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  1. I find that building up slowly worked pretty well. My first barefoot runs were only 2-3km. Eventually I was able to run a bit farther and faster. But I have also had problems with blisters when I've stopped barefoot running for a while, then restarted again without the careful buildup.
  2. I've run up to about 8km barefoot on asphalt. It does take a little while for the skin on the foot to adjust to the different kind of stress. But in terms of how my feet and legs feel, I love going barefoot! Although you do tend to get funny looks when you run along bike paths in bare feet...
  3. markc7


    Welcome aboard!
  4. Welcome aboard and thanks for the detailed intro, that's a great story!
  5. OK, so I finally got in my chest and triceps workout that I had originally intended to do last Friday. I made it a pretty quick workout, since I'm kinda hungry and tired. DB chest press - my stabilizer muscles are still weak, so I'm being cautious on the weight here tricep pushdowns pec deck dips reverse grip tricep pushdowns - big, long drop set
  6. This morning I did a quick run along the canal, maybe about 5km. Nothing really special to report. Just making up for my laziness on the weekend. I may visit the gym this afternoon.
  7. Welcome aboard! Good luck with your marathon training.
  8. OK, first, I'm sure it is evident that medman is a different person from me. : Second, where do you get off saying that I "have no previous awareness of these matters"? You have never met me. You know nothing about my educational background, or about me as a person for that matter. You know nothing about my experiences in life or what I have learned or studied. Yet (with much of the negativity which you claim to distance yourself from) you quickly become judgmental and jump to a conclusion about my knowledge on this topic. Do you say this sort of thing anytime anyone disagrees with you? Do you not see how judgmental and, frankly, wrong this is? Finally, my characterization of the things you have posted as pseudoscience is quite accurate and I sincerely hope that most people reading it recognize that fact. It is especially questionable that you base your beliefs on anecdotes and personal experience. If a certain approach to life has been helpful to you, then I am glad you found something that works and wish you the best with it. Just don't claim that it is scientific or use it as the basis to make claims that directly contradict established scientific evidence. What you're describing in your references is a fundamentally different epistemological approach from science, which is based on testing hypotheses derived from falsifiable theories and obtaining repeatable, generalizable results.
  9. This is ridiculous. As medman said, it's not a matter of debate or opinion. I'm sure it's pretty well established that a healthy immune system makes it easier for the body to fight off minor viruses and illnesses. But there's a hell of a difference between saying that, and saying that in a health immune system a virus can never multiply or take hold or whatever you said. I seriously hope that causal visitors to the site don't get the impression that this kind of pseudoscience is commonplace on here.
  10. You can't possibly come off to strong here, because you're absolutely right and the post you're responding to was absolutely wrong! Thanks for clearing this up.
  11. Just wanted to say welcome! I'm sure that you'll find the advice you're looking for here. Keep eating lots and a variety of foods; as you've said it's more than possible to stay big on a vegan diet. Good luck!
  12. I saw that movie last night and thought it was fantastic. I won't give away any of the plot, but it had tons of great twists and turns. Jack Nicholson is not even in the same ballpark as Heath Ledger. He was just amazing as the Joker. Right from the start, the character is so intense and psychotic, you just feel like you never know what he's going to do. Minor spoiler! (cover text to see): The only thing that would have made me like it more would have been if we saw the Joker introduced to his psychiatrist at Arkham. I <3 Harley Quinn.
  13. Well, yesterday didn't go exactly as planned. i was feeling a bit tired, since I had been working out or running every single day for the last week and a bit. So I decided to take yesterday as a rest day. It was a good choice. I'm feeling a bit more energetic today, even though I had been up fairly late the night before (watching the late show of The Dark Knight!). So this morning I did about 21 or 22 km at a fairly decent pace, taking just over two hours. Not a bad run.
  14. Yesterday evening I did a fairly good 8km run. I did a route with a couple decent hills. Some of my upcoming races have pretty significant hills, so it's about time I start getting some elevation change in my training. Today I plan to go to the gym briefly and work chest/triceps. Then I may go for a 5km run this evening.
  15. It's based on the total value of privately own property in the US. here's the article: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Investing/Extra/HowMuchOilItdTakeToBuyTheUS.aspx
  16. Welcome! you've made some great improvement already, keep it up!
  17. Hey, I just want to say great work so far! Keep it up and those muscles will keep getting more and more tones even as the pounds drop off. Way to go.
  18. Back and biceps and abs today in the gym. I started with deadlifts, 5x5x185. Still a very light weight, but with my back still getting used to squats and deadlifts again, I figured it was better to play it safe. But I know that pretty soon I'll be able to start moving up the weight again. Also did: underhand bent over rows , back extensions, incline crunches, lat pulldown, preacher curl, reverse grip bb curl, bb curl. And i finished with two planks, held for 2 min and 1 min, with only a very short break in between. Not a bad workout, all things considered.
  19. From The Onion, here are the top reasons that people are not going to the gym.
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