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  1. It just really annoys me that choice is being driven out by large supermarkets. You can't get anything local anymore, just supermarkets and their probably adulterated food.
  2. Well that's it. It's a sad day when the only local fruit and vegetable shop closes down. They have been trading for fifteen years and get the vast majority of their stock locally. They sold a lot of flowers and seeds too but they seemed to mostly sell fruits and vegetables at a very reasonable price too. Okay if you wanted a mango in winter you were pretty screwed but that's not the point. Apparently local farmers markets and local produce shops just can't compete anymore. I don't see why either, I guess people are just lazy and only buy everything from the one cheap supermarket which is actually more expensive than local stuff, at least here. Hell, even the local farmers market that comes in gets the majority of their stuff from South Africa now because all the British farmers they tried sell their stuff to supermarkets or fast food places.. It's depressing.. Also bad for my wallet as I'll HAVE to go to the local supermarkets now.. And they probably sell sub standard produce.
  3. Well back to training proper tomorrow. Christmas and new year have been a real bitch, seeing family, other half, friends and getting stuck on trains for hours... Luckily I've only put on 5lbs over Christmas. My family aren't really up on the vegan thing so I was mostly eating TVP and so on.
  4. I wouldn't worry about it. Raw foods diets are not based on any kind of scientific research whatsoever. "Percent of diet raw" isn't even defined percentage of calories consumed? percentage of food weight consumed? percentage of food volume consumed? percentage of number of meals consumed? Take your pick, it isn't based on anything. Read reliable vegan nutrition information ( see my sig ), make sure you are getting everything you need regardless of wear it comes from and don't worry about what is raw. Not bad, I was going to be using it to cut a bit more fat while still working out.
  5. Nice (no homo hehehehe I kid I kid). I'm having to keep messing with things as my body just wants to store fat, my dads the same so I'm going raw in the new year.. Been planning and experimenting for a few weeks to see if I could do it. I can't say organic as I'm pretty much at the mercy of the supermarket / local farm shop's supply of whatever they have. Also, I don't think I could ever pose for photos, I'm amazingly hairy, I mean.. I'm like a slightly trimmed bear.
  6. I cook foods that NEED to be cooked.. All my other stuff is raw unless it's going into something special.
  7. I was just wondering, as a quick poll.. Kinda... How long did it take you to get the body you wanted? Yes that includes if you just wanted it for lifting and not looks.
  8. Okay so I have a lot of questions that I post from time to time. I have been a vegan for a while but the raw aspect still confuses me from time to time. I heard that you only really need to eat a 75% raw diet to be considered a raw vegan (or eater in general), what are peoples thoughts on that? I still steam tofu/tempeh, sweet potatos, corn and things that need to be cooked.. I haven't got used to or succeeded sprouting yet..
  9. Well I'm slowly making my way over to raw, slowly bit by bit as I really need to work out what foods I can and can't eat. May seem simple but I do eat sweet potatos, corn, peas and so on which usually need cooking (especially if frozen). While I work that out, I was wondering if there is anything in protein powders that wouldn't be considered raw.. What about oat powders and so on?
  10. Never thought of that.. Yea it is typical for bigger supermarkets to say "boil the hell out of this, then it's not our fault if you get sick". I usually get all my vegetables from the local shop and local market that comes around each week. Yea it's grown in shit, but proper shit *chuckles* you know what I mean, it's grown on small local farms (Titchfield mostly), some in Southampton and some from South Africa (well you're not going to get everything locally.. Would so love it if I could). Oh yea, I was going to post this in another topic but I might as well now. I did pick some stuff up at Tesco since it was late and I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. I went to buy some apples, picked up some red ones and looked to see which they were. The label just said "apples". I went all the way down the line of about six or seven different apples and most of them just said "apples".. Sometimes adding "juicy" or some other stupid tag line.. What type of apples are they? Gala, Cox, Granny smith?! What!.. Why are you not telling me what apples I'm buying tesco..
  11. Well I picked up two packs of raw beansprouts from the supermarket.. Funny thing is the packet says "Do not eat raw".. Well I know a lot of raw people eat them without cooking them.. Soo.. are they the wrong kind? Do I have to get some specifically prepared
  12. Gah I hate pull ups. I think any bodyweight exercise is the bane of my time at the gym. However, I'm using 20kg DB's for chest and shoulders so I might up them a bit, or try and stack the bar heavier.
  13. Does it look kinky flaky like canned tuna or duck? I usually just heat up a wok or non stick pan with olive or nut oil and sturfry it with some soy sauce and vegetables and then serve with sushi rice.
  14. Hi guys and gals. I was wondering, for those who sprout their lentils, how often do you keep them in rotation so you've always got some?
  15. I just force myself. I found that when I'm lacking motivation it's not for the actual subject itself, it's just the getting started.
  16. Just got some flavored oats to add to my protein shakes... Bleh they are sickly..
  17. Nice work Yea nothing every comes slowly for me, it's all in bursts or nothing >.> Tell you what though, trying to eat enough is a pain
  18. Well there is something going on. I've managed to loose a bit more fat which means some measurements have dropped a little as muscle is slowly replacing fat. However, my upper arms (flexed) have grown by half an inch! Which I am currently enjoying
  19. It's from a rather bad film called Space Mutiny. A show called Mystery Science Theater 3000 (a show where they sat down and watched bad films while making fun of them) did it and kept making up silly names for how buff Reb Brown was such as "Butch Deadlift" and "Big McLargeHuge"
  20. So I framed a picture and put it up. What ya think? http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ltlsmexZ1M1qkl1pso1_500.jpg Reb Brown beeeatches
  21. Not bad, because of it I got through stuff a lot quicker than usual.. However when I got to the curls my arms were dying so I was kinda screaming at them
  22. Well been to the gym today, obviously. I don't think I've grunted so loud in my life, luckily it was nearly empty Also, why are the dumbbell grips always broken?
  23. Training starts tomorrow, okay well today I haven't slept well yet so I'll catch an extra hour.
  24. Hi there, here is a link to a post I made a while ago. It's mostly mental approaches and what you can expect. viewtopic.php?f=24&t=28181
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