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  1. Sounds great! Any of you going out to this? Sunday, June 19, 10am – 5pm Goodman Community Center (149 Waubesa Street, Madison, WI) (map) Website: http://www.veganfest.org 1st Annual VEGAN FEST! Mad City Vegan Fest is an event for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone interested in eating choices that are better for their health, for animals, and for the environment. You'll get tons of samples of vegan food, be introduced to local and national vegan businesses, meet others who care about ethical eating, and be the first visitors to what we hope will be a new Madison tradition! Speakers/Demos include Terry Hope Romero (vegan cookbook author), Jasmine Singer (vegan blogger from Manhattan), Erinn Morris (LOCAL!! From Inner Fire Yoga) and lots more! Admission is FREE! See the website for more details! http://www.veganfest.org
  2. Hello & Welcome john! That last photo kinda looks like you are doublepunching yourself in the tender bits... ;p
  3. IYM, I forgot that you were in Montreal! I was just there a couple of weeks back & it would have been great to meet you!
  4. So... I am still looking for a place. Besides here, Craigslist & keeping an eye on local bulletin boards at stores & such - any suggestions for where else I should be looking? At this point in time i am most interested in finding a cool person to split a 2 bedroom apartment with - know anyone I should ask?
  5. Do you already know about Jen at New Moon Massage?
  6. Heya sosso! Sorry for taking a bit to respond. I definitely hope that you do make it to Portland - it's a great place! As for a place to stay, I'd offer to host you but I am actually trying to find a space to rent at the moment... We do have some great hostels that are fairly inexpensive and centrally located with the easy access to public transport you desire. I'll let others offer suggestions for gyms but if you want to go for a hike, grab a bite to eat or just have some company let me know. Here's links for the hostels: www.nwportlandhostel.com - www.portlandhostel.org
  7. Hiya! I am looking for a place to call home here in Portland, Oregon and of course, I strongly prefer to live with other vegans. It seems that it may be easiest/best to find a great person to live with & then looking for a place to live together. Moving in with folks that already have a place is a great option too! And if you know of a cottage, guest house or studio apartment just for me, please let me know about it. While I have my preferred parts of Portland, I pretty much need to be close to one or more main TriMet lines. Specifically, I'd like to live within a few blocks of either the #75 (Cesar Chavez / 39th) or the #72 (82nd ve) bus lines. It would also be really great to live close to either Food Fight! or one of the Co-op's. I can afford up to about $450/month total including utilities or other costs. If you have or know of a really amazing place and/or roommate, then I can probably pay a bit more. For a particularly ideal situation, I would consider paying as much as $550 per month. I need the rent, etc to not vary as I have a fairly fixed income. I prefer not to be tied into more than a 3-6 month lease initially though I want to find a place where I can live indefinitely and I have no desire to move again if things are going well. About me: I am a friendly, respectful person with an excellent rental history. I am in my early 30s. I tend to be pretty quiet and am often only at home to sleep. Portland has been my home for 5 years and I've worked at my social service job for about 3 1/2 years. I'm highly unlikely to leave Portland or this stable job any time soon. I'm a parent whose children (ages 12, 9 & 7) live with their mother - please note that they *will* visit me frequently & stay the night once or twice a week. I do not have any companion animals (aka "pets"). I've had a vegan diet for over 17 years. While I'm not "straight-edge", no prescribed or "street" drugs, including tobacco and alcohol are at all an important part of my life. My politics lean pretty hard to the "left" and while we do not have to agree on things, I am not interested in living with anyone who is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. I want to be able to have visitors, including occasional overnight guests and perhaps the rare potluck or similar mellow social gathering. What else would you like to know? Please do not hesitate to ask me anything and please get in touch if you know of any possibilities for me. Thanks!
  8. I'd badly love to visit Finland - and/or Sweden - and/or Norway!
  9. Thanks for the heads-up Robert! I was excited to see that Vega has put out some coupons too.
  10. I don't think I have Michael. Living without cash is not too hard for a person to do in this country if they are willing to accept all that goes along with their choice...
  11. Hello & Welcome Star! New Mexico definitely holds a special place in my heart. As do vegan parents! Is your daughter vegan as well?
  12. Thanks for the replies! It would be great to have you out here Michael. The photos are great, though they make me sad that I wasn't there - and that we still have not met...
  13. Hola y Bienvenidos Nico! A long time back I too lived to El Pisshole, Texass
  14. Hello & Welcome! I'll try to get your training log "approved" in a few minutes.
  15. Hello & Welcome Abhi! There are lots of vegans from Germany here on this forum, perhaps one orsome of them can help you? What country are you originally from?
  16. Hello & Welcome Don! It's always great to have more VB&F members - and more vegans!
  17. Aryan, Sorry if I missed a discussion about this & feel free to point me to the relevant topic here but: why "aryan"?
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