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  1. Why is the link to the interview with James Cameron displayed on the main Veganbodybuilding.com web-page? He talks about organic farming yes, but he also talks about eating meat.. I don't see the relevance other than having a famous director on the page (who is not a vegan, or even a vegetarian). It seems hypocritical... Thoughts?
  2. http://www.optimumnutrition.com/images/news/foodchart06-02-10.jpg
  3. Now you need to have some of trueprotein's protein tested
  4. I get the premium choco PB.. its sweetened with sucralose which sucks but the stevia flavors dont appeal to me... Also, their rice protein has a weird grainy consistency.. but with the pea it should be ok.. I did have the 100% pea which is pretty good (it thickens up a lot when wet) now i have 50/50 hemp and pea.. again the hemp has an odd flavor to it.. but you get used to it..
  5. meh? Last year, they are bigger now.. http://honda-tech.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=124569&stc=1&d=1272086113
  6. Its so odd, You look quite a bit younger with the short hair..
  7. I had fun on the road from Seattle to Portland http://honda-tech.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=124569&stc=1&d=1272086113
  8. This. I don't see a problem with eating it a few times a week if the gluten isn't bothering you. Seitan is waaaay cheaper to make than to buy. Boiled seitan can be a little tricky to get the texture just right, so it might take you a few tries. Also, you can steam it to make sausages, they are pretty yummy: http://www.everydaydish.tv/index.php?page=recipe&recipe=109 You can also bake it in a log, it's really, really good too: http://textualbulldog.blogspot.com/2007/10/seitan-sausage-crumbles.html Awesome links, thanks!
  9. "A Creationist is a generally well-meaning yet under-educated God enthusiast whose standard of evidence begins and ends with the anecdotal. If a religious guy says take your bible, then boom — the Creationist will not only follow the advice blindly, he’ll preach it to others as the best way to go. When asked why, the Creationist will either refer to his religious buddy as definitive proof, or he’ll make up some nonexistent Biological process. If the latter occurs and research references are demanded, the Creationist will conveniently turn against science. If questioned further, the Creationist might demand shirtless pics from the skeptic to justify his credibility." Wow, you can replace Bro with Creationist and it works just as well! PS I left the shirtless bit in there for fun
  10. I can second this. Garbanzo beans are very cheap and you just blend (or food processor) them with cumin and a few other spices and you've got a great spread!
  11. You've got it backwards! Their rice stuff is too grainy, and the pea by it self is good but seems to thicken up in (soy) milk.
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