome vegans - Tonya Kay and Mac Danzig - kicking butt all over tv this week. WOOOHOOOO!
  24. I just think it's all staged. Let him come here (or bring him here), have him say crazy stuff, have everyone get angry at him, and send him back. Then bomb the crap out of his country, and who's going to care? I mean, fer chrissakes, if he's not on the terrorist watch list, than who is? WHY would they let him in the country unless they wanted him here? It's the perfect set up.
  25. Yeah, the board is definitely missing his perspective and humor.
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