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  1. LOL! This fools me every time into thinking...well...it was already said. So anyway yea it would do me no good to take pics of what all I have because living with someone else who isn't vegan wouldn't go a lot of good. On the other hand I do have a section here and there to myself and I can show that. Will try and post something laterz.
  2. What you are about to see is idiocy in motion!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgjdMHmZyYk&feature=g-vrec&context=G2129c54RVAAAAAAAAAw Seriously. STOP the no carbohydrate Paleo BS people! This is the kind of "expert" selling his 'stuff' that kills people! The man contradicted himself so many times in this video I can't count! People are getting record colon cancer cases because of this idiocy! Don't eat "sugar". Don't eat "grains" because they turn into "sugar". Eat LOTS of FAT (which you body has to convert into "sugar" though he didn't say that"). But! But! Eat lots of fruit!! < --- ROFL Next on his little pyramid are "proteins" like "fish, dairy, eggs, etc" I don't remember exactly but you get my drift where he's going. He says carbs aren't a natural part of our diets, and we could go our "entire lives" (whatever his concept of that is) without them. Then after the 4 min mark or so, he contradicts himself by saying "our brain is telling us to eat carbs". I just can't...say anymore... Edit: I know it may look as though I'm preaching to the choir, its just I had to get that off my chest with someone. Thanks for putting up with my rant!
  3. I guarantee if this type were to be put under the same amount of stress, terror, torture, and pain these same beings are under then they would develop a "tangible" ethics code very, VERY quickly.
  4. If he went so far as to say there is no absolute right and wrong and you CONTINUE your argument then you're more insane than he is.
  5. I just got some of NOW's Pea Protein and it is NASTY!! Was wondering if I can cook with it?? If not I can try blending it with something but first I need to know if I can cook with it. It shouldn't hurt the protein right?
  6. See? One more benefit of a plant based diet. Far longer shelf life! Years ago when I was doing the whey protein craze like every other tom, dick and harry, I let the whey sit for several months once. BIG MISTAKE! I thought I had come down with some kind of stomach flu. But it persisted, and persisted. Finally it dawned on me that the whey was spoiled and I was making myself sick day after day!
  7. I have suffered bouts of severe depression and they have literally helped me get my butt out of bed.
  8. I've been listening to, and working out to this one since its release. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU1wLryjuEw&feature=channel I guess it helps that I know what they're saying and thus can sing along. If you've never sang in German full of a good pump and raging testosterone, you haven't LIVED!! And I get a kick out of the whole thing, though I don't actually like hurting anyone. XD
  9. The young aussie guy had some videos/music on his log, but it wasn't a "music" thread, and then Baby Herc had started a music thread with a bunch of links. At least I believe it was her. Anyway, here's one I like to count reps to (1 One Thousand, 2 One Thousand (up), 1 One Thousand, 2 One Thousand (down)). Just get in synch with it and do eeeet.
  10. ROFL! If I worked out to this I'd drop something on me cause I'd have to bust out laughing.
  11. Rammstein Rob Zombie Mudvayne Static X Korn (sometimes) Some tech/dubstep/dance like; Infected Mushroom Juno Reactor David Quetta Kelis Deadmau5 Skrillex
  12. They're just handing us a "lesser evil" as they progress into a new world which will only enslave the masses. Its just like everything else. What's new?
  13. I'm IFing and don't usually get hungry for the 16 hrs that I don't eat but that patty looks GOOOD and is that sauce vegan as well? Gawd that looks good! *goes to get some water*
  14. Agreed. Even doctors have been kinda taken back at how sensitive I am to what I put in my body. Drugs effect me in a major way compared to others, and something that may not positively effect others would do wonders for me, or the total opposite. I was a sickly child (me and a sister inherited this from our mother's side), was on soy milk as an infant (ONLY thing I could drink), I had a lot of surgeries, missed a lot of school for various things, etc. I was having A LOT of issues 3 months ago. ALL GONE. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt diet is extremely important to my physical AND mental health. It took a long time to learn that, but it was a road well worth traveling. My sister went through a bout of anorexia once and not only lost a lot of B12 which put her in the hospital, she came down with numerous other things. When they had to put her on a respirator we figured she was pretty much not going to make it through. But she did and changed her way of life, for a while. She then went on to not caring about what she ate, or what drugs she took. She gained a lot of weight and got a whole host of other illnesses, which she is battling to this day. Sad to say her mind and nervous system have never fully recovered, but she has been slowly learning the value of diet in her life, and my recent change in diet (and weight, doctor's blessings, etc) has been making her think even more. Sorry I rambled on. Just making the point that yea everyone really is different, and had my sister or I been someone else, they may have never been as effected as we were. Thank God for INTELLIGENCE! That is ONE thing I DO have!
  15. Awesome!!! I love Ellen. Huge heart and she's a vegan! One thing though to be aware of. I clicked the link and my Norton just blocked an attack from "Malicious Website Tool Kit 9". Someone may have hacked his site. I would make him aware.
  16. Yea once you tell someone you are vegetarian or vegan its like "coming out of the closet". No matter the initial reaction, if you are genuine about it, its GOING to become an issue sooner or later, whether positive or negative.
  17. I had my blood taken last week and I just got back from having my annual physical. As some of y'all know I'm fairly new here and only have gone back to being vegan since early Dec of last year. Most of the weight loss he saw happened over this short period of time, without me saying anything. He was still delighted at the weight loss even had it been over a year's time. He told me every single test came out amazing and I was his "best patient" to date. He specifically mentioned my blood sugar (which I had been having issues with last year) and blood pressure, for which I was taking meds. They were now amazing and there was no use for me to keep taking the blood pressure meds. So now I'm off that. My cholesterol went down from 137 and is now 120. He told me whatever I was doing, just don't change a thing and keep doing it. I told him I had "gone vegan" and he just smiled and said "ahhh that's what it is!" Anyway so he shook my hand and told me just keep doing what I'm doing and he'd see me next year! Made me feel so good guys!!! There's so much negativity and so much myth about this. It was good to hear this from my own doctor!! So yea just thought I'd share that. David
  18. +1 The reason you may be losing weight after switching is your body is adapting to a dietary change, not necessarily just because its soy. Notice I said "may", not a definite. I'm not an expert on it but I know soy milk was what I drank as a baby as it was the only thing I could tolerate and after recently going back to soy milk after switching to vegan it has helped nourish me as I've dropped 21 lbs (191 to 170).
  19. Have noticed she has a segment on every show now where she highlights animals, and has a pet(s?) of her own. Maybe she is finding her true calling in life.
  20. Exactly! People think eating vegan is so "bland" and won't "fill you up", but it actually becomes the opposite when you know what you're doing. I hear all the time "steak is so tasty". Right! So why is it you have to salt, pepper, and spice it, then cover it in sauce and dip it in ketchup? hmmmm The longer and longer someone goes without such things the more clear it becomes what exactly they were doing and why. I love the fact that when I drink a serving of fresh orange juice I actually get a "high" off of it! Not a "bad" high like a sugar rush or anything like that, but one like if you drank a huge glass of V8 juice (which I used to drink but don't anymore). I can't even describe the feeling. That's not even mentioning the TASTE of it that once you get away from all the made up JUNK, becomes extravagant! A double plus! If people only knew my daily experiences outside of their nutritionally absent soft drinks and "juice drinks". And that's just a beverage! What really lets me know I have it so good is the food. All the recipes out there! wow! I'm making some (vegan) Cajun style red beans and rice today and it will be better than anything else they could possibly make on Mardi Gras!
  21. I agree about holding a balanced view on medicine and the medical community. My nephew is the only one in my family who gets flu shots (against the strong advice of his mother/my sister) and gets really sick afterwards and is the only one who gets that sick. Its not rocket science to draw conclusions on what is right and wrong when it comes to medicine.
  22. Trying to beat nature is a very bad, bad idea. I have been preaching this on the rooftops and I will until the day I die. People are such BABIES about diet. I mean, pardon the pun, but this world is full of MILK BABIES that haven't been weened. God forbid you should mention anything related to a less than delicious meal to the wrong person, at the wrong time these days. People are going to have to GROW UP sooner or later it may as well be now. Edit: and I wasn't implying healthy eating is less than delicious. Its just that is how people associate things these days. Then they wonder why they are fat and diseased.
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