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  1. From the same type of minds that brought us GMO crops. No thanks! If this is our future, I don't want to be in it!!!!!! David
  2. Been there done that! Did anyone witness it? You only get points if someone saw it happen. Baby Herc No it was when I first started (too young to be in a gym) and it was in my parents' garage.
  3. When I was young and reading all those mainstream publications (no internet) I only ever read ONE article that had a good work out program and that was to use compound exercises @ 5 reps. Maybe that was 5 x 5 in its infancy? I'm not very educated on the subject, but I know after following that one program I changed forever and became a believer in heavy weight/lower reps, well that is until my joints started giving me troubles. (totally other topic of course) And the model they used was actually beefy. He wasn't a Muscular and Fitness oiled up roid monster, but he wasn't a skinny cut up little kid only focusing on his "8 pack" either. Never again did I read anything worthy of attention again. I'm soooo thankful for the internet. This is just another reason why.
  4. ^^Good idea and easy on the system for sleep. Mix some protein shake with something slow absorbing like oatmeal and some fruit for taste, if you feel you need the "overnight calories".
  5. Also, I forgot to mention something. This should be a given, but eating grains helps you feel fuller longer and aids greatly with IF. If you don't have any wheat allergies, whole grain wraps and pasta are good for this. Things like oatmeal are very "filling" for a long time, too, I've found.
  6. If you want to be vegan things such as legumes and grains are gonna get you JACKED. That is what is happening to me as I write this and I love it. I eat A LOT of home made whole wheat bean burritos, for example. I'm going to start getting into some kind of protein supplement next as well, and supplement it with whole wheat pasta based dishes. Rice is also a nice compliment for legumes and protein powders. Take that animal fat out of your diet your body doesn't even recognize it and secretes it out your skin as acne, blackheads, etc, etc. Go vegan and get that clear clean feeling skin you never thought you could have!
  7. Eating before bed spells disaster in a couple of ways which to basically sum it up means your body is gonna be working with that food when it should be resting, your body needs the break/rest from digesting food all day, and last but not least it helps you gain/retain fat. I go by Intermittent Fasting and there's a good thread on here somewhere that focuses on the subject. Its basically about getting in all your calories early in the day/evening within an 8 hr window and the rest of the 16 hours your body will spend healing itself and winding down for the night, without excess calories its just gonna have to process and store as fat. I've gone from 191 in early Dec to today at 170 doing the IF way of eating and my strength and muscle is still here. What left was a lot of fluid and some fat. I actually am seeing striations in my muscles I've never seen before. Amazing!! I can't wait to up the weights and intensity now and see what kind of a BEAST has been lying under this skin all along!! Anyway, so yea, that's my take on it. lol
  8. I was addicted to it for years, too. I slowly replaced it with Pepsi, and drank that for a LONG time too. Then I got off soft drinks forever. Luckily here in the South we have this nice (if diabetes inducing) little concoction called iced tea and that broke me off the soft drinks. Then I replaced that with some coffee in the morning. Now I'm on green tea with Splenda (gonna try stevia soon). Moral of the story: If it glows, stay away. XD
  9. It is wrong to modify genetics beyond what nature requires, period. Its wrong in so many ways, I couldn't even count. I would hope that most of you would protest what I'm about to post, so why wouldn't you protest the genetic modification of plants? These so-called-chickens have been modified so that they do not grow feathers. "The birds, created at the Hebrew University in Israel, will not need to be plucked, saving money in processing plants" http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/sci/tech/2000003.stm We're all living in Amerika! Amerika! Coca-Cola, Wonderbra! (some of you will get that, haha) David
  10. Their calls at night are haunting! And I mean that in the best way!!
  11. I LOVE the owl! I used to have an obsession with birds in general when I was a kid but owls and other big birds wound up topping the list. Something about their size and "wildness" astounded me. I still love em, even though they aren't herbivores. I've seen owls only twice in my life and I will never forget either time!
  12. I just don't trust bananas. You know why? They clone. They don't grow from seeds. They clone. Something up with that...
  13. As long as you have the CNS capacity and energy levels to endure a full body work out at least more than once a week, there's nothing to keep you from building muscle just like any other program, given diet and rest/sleep are in check. The toning vs building aspect lies within how many reps you do per exercise. I never stray from the 15-3 rep range, as that's where the building is for me, with upper reps more for toning and lower more for strength. 5 rep range is the "magic pill" for me, yet has a drawback as my joints and ligaments begin to suffer after a while, which sends me back to the 15-10 rep range for a while. This is why HST is so great for me because it incorporates all these factors in the basics of the program.
  14. Sometimes "more" is not necessarily "better". I'm doing HST right now which basically requires me to do a full body work out 3x's per week (Mon, Wed, Fri). I could tailor it to doing full body only 2x's per week and still get good results, or I could split between upper and lower body instead of fully body (eg upper in AM/lower in PM) on a given day. Still yet I could do upper on Mon and lower on another day of the week. You can even split upper into morning/evening to get more sets in, etc, etc. You don't have to work out 6x's per week to gain consistent muscle. But it is the preference of a lot of folks these days partly because I think it keeps your metabolism racing.
  15. Yes people read this stuff just many don't say anything I guess. Glad to see you started a log I think they're interesting, and sometimes very educational, although I'm one of those that doesn't say a whole lot. lol
  16. Welcome to the forum Aaron! Hope you find what you are looking for! David
  17. Thanks guys! I guess "converse" and "chucks" were obvious choices, but I never thought about it honestly! Will probably go with those.
  18. Seriously though you're right on the money, no pun intended.
  19. Great info! Thanks guys! Probably best to get workout shoes apart from regular 'street shoes'.
  20. Soy is just fine. I'd personally stay away from GMOs, but that's just me. There are non-GMO/organic soy products out there, its just sometimes they can be a bit more expensive.
  21. I was just doing squats (am in fact in the middle of it) and stopped to ask this before I forget. My shoes are getting kind of worn and I'll be in the market for good shoes in the future. I was wondering if there was a good supportive vegan shoe out there especially a pair I could use to squat/workout in. I'm a firm believer in having strong supportive shoes for that, and it isn't exactly the easiest thing on shoes, either.
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