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  1. Life long battle w/ an Ed since 14.,,,I'm 50. It's like signs along the way, you do figure it out, and I started exercising hard and running at 18 -19 and haven't really dieted since then. Watched my weight but not diet. You look beautiful. For all my years running and weight training, I still would love to be over 5'7" and tall and lean! How do you like Plant Fusion? I got really sick with...went back to VEGA but only the chocolate protein, tastes to die for mixed w/ coffee on a cold morning or cold coffee as a mid day iced mocha.
  2. Welcome back,..and I her ya on vegetarian vs vegan. I was vegan for years and for about two plus or so, I was having health issues and trouble with the linings of my intestines etc, and beans and leafy were not an option so I supplemented my diet sporadically w/ egg whites for protein and always felt ,"ehhhhh" about it. While I was training for the competition I recently did, my first and last as I am too busy to compete, but not too busy to train, I upped my protein thru soy and vega performance protein that I was able to finally give up the egg whites. The 5 pounds will fly off,..they always do if you want them to (unless they are part of the dreaded last five pounds to lose) As for being a trainer,...I am was..by degree in college and also many certs over the years, but never made my livelihood doing by choice...I was a working mom of three and I always did it here and there, but a most rewarding career path to help others achieve their goals. The downside is when you see clients in the grocery store that have cancelled on you the day before and avoid eye contact with you like the plague because they have ice cream and Oreo cookies in their shopping cart, and don't want to explain why they cancelled and why they have crap food in their cart. Good luck ..many good cert organizations out there, just do your research in the area you live first and see what most of the trainers in that area are being hired with, as it varies by gyms and private clubs as to what kind of certifications are preferred.
  3. amazing body...I am sure she is all tilapia or chicken, asparagus, brown rice or sweet or white potatoes. Not a bad thing, but after spending 8 weeks immersed in the culture, it is the trend of the non vegan diet. yek. tilapia has eyes, swims in its own shit and then its eaten????
  4. OK...newer here...but I would love something like that. i find as my kids have grow and as relationships end...new ones come into play. I also excel in detail if you need someone to "take charge" or help. I am in So Cal...I know there are a ton of things here, but I also know a lot of other Vegan friendly ares etc from my journey's with work...anyhoo...just saying, I would be all over something like that. Can you give a bit more detail on how teh other Vegan Vacations were formatted , ie a basic agenda etc. Thanks.
  5. OMG...I just logged back in after months NOT being online anywhere...You look amazing! Sweet on baby #4 (who'd of thunk, right?) and keep it going. I was on a 10 mile run one morning in December of 1998...came back and scheduled my tubal ligation the following day. My daughter was 18 months old...she is 15 now and my boys are 19 and 21. Some of us can do 4...you are obviously one of the lucky ones. Keep training! It'll make delivery a snap--you could probably tell the nurse what to do. I taught pregnancy fitness before it was called that as I had my all my Athletic and personal Training Certs and i am a Certified childbirth educator...whatever you are doing now that isnt causing any contraindications you can most likely continue doing. I am sure, that I am preaching to the choir. I did use to cover in my classes that Breastfeeding is NOT a good method of birth control!
  6. love being inspired by like minded others! Did you just compete in Mesa last weekend?
  7. Its just my ass and thighs...mostly thighs...but I am with you. I just spent 6 weeks doing light weights, moderate reps and have done almost every day. I DID/DO see results and I also built up my strength and stamina and endurance and now as I am switching to heavier plates and weights at the gym, its a natural progression --and I am feeling the fatigue, as I am definitely pushing heavier poundage ( and LOVING it). I still am doing 5 or 6 days, but thats because I only have FAT in my blessed thighs....over all the years, this is the first time I am seeing such dramatic (slow) but dramatic results. I like it. Doing various lifts, squats and lunges as well as every 2 days I do quad extensions and hamstring curls for my legs--and Always a butt blaster! I really am glad I took this approach as even though I didn't have weak knees- I know my upper quads were only runner strong and hamstrings don't really get much of a workout like the quad muscles--even when running longer distances. For me--its diet. And I am down to the last less than 5 pounds. Good luck!
  8. guilt, schmilt...healthy/happy mom = healthy /happy baby! off to the gym...go love that newborn...take LOTS of pics...it goes soooooooq quick..I posted elsewhere, but mine are 21, 19 and 15 (and one of their fave things to do is look at all the pics...pre historic 35mm printed on matte finish paper all in books, not scrapooks, just books, of ALL the photos I took pre doigital)...welcome to Real Life--THREE KIDS!!!!
  9. Thanks for the reply. Ya, cutting and bulking....I figue if they won't slim as quick...I may as well get "cuts"....Trust me, I have been at this "blessed" ( as opposed to DAMN) thigh thing for YEARS...only this time, because I am NOT running and I switched from carbs to protein- I am seeing the difference. And quite lean...the trick at almost 50 is to not get so lean you look like a hardened old woman ( no body fat--and you end up w/ a face that looks manly and you look like you chain smoked Marlboro's for 15 years plus because its so taut--NOT at all attractive, I tell ya) ---so, part of that delicate balance. Keeping at it...and again, thanks.
  10. You look beautiful. I taught Childbirth Education in a large hospital here and attended a LOT of deliveries over a 10 year period (as well as I taught pregnancy fitness before it was "trendy")- I always used to say to my clients--it took 9 months to get there...give yourself 9 months to lose it! Are you breast feeding? How old are your other kids?
  11. I have been off work ( vacay) for 5 days..so eating a bit more regularly...but I sip or snack on something every 3 - 4 hours ( Kombucha!) so, your sis won...are you training as well? Are you Vegan? Yeah, the food thing is weird w/ me..I prefer my vegan diet, but if my stomach goes on the fritz w/ Vegan meats ( and can't do grains exclusively due to the IBS and tendency for a diverticulosis type reaction) I find the egg whites to be my best back up...its a moral, personal and ethical dilemma..but I gotta eat. Dairy is like verboten...I really avoid all dairy like the plague...so, still playing w/ re introducing gluten these last two weeks...undecided. I can see the difference in less than a week from less carbs ( I used to be 80% carbs...now I am 80% protein...)...I just want to WIN ( that will be in October!!!!) July is "practice"
  12. new here as well, ...welcome! Los Gatos, as in Los Gatos CA?
  13. Quick note: The contest is July 9 in San Jose...if I do it. My thighs suck monkeys rear end, so I am still on a fence, but training hard. Diet: Until two weeks ago, I LIVED for carbs...I love organic frozen fries, nuked until soggy and then the cheeses added for last 45 seconds! w/ melted Daiya vegan cheese and organic ketchup! (you asked what I ate). I ran 35 - 50 minimum miles a week up until Nov 2009 and quit as my insides would have ended up on the sidewalk, switched to the stairmill almost daily (about 45 minutes all skewed up)--and I would lift, every two or three weeks just so I cold look defined. Ha! I LOVE vegan taquitos and w/ work and trvel--lately by choice I have been microwaving "Amy's bowl w/ Teriyakai---see, more carbs! I have been gluten free for almost two years, and its because at flippin almost 50, I have old lady stomach , or IBS--and I have for 20 plus years, so too many grains and too many veggies will kill me--ergo the dalliance w/ egg whites as of late. BUT, with this blessed competition as a goal, I have been re introducing more vegan meat analogues ( like seitan- but PACKED w/ gluten)--I am not a big fan of too much soy---all the soy estrogens. I can't eat nuts because of my stomach and intestines, but I do eat nut butters and typically I have Organic Brown rice cakes w/ Organic peanut butter as a standard. Prior to my mission of re inventing my thighs, I wasn't as concerned and typicaly would eat a small package of Lucys gluten free cookies and wash it down w/ a kombucha and supplement it w/ a Luna Bar, and even then, it has to be vegan and I check all ingredients for gluten free. I actually need corrective surgery and just don't feel like taking teh time out of my day to have my stomach fixed..and truthfully, I would rather have nicer thighs ad my priorities are somewhat skewed---to the outside world. enough of me...pis are in progress section, but these were today , June 13 , 2011-- at night, I have eaten, just got back fom gym 20 mins earlier...and see, my thighs SUCK. Go ahead and rip it..i can only improve! More of YOU, --what is your diet? Now, the high carb thing was a way of a life till just a week or so ago..I know I have to eat more protein, but I am always at risk for a bad stomach ache and they are episodic--so its usually potatoes or corn tortillas ( I can't do corn at all) and some brown Texmati Organic brown rice. If I am on the road, I usually grab a salad at a Whole Foods Market and I drink a TON of Kombucha ( google it) I am not a good eater at all.. however, I eat good foods....but not often enough and kind of like a python---all at once!! pics attached
  14. was hoping someone would chime in and slice and dice me and give me some ideas! Thanks.
  15. its pricey pricey in So Cal. Hard not to love, though. Training...I LIVED on carbs for years..., I am grasping on protein as I want less grin rights now. I have been doing a lot of high protein , no fat hardly any carb vegan meat analogues ( I love Trader Joes fake beef for protein, not taste...330 cal for an entire package, no fat, neglible carbs and 60 grams of protein for the whole package.) Thats why off/on over the years I will go ovo and do egg whites, as I try to stay gluten free and that stuff has gluten in it and I feel it. My thighs suck rear end. I posted photos..I could place tomorrow from the waist up in a category if not win, but my thighs will get me boo'd and hissed off stage. Kudos on training w/ kids...I always did...now I meet them at the gym! (21, 19 and 15)
  16. OK, I am cut and lean everywhere but my legs--always my absolute worst body part---, I started lifting about 4 months ago, seriously- and most of my gym time is my legs with a variation on a theme. I have been unable to lunge with anything heavy due to years of running and a tendency to shear on my right knee, and I am going for the everyday, ;ess weights high rteps and have just started working with heavier weights and feeling more of the fatigue. I also needed to build up those knees from 28 years of running so I could. ( I marathoned and did 1/2's and have replaced my cardio addiction with a love/ hate relationship with teh stairmill, so cardio isn't my problem, usually). Its protein and life ( lots of loose skin it seems, too--and finally seeing the last of the cellulite go--there is still some. I need help with loose skin on my thighs and I need them CUT. I see a win or a place in Oct and July is practice ( but I still want to place)- any help is help. The grainy photos were two weeks ago with an iphone and I can already see progress in my legs and the purple competition suit was June 9, 2011. I am now off to read the "diet and cut" portion as I KNOW that is key and crucial if I am going to see any results with these bless'ed thighs (as opposed to damn thighs) that the good Lord gave me. Thanks, Amy
  17. Hey-o! I am a 49,almost 50, mom of three (Grown, thank goodness) kids and an ex runner that was never very fast. I have always lifted off and on, and actually went a few years with not. A friend lost 60 pounds w/ a trainer recently and it inspirted me, and I am 4 weeks from possibly enetering a competition. (will post pics and questions in another forum, cause I need that last 4 weeks CUT help) I have been vegetarian for 35 years plus and vegan or mostly vegan the last 15/20 years or so (give or take...there are years I was vegan and didn't know it, and there were a few years I did egg whites and minimal amounts if any dairy) just due to life and "stuff" happens. I am fortunate enough to work in an industry that I am in Natural foods stores daily for a living, so it is never really an issue. I am loving the results as I approach 50 (and I never want to look it!!!!)-and well, its a lifestyle. I am training fora July 9th practice of sorts for a fitness competition and one in October here in San Diego--and ya'll, ..I wanna WIN! Thanks for all, and look forward to the conversations!
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