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  1. HDL and LDL isn't cholesterol though; they are lipoproteins. To raise cholesterol a person must raise their Vitamin A or Omega 6 fatty acids from whole foods with physical activity. Retinoic Acid(Vitamin A metabolite) or prostaglandins(made from an Omega 6) will be produced in higher amounts during physical activity; and these compounds will upregulate the production of androgen hormones and a lot of other beneficial growth factors. If you're a male, try consuming non-rancid walnuts and let us know if you experience a morning erection. This is enough of an indication that you're producing cholesterol while you're sleeping.
  2. Exercise raises serotonin and serotonin lowers cortisol BUT cortisol might not be your problem. Living in a polluted city and/or inhaling second hand smoke ( ie. airborne toxins) will more likely cause damage to the eye than cortisol.
  3. What kind of whole foods are you consuming?
  4. I would be more worried about the Lectins that are known to cause inflammation. Not all nuts and seeds have lectins though. If you're going to consume rice. Soak the rice in water for 24 hours and change the water when you can. The Lectins will be released in the water. Phytic Acid already has minerals bound to it.. so it needs to give up minerals to bind others.
  5. Before I can offer some solid advice. I need to know if you live in a city with air pollution, smoke or subjected to cigarette smoke and/or generally inhale airborne toxins. Also, are you consuming any oils? Yes we can consume as many raw veggies as we would like without it impacting the caloric intake.
  6. Accepted? Is 811 a doctrine? There is nothing wrong with a high consumption of nuts and oily seeds unless you live in a polluted city or smoke. I consume a good amount of oily seeds but I only use my mouth to break them down and mix them with saliva. I follow my instincts when I've had enough. Excellent videos for raw foodists. Muscle loss also happens when the body is too alkaline. I mean't that Michael Arnstein hasn't gained any considerable amount of muscle to be placed in your list.
  7. I am also adding... Omega 6 fatty acids from whole foods.. oily seeds and nuts are very important for us humans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arachidonic_acid#Arachidonic_acid_in_the_body
  8. Chris Califano also consumes greens, nuts and seeds. Justin Morgan and muscle loss on 811 - TVO consumes avocados, A LOT of greens, and little fruit compared to everyone else. He would do much better if he included oily seeds. Michael Arnstein looks super healthy however he isn't an example of muscular. Primates consume large amounts of greens. It has been shown in biochemistry that Vitamin A and its derivatives stimulate protein synthesis and Vitamin K stimulates keratin synthesis. -- Compare a mostly fruit eating gorilla to a solely leaf eating gorilla.. who has more muscle? Fruit is like 90% water and doesn't take that much space and neither do greens if they are chewed properly. Its impossible to gain muscle on a raw diet without sufficient greens.
  9. I am not seeing a sufficient Vitamin A and K source. Other than this, your diet looks super healthy. Just remember, Vitamin A, D and K regulate everything in the body; either independently or in conjunction.
  10. Weight gain is normal after hysterectomy. You're obviously not producing sufficient androgen hormones. Are you doing any hormone replacement therapy? I consume fresh squeezed carrot juice because Vitamin A regulates metabolism and also stimulates production of androgen hormones in adipose tissue. Other than carrot juice, make sure your Vitamin D levels are sufficient because you'll need Vitamin D to produce thyroid hormones and thyroid hormones regulate the conversion of beta-carotene into active Vitamin A. What kind of whole foods are you consuming?
  11. From a biochemical standpoint; no animal on this planet is able gain muscle by consuming mostly fruit, especially humans.
  12. Worrying will keep the weight on. Stop eating and just go catch up with some sleep. Hibernate like the bears and the weight will come right off.
  13. The OP isn't vegan. He is selling WHEY protein.
  14. The purpose of this thread is to promote the website in his signature. SPAM!!
  15. Vitamin A regulates metabolism. So drinking at least a liter of carrot juice would be a good start. Even eating a large mix of steamed vegetables daily without seed oils will kick off the metabolism so he can burn fat as fuel. -- Seed oils are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids which we store easily because they are hard to find out in nature and they are healthy from whole foods but not from processed oils. Just make sure he meets his 4.7 grams of potassium daily from whole foods. There is nothing wrong with not eating. Bears don't eat every year during the winter and burn their stored reserves. I don't understand the obsession with eating at every meal. Give each other massages so both of your serotonin levels rise. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-antidepressant-diet/201008/serotonin-what-it-is-and-why-its-important-weight-loss
  16. Are you sure you aren't contracting whatever causes the infection by touching the handles on a bus? Have you ever tried freshly squeezed carrot juice?
  17. Maybe your drinking too much water and flushing out the minerals and/or your intake of minerals is low. The jolting might be a sign of Vitamin D deficiency, I use to jolt before falling asleep and during a dream when I was deficient.
  18. You obviously have a weak immune system. I use to always suffer from the flu and now that I've raised both my Vitamin A and D levels, nothing happens to me when I am near those with the flu. Upping Omega 6 fatty acids from whole foods will also help the immune system.
  19. Leafy greens to regulate metabolism. Bodyweight deep squats with feet straight and head up will work all the leg muscles, abdominals, lower back and will straighten out everything. Avoid push ups and focus on pull ups and chin ups.
  20. 2 questions mini forklift. 1) Are you consuming any seed oils? 2) Are you subjected to any air pollution? And were you subjected to air pollution when you were visiting Auckland? Edit: I just noticed where you are from and it doesn't seem like a healthy place to live. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/8745856/Air-pollution-levels-high-in-Christchurch
  21. Ripe fruit is the best carb source since it doesn't cause gut irritation/inflammation. Make sure its organic since higher consumption of conventional fruit equates to higher consumption of pesticides/organophosphate. From my personal experience and my knowledge of biochemistry is that the best protein source is raw leafy greens since they contain high levels of Vitamin A that gets converted to retinoic acid in the body and retinoic acid naturally stimulates protein synthesis however large portions of raw leafy greens aren't ideal for a busy civilized human, since it is a hassle eating a large amount. Obviously including a good portion of raw leafy greens in the diet daily to fulfull Vitamin A requirements is beneficial for the gut and overall health of the body. We know that plants are 90-95% water. Lets say we decide to consume 1 kilo of romaine lettuce; thats 900-950mL of water and the rest is nutrients. Less water she has to consume. Other protein/fat sources are walnuts, pecans, other nuts and avocados. Vegetable fats from whole foods are harmless since they haven't been subjected to heating and oxygen. She can eat as many avocado's as she wants and I highly recommend them. Then there is fermented protein sources like tempeh, natto, etc.. There is also raw protein powders like Sunwarrior and others I can't recall. If you didn't know; processed tofu/vegan are the same as eating any type of processed food. I don't recommend beans since they absorb bile. Bile contains cholesterol and androgen hormones that the body absorbs naturally with fats from the diet but when the fiber from the beans absorb the bile, the body needs to produce cholesterol and androgen hormones again from fats. Hence beans are excellent for weight loss but terrible for the body in the long run. http://www.jlr.org/content/38/6/1120.abstract http://naldc.nal.usda.gov/download/39984/PDF My personal opinion about anyone who doesn't want to eat animal products is to eat fatty fruits for fats needed to produce hormones/neurons, get enough sunshine for Vitamin D and eat raw leafy greens for Vitamin A/K. Vitamin D is required to produce thyroid hormones which regulate the production of lipids, cholesterol and many other functions. Cholesterol is required to produce androgen hormones by the stimulation of retinoic acid(Vitamin A). On the contrary, those who consume animal products don't need Vitamin D levels to be high to produce androgen hormones since they consume dietary cholesterol. I got carried away however this information should help anyone who would like to be healthy on a plant-based diet. Is she taking a B12 supplement?
  22. Try a big salad of raw leafy greens. The human body isn't adapted to eating processed foods and it eventually tries to compensate for the missing nutrients by telling you to eat more foods low in vitamins and minerals. The poor nutritious foods trick our brains.
  23. Or he can throw out the chair and build a standing desk.
  24. LOL. Professore Lepiante. "0-30 gr/day is all what a human body needs." Yes, also zero is perfectly fine. To survive but not to thrive and definitely not for neurogenesis. zero protein intake? even if daily calories could be fulfilled by a grown adult.. protein is a requirement. 13+ grams of protein per day to survive for a 70kg adult when calorie intake is fulfilled. "On brain size I'm not going to comment, call me when you've done some serious reading." Please do. "How convenient to post a video or a photo of a guy like that? There are thousands of ppl who are not underweight, have normal bodies and follow a fruit only diet, but I'm sure you know better just like for the hair subject." Science doesn't lie. Show me these fruit only eaters who have normal bodies and avoid eating leafy greens, nuts and don't show signs of mental instability. "Out of curiosity, could you explain me why the guy in the video you posted didn't develop the Kwashiorkor condition?" Because he obviously isn't a DEVELOPING child who is protein deficient. The fruit eater is getting enough calories and protein to survive and its obvious that he can't get it up to procreate even if he wanted to.
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