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  1. Yay!! OK I signed in and started my blog but aren't challenge questions to answer? Where are those?
  2. Help!! LOL Can I still join-in on day 2?? I can't seem to figure out where to sign-up on the site. It says: To join in on the challenge go to the "Wieght Loss & Fitness Challenges" section and set up your blog. but I'm having trouble finding anything labeled that.
  3. Definitely keep your love of fresh fruit, but my advice to you is to befriend the veggies. Nature has graced the planet with an awesome world of edible plants. Go exploring!! Maybe just try eating one new veggie a week, that way when fruits are in lower supply it will be an easier transition to eating more veggies. Also maybe juicing veggies would work for you! If you don't like chewing and tasting veggies, juicing would be a faster and good way to get the benefits of veggies. And remember that taste buds change! I absolutely detested tomatoes until a few years ago. I don't love them now but as long as they are true red and not mooshy, I enjoy putting some in my salad. You might find that there are more veggies you love than you realize!
  4. Thanks Elijah! As an answer to the question of "what's the point of raw oats?", it is the same reason to eat ANY raw at all: raw oats are more fresh, barely processed, and they are a more direct source of the nutrients from the plant itself. The fact that raw oats have about an 8-week shelf life before they go rancid is also another indication its a LIVING FOOD and the freshest choice, as opposed to the rolled oats which have a seemingly eternal shelf life. Raw oats (oat groats) can even be sprouted and therefore still have life in them, while rolled oats are dead seeds and enter the body that way. A good analogy is to imagine a head of broccoli, green, full of life, enzymes, nutrients...then steam cook it, roll it flat, let it dry, package it into a box that sits on a shelf for months, now add water, re-heat it...NOW eat it. IMO Yigck. Most of the nutrients that could have been had are long gone. OK peeps...here's the lowdown on raw whole oats.... _____________________________________________________________ Here is a link to a page with great info and photos that describes the differences between various oats and processing - stuff I always wondered but never knew..here ya go! http://www.foodsubs.com/GrainOats.html#oat%20groats ___________________________________________________________ info from karenskitchen.com: "Can I eat oats RAW? Yes, with an explantion. Most of the oats that you see out there are not really raw. Oats are a very soft, moist grain, and they go rancid quickly, so manufacturers steam them at about 212 degrees to set the flavors so they won't go bad. So even a whole kernal oat grain will not sprout because it has been killed by this steaming process unless you were lucky enough to find a real live raw oat grain." _______________________________________________________________ here is a recipe and some similar raw oat info from www.living-foods.com: Raw Oatmeal - by Nomi Shannon 1/2 Cup raw whole oats *, soaked overnight in pure water to cover. 1/4 Cup almonds, soaked overnight in pure water to cover. 2 figs or 2 pitted dates, soaked in 1/2 cup pure water overnight. 1/2 banana dash of cinnamon In the morning, drain and discard water from oats and almonds. Rinse almonds. Put oats, almonds, fruit and fruit soak water in blender and blend until fairly smooth. Add banana and cinnamon and blend quickly. Serves 1. Eat immediately. note: Finding raw oats is difficult. My favorite source tells me that because whole raw oats turn rancid quite quickly, the companies that supply it are "lightly steaming" the oats after harvest. This is not a good thing - as steam reaches 212 degrees and will destroy all the enzymes. Ask your source, but don’t be surprised if they don’t really know that this is what is happening to the oats. This is a delicious and hearty recipe, but unless you are sure the oats are truly raw - don’t indulge in it too often. Try this same recipe with other whole raw grains such as Barley, Kamut or Spelt. ______________________________________________________________ from Alissa Cohen's site: Really Raw Organic Oat Flakes 1lb bag flaked to order Most oats you find on the market and in health food stores are heat treated with steam or infra red light to extend the shelf life even though they say they are raw. THESE oats are truly raw oats. They are freshly ground from whole oats in small batches. Just soak for a couple of hours or overnight (I usually only soak it for ½ hour since im impatient) and it still gets soft and creamy) add some bananas, raisins and your good to go! An amazing thing with these oats – you don’t even need to add almond milk or other nut milks. I just soak in water and add a little agave and some fruit and it tastes like a creamy, sweet porridge with a milk base! Ingredients: oat groats, flaked ____________________________________________________________ For the hard core raw foodies....Alissa Cohen's oat groats come already flaked, but if you wanna flake 'em ya dam self you can get an Oat Flaker Mill at www.pleasanthillgrain.com/grain_flaker.aspx They also have a home kitchen Family Grain Mill that actually looks pretty cool because it does everything, grinds grain, nuts, chops veggies, has a fruit press attachment, etc.... ________________________________________________________ for all of you UK peeps, this is from rawliving.co.uk: THEY'RE BACK !!! By popular demand, Raw Living Oats! Virtually all oats on the UK marketplace are heat-treated to stabilise them so they don't go rancid. We have fresh oats from Surrey prepared specially for us. They have a shelf-life of up to eight weeks. Rolled oats for porridge making and flapjacks £4.95. Whole oat groats for sprouting £3.95. __________________________________________________________ Princessbee, I looked high and low for Aussie resources for flaked raw oat groats but I found none so far, but I'm sure they have it somewhere down there! ____________________________________________________________ And THIS..LOL...I just thought it was funny... "Unprocessed oat groats are removed from the seed heads of oat hay and unaltered in any way. These groats maintain the fiber of the seeds still in the hay. Our unprocessed oat groats will thrill even the most finicky of rabbits, birds, hammies, chins, and piggies. Feed in very small quantities as a treat only. Recommended serving not to exceed 1 teaspoon per day per pet. This treat is not suitable for obese pets." (Sigh.) I think my work here is done.
  5. I commend you on your choice to boycott the microwave!! And I'm certainly not calling you a liar but I would be truly shocked to find peanut butter or pretzels as suggestions on a raw food site, since both are a no-go among raw foodies. Here's what I like: nori seaweed veggie wraps tabouleh couscous with some goat cheese carrot and cucumber slices/chips with dressing I like making a corn mix with raw corn, cilantro, lime squeeze, carrot matchsticks, herbs/spices, honey, mustard, and a little olive oil. Also, whole wheat pita cut into four pieces or use mini round pitas, top with spinach, sliced avocado, salsa, and cilantro. I avoid getting bored with salads at work by being creative and changing it up a lot...like by making Tuesday Taco Salad day with Mexican food flavors and Thursday Greek Salad day accompanied by hummus and wheat pita bread..Chinese Chicken Salad, sans pollo..you get the picture. Good Luck! Oh and btw, I weigh a helluva lot more than you do and I too need more than a sprout salad with raisins to fuel my day.
  6. I agree with Elijah...the Western market has been bombarded with various soy products along with a general assumption that soy is a miracle food and that soy=healthy. Any benefits of soy come in moderation and from unprocessed natural whole food sources like the actual edamame pods. Taken from Natalia Rose's Raw Food Detox book: "Soy is the most mucus-forming plant food on the planet. It creates mucoid matter - a sticky, sludge-like substance that holds up the body's flow and productivity. It accumulates and creates respiratory distress in asthmatics, creates common digestive problems like IBS, and by slowing down the body's digestion and circulation systems, ultimately triggers weight gain and premature aging." I have stopped drinking soymilk and switched to occasional raw nutmilks instead. Also, after doing some digging, I made it my own personal choice to eat less protein. (Also, at the time, I was doing Body For Life, which IMO suggests super-excessive protein.) Even if you are building muscle, we are led to believe that we need far more protein than we actually do. (Go check out The China Study.) If you're looking for more protein there's always nuts,seeds, fruits, and veggies...or try some sprouts. The best source of protein will always be the simple natural whole food kind.
  7. In addition to all of the regular good nutrition and exercise and enough sleep advice, maybe take a look at how you spend your time and what's going on when you start feeling tired. Sitting makes me tired. Relaxation is great but sometimes before I know it I've been anchored to the couch for an hour. If you're watching TV get up and do something during the commercials. I am always looking for ways to keep myself more energized so here's a few more practical ideas that I use for myself: do things that make you happy - time flies when you're having fun and you'll forget feeling tired watch some stand-up that makes you really laugh go for a quick 5-10min walk or if indoors have a dance break! upbeat music ALWAYS gets me going do the dishes - once I start cleaning I usually end up finding other stuff to clean and keeping my environment clean is a great way to keep my energy clean and clear too soak up some sunshine make plans - whether its a short to-do list or a career plan avoid people places or things that wear you out - seems simple but there are definitely some people in my life that I love, but man, they drain me immerse yourself in water - when water flows or moves it releases negative ions into the air, alters the bodies electromagnetic field and elevates your mood, plus it just feels good Food-wise the biggest energy booster for me has been to eat every 2-3 hours, if I'm doing that, my body is much happier and my metabolism keeps running. These all might seem pretty obvious but when I get in a funk whether short-term or long-term, chances are I haven't been paying enough attention to the simple things that help keep up my energy.
  8. From what I've read and been told, rolled oats - raw or otherwise - need to be soaked in order to help the body get a head start on breaking them down. And Monow...there is a great raw magazine called Funky Raw based in the UK. They have an online mag and an actual paper mag, and they are a great raw resource.
  9. On my quest to create a more whole healthy body, I'm just wondering does anyone on here have any experience or stories they would like to share about significant weight loss, as in like 50 or more pounds? Particularly anyone who has sculpted their body on a more natural path like raw food and such? Thank you!!
  10. double awwww...lol I like both home gym and gym-gym. I keep a set of free weights next to the couch so sometimes I'll do some upper body reps while I watch TV or during commercials. I'm aware of the pitfalls of being too distracted by the TV while working out, but I'm at a point where I just need to get in the movement anywhere I can. I also try to tune into Fit-TV when I can...my supplement for missing gym classes. I like the privacy, convenience, and no-cost of working out at home, BUT I am usually more focused at the gym. When I walk into the gym my brain and body respond to the environment with thoughts like, "Ok time for a good workout!" At home, that's my retreat, my place of relaxation and it seems harder to get in the bust-a-move mood. I've tried to curb this by establishing a workout room but it has yet to have the same effect as being at a gym. Last time I worked out at a gym, I was also a trainer there so competitive nature or not, I was constantly aware of members watching me, which helped me keep a certain standard in my workouts. I will say though, I only like ladies-only gyms. Too much booby-lookin' from guys at co-ed gyms, and I know its dumb but I always feel the need to look cute at the gym with guys around..LOL. So on that issue I definitely favor home gyms and using your own body weight for workouts whenever possible.
  11. There is a great chapter on colonics in Natalia Rose's book The Raw Food Detox Diet. It is actually an interview with an established colon doctor. I didn't know anything about colonics and the info really helped break it down and to understand the process. I agree with other postings here...listen to your body and be informed about what you're doing. I haven't ventured into the world of flushes, enemas, or colonics, but I plan to. I've read that it is suggested to have a fairly clean diet for a while before a colonic and I'm still working on that. Andesuma...why is it that most people don't do the 2-hours? Is it because they can't sit - or lay - still that long? The reiki massage to accompany it sounds very helpful. I'll have to look for that when I go colonhydrotherapy shopping. LOL
  12. Carrot juice IS great but I always feel kind of wasteful about juicing them and dumping the pulp. Is it worth finding a recipe to use the carrot pulp or have most of the nutrients already been squeezed out into the juice anyway? And if not, does anyone have any raw recipes for the pulp? The ones I have found so far are for cooked recipes, soups and bread and stuff.
  13. So dish woman! How is the hypnotherapy going?
  14. I wouldn't depend on brighter colored foods to be better...I'm sure there are bright colored poisonous berries, fruits and vegetables in nature, too. As for carrots and bananas, I vote yes!! The only hang-up I could see with either is in certain food combinations. For example, from what I have read, bananas go only with other fruit. And then carrots can be hard to digest and break down. I love them both!!! Yummy, nutritious, and convenient....that's like raw foodie gold right there!
  15. I am definitely in transition to eating more raw foods. Part of the reason I have adopted a raw-friendly lifestyle is to lose extra weight that I have been carrying around for most of my life. However, it is really about my journey into being a whole healthy naturally well human being. The more I learned, the more outraged and betrayed I felt from a lifetime of being flat out lied to by everyone about what was healthy and how I should eat. The more I learned about raw food, the clearer I could see how tragically we as a country have been duped to believe in a way of eating and therefore medicating that promotes perpetual illness and greed. I am angry at those who have allowed and encouraged the mass malnutrition that dominates the country, just to keep making a quick buck. In fact, its so big that sometimes I just can't even hold it all in my brain. I have to let it go and go eat some carrots, have a banana and know that I help make positive changes for a healthier planet of people by being an example of change. And despite feeling this way I still am recovering from unhealthy food addictions. I choose to eat more raw foods because I believe it is a more truthful way to live life as opposed to being mindlessly manipulated by people who are driven by money, not by my health and well-being. I'm aware much of this sounds soapboxey, but hey...that's my two cents.
  16. LOL Hey most addictions at their core are deeply rooted little buggers that have so much more to do with choosing to live in self-destruction or self-CONSTRUCTION. And food and fitness especially can destroy us or literally build us. Now that I think about it, LOVE can do the same, most importantly self-love. Huh. (divadolce is processing...lol...it may take awhile) bigbwii, I'll send ya pics as proof when I am really living this way not just babbling on the forum. LOL Thanks again!
  17. bigbwii wrote: "If there's one thing I've learnt is that cooked food never gives, it always takes, while you may be getting away with it so far, it's going to bring you down, maybe not now or tomorrow but it will bring you down eventually way before your time." Lightbulb!! When I read this it occurred to me that this is exactly how too many of my PAST relationships with men have been. LOL Always me giving and them taking and very soon depleting me of the emotional nourishment I want and deserve. Its only been in the last couple years I've conquered that issue with my heart, maybe now I can use the same idea to reshape my relationship with food and my health and halt the self-destructive behavior. Thank you for the illumination!
  18. Camel pose and boat pose. I like the back-bendy ones. Oh...and I don't remember the name of it but the one in downward dog with one leg extended straight up into the air. Sigh...I really need to re-acquaint myself with my mat and my body.
  19. I'm in!!! This could be a three month Valentine's Love Yourself kinda challenge. I have at least 100 pounds to lose and for me its easier to take smaller bites - LOL pun intended. Making a game or a competition out of it always makes it more fun and motivating! Chesty Leroux - I wholeheartedly agree with Andesuma. Points shmoints. Keep your own food log and steer clear of the WW. Its too much focus on "can have" and "can't have". Try to just focus on being healthy and whole. Its also much less complicated that way. Eating more raw CAN be done on a budget. At first it seems like a lot of work to relearn how to prepare food and what to buy, but once you get used to it, it comes pretty easily. I splurge on the more expensive stuff when I can and I don't buy more than I know I will have time to eat so nothing gets trashed from going bad. And as long as all is functioning normally, trips to the bathroom are GOOD!! Make time for them. THAT's the exit ramp for many of the toxins that are now being dumped out of your body as you exercise and eat better. Also feel free to pm me...I need all the help I can get and it would be great to have a weight loss buddy or team. AND...as a side note, do you have any classes that are even remotely health related that you might be able to do assignments for on health and nutrition without taking time away from your studies? Kind of a sing to two birds with one song idea?
  20. I have always been naturally freakishly flexible so I can touch my toes easily, but I can't look down and see them past my chest without bending forward. Tigress!! What a goddess you are! I am entirely impressed with your moves there!
  21. Also...the organic baby food is a good start, but I highly doubt its raw. If it sits on a shelf unrefrigerated its probably not raw, unless its like nama shoyu or something (raw soy sauce). You might consider just making your own baby food, unless maybe you can find an alternative. If you have the time and the means, making your own baby food is great because you have peace of mind knowing what goes in it and it might even be less expensive than buying it. Oh! You can also make up a batch and freeze some of it for convenience later. Just a thought.
  22. If you go to thegardendiet.com you'll find Storm and Jinjee and their little ones, a 100% raw vegan family. There is some great info on raw during pregnancy and raising raw kids. Also, the Gabriel Cousins Living Foods Cuisine book has a section on what to feed the wee babes. As for rolled oats and are they raw?...there seems to be conflicting info about this. Some say no because the oats are heated when they're rolled and others say no as long as you keep the added water under 110 degrees. I don't eat it everyday, but I like them soaked for a bit in soy milk, with some honey, almonds, cinnamon spices, ginger and sometimes banana mushed in. I eat it more like cold cereal but sometimes I heat it up a bit, especially those cold winter mornings. The key is the longer they soak they better it tastes, also helps break down the inhibitors the same ways soaking nuts does. LOL Sorry the "soaking nuts" bit always cracks me up with the giggles.
  23. Frozen foods, especially veggies are usually blanched first, as in flash boiled very high temp, short amount of time (basically cooking out the life and color...."blanched") and therefore NOT raw. Sometimes you can find some frozen fruits and the occasional veggie in the freezer section that are not blanched and those are ok, but not ideal. From what I understand, freeze dried is also a process with high temp so again NOT raw. Best way to go is fresh and organic! As a very loose general rule of thumb, if it can sit on the shelf without refrigeration, its not raw. I also always keep in mind that if it has a long shelf life, it probably has preservatives and might have a long shelf life in my body temple. For non-refrigerated convenience try dried fruit, nuts, larabars, and there's this phi plus stuff my friend is a distributor for and its addicting. Its great though for camping or being on the go and its loaded with nutrients and made with the whole sacred geometry scheme in mind. Hope this helps! LOL:)
  24. For those of you who don't know, the people who did "The Secret" will be on Oprah today and I highly recommend watching it. Read my signature for further info about the documentary itself.
  25. HERO said "rad". And here I was thinking I was all alone in keeping old school slang alive. LOL Back to languages...I can sing in Italian, French, German, Latin, English, Gaelic, and Spanish. All of my foreign language vocabulary is very poetic and melodramatic, so no practical things like forks or bathroom locations pour moi! However, I did study French for many years and I'm currently re-studying it and I am continuing to learn Italian also right now. I LOVE foreign languages!! They are MUIS sexy....well most of them.
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