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  1. where do i start... chips. have replaced ketchup for sugar free ketchup, I love veganiase a bit too much... and cookies..its hard to say no when people go out of there way to make me them.. thats my excuse anyway.. oh and pizza,
  2. I have always been anti GMOs, unfortunetly now they are very hard to avoid as have been in the system for too long now. More needs to be done, but the damage Monstanto has already done is probably hard to reverse. I watched food inc the other day, the UK is definetly becoming more like the US in regards to big business lawsuits protecting interests.
  3. I retain water too.. but I take creatine, it pulls water into the muscles, so doesnt make you bloat. It has defintely helped me.
  4. Very interesting, I do 20 mins of interval training after weights, becuase I need to be fit for muay thai and the speed/recover echos how we fight in rounds. Running for an hour though? eessh no thanks.
  5. Can you get addive free Passata? I love that stuff I add chilli flakes to it, I guess it like the soup option but a bit simplier.
  6. cool well if you need a crash space let me know. ill be in cali and nyc, not sure about chicago but maybe in oct when im on the east coast.
  7. I turned vegetarian at 7 years old ( much to my parents horror) as I didnt really like meat. I never crave it ever. Cheese on the other hand I miss sometimes but it passes pretty quick.
  8. Hey you!! you coming back to the uk anytime soon?
  9. I do Muay Thai, and love it. its an execellent workout and very practical. Ive tried a few different martial arts over the years but Muay is by far the best.
  10. Not really metal, but I'm seeing Propagandhi/Comeback Kid and Shai Hulud on wednesday..excited. Download festival will be loads of fun too. I know the guys in Momentum, awesome people awesome band.
  11. The only thing that works for me is removing the temptation. I keep none of that stuff in the house. Also sugar is like a drug, if you try and cut it out of your diet completely for a few weeks the cravings will lessen, sugar really is in everything, so check labels and eat as clean as you can, yes you will be cranky for a while but that goes away eventually. Also never shop hungry. If you like soda get a sugar free one and slowly cut it out. its hard but you can do it!
  12. This is my first muscle building meal plan, it has been done by my trainer but they have never worked with a vegan before, so I'd value any input, from my research it seems to be good, but alot of you on here have been doing this a long time and I havent. Breakfast: porridge oats made with 1 scoop of protein powder mixed with water. And 1 grapefruit or 1 glass of grapefruit juice Midmorning: 2 wholemeal rice cakes with half a tablespoon of peanut butter on each And 1 Soy yoghurt And 1 banana Lunch: 8oz grilled firm tofu/6oz seitan And ¼ cup of brown rice or wholemeal pasta or ½ a sweet potato And Green vegetables/salad with mixed beans Or Quinoa Midafternoon: 1 high protein bar 100g mixed berries Dinner: 8oz firm tofu/6oz seitan and mixed veg stir fry And 1oz of almonds or cashews And Kidney beans/Chickpeas Or Lentils Dessert: Zero sugar jelly And 1 scoop of low fat frozen soy yoghurt Or 4oz of mixed dried fruit and nuts And 2 squares of dark (72%+) chocolate Evening Snack: Soy jerky And 100g mixed nuts On training days, include a protein shake (20-30 grams of protein) 20mins before and 20mins after training Drinks: 2 glasses of green tea per day And 1 glass of pure juice per day (in addition to the grapefruit juice for breakfast) And Water, as much as you want.
  13. Hi there, yet another newbie. I've been vegan for 12 years, and like a lot of people I have spent time on and of working out but now Im taking it to the next level. I do Muay Thai training twice a week and weights 4 times a week, I have a trainer but he has never done a vegan meal plan before which does make me a bit nervous but from looking about he seems to have got it right. My goal is to not get big as such, I just want to be very toned and defined, Im currently 5'8 and 64 kgs. My biggest challenge so far has been finding a decent weights gym that is female friendly.
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