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  1. i'm going to try using a combo or sprouted buckwheat and soaked makadamias... i'll let you know if it turns out!
  2. Splenda!!!!! Splenda????? Splenda kills puppies!!!!!!!!!!!! read this: http://www.vegansworldnetwork.org/vw-news2006-0121b.html "An estimated 12,800 animals died in the process" of bringing Splenda to market!!!!!!! instead of splenda, use stevia or chicory root powder or xylitol or erythritol. or many other low or no calorie sweeteners that are all natural and didn't kill a ton of baby animals!
  3. i don't like any food that sounds like satan! that and i can't eat gluten. i just wanted to be contrary...
  4. microwaves destroy vital nutirents! just boil them in a pot if you want this. or try cooking the peaches into the oatmeal!
  5. well, first off, i can''t eat gluten so i'm limited in this thread... but there are brown rice tortillas that work well, or i can just eat three little corn tortillas to every one of your wheat tortillas.... but here's my problem: where's the filling??? you guys are making sorry little weak burritos. i put grilled squash, lettuce, cabbage, shredded carrots, fresh tomatoes, steamed rice, fresh cooked dry beans (usually anastazi), avocado, olives, onion, cilantro, tomatillo or mango-peach salsa, and sometimes pumpkin seeds (or pepitas when it's mexican food). i've added hot peppers, bell peppers, roasted garlic, sprouts, mexican herbs like hoja santa or colantro (not to be confused with cilantro whcih is totally different)... but all your pics have little wussy "american" burritos that remind me of taco bell*. beans, some faux meat, some sauce, maybe some rice. blah blah. seriously, throw some pinapple and jalapeno in your next burrito! let me see someone putting mashed potatoes and cactus in a burrito. then i will start to feel better. heck, i've put sundried tomatoes in a burrito before!! are my burritos just better than yours? edit no. just different... /edit and don't even get me started on all or mostly raw burritos (made with cabbage wraps)!! or get me started if you want the recipe... i thought taco bell's beans were not vegan! i could have sworn a hindu man in new york sued yum brands because he had eaten some kind of lard or dairy product in his beans. they settled and paid for him to go cleanse himself in the ganges.
  6. i have done this before, but i never thought to put dates in it... might attempt that, though it makes it sound sweet to me. i always end up eating a bunch of soaked macadamias... they remind me of water chestnuts becuase they get this pleasent little crunch!
  7. that's all you ate?? i would end up eating my arm if i only had that. but then again, my metabolism is so fast that my stomach growls five minutes after eating. the soaked/sprouted buckwheat (kasha) is really great in smoothies. it's a big protein boost and it thickens them. andesuma, is that dried flax bread the packaged kind they sell at whole foods/wild oats? do you ever make your own flax crackers? i do it all the time... Now, to the task at hand... raw meal plan a la bighead (when i actually do all raw): note - i usually soak nuts and dried fruits (even raisins) but not the seeds meal 1: -smoothie (banana, some kind of frozen berry, hemp protein, rice protein, buckwheat, maybe some hemp seeds or avocado, juice (orange or black currant usually), maybe sesame milk if i want extra calories and some water) -a kiwi -a tangerine or other citrus meal 2: -nut butter or raw hummus with veggies (usually yellow carrot, celery, bell pepper) -handful of pumpkin seeds -banana -maybe some dried apricots or figs or dates (usally soaked) meal 3: -wraps (usually cabbage, sometime collard or lettuce) -----stuffed with a variety of things -------often, sicilian greens (i'll post a recipe but it's greens, raisins, pine nuts, raw olives, etc) -handful of walnuts (usually black walnuts) meal 4: -organic raw food bar (various companies have them now, some with higher protein than others) -another smoothies, probably with less ingredients meal 5: -mixed veggie plate (broccoli, cauliflower, beet, yam, zuchini, carrot, etc.) -srpouted beans (i kind of only eat mung bean sprouts, but lentils and adzukis are good too) -some kind of dip (i usually make a fruit and nut dip or something with sundried tomato - soak them and blend with olive oil, garlic and basil) -more sprouted buckwheat (i genrally just chop my veggies really small and toss this all together like a giant salad, usually over a bed of romaine, probably toss in some whole or ground flax and pumkin seeds) meal 6: -nut butter and raisins -fruit plate (banana, apple, tnagerine, pinapple) "meal" 7: -one more smoothie, usually no juice, just banana and protein with water midnight snacks: there are always bananas sitting by my bed
  8. this is actually really good if you mix the macadamias with pine nuts at a 1:1 ratio. though i make this without anny bragg's as i'm allergic to soy. i don't want to be too mediterranean about it, but the corsican in me wants you to know that pesto is supposed to have pine nuts in it anyway..... and i like your new avatar
  9. any ideas on how to make this recipe without gluten (no wheatberries)...? what should i substitute?
  10. that's fat grams... as in the kind of fat you ate. but there are fat cells which are like bone cells or any other cell that is a living part of your body. apparently people don't actually lose these cells, they just shrink down really small. "Fat cells are formed in the developing fetus during the third trimester of pregnancy, and later at the onset of puberty, when the sex hormones "kick in." It is during puberty that the differences in fat distribution between men and women begin to take form. One amazing fact is that fat cells do not multiply after puberty -- as your body stores more fat, the number of fat cells remains the same. Each fat cell simply gets bigger! ...It is important to note that as your body stores more fat, the number of fat cells remains the same; each fat cell simply gets bigger."
  11. @veganpotter: this works particularly well if you're doing a lot of core ttraining (so abs, glutes, pelvic web, low back). i've read and heard many time that you can work those muscles hard day after day without much worry about muscle loss or injury from tear down. as for limbs/extremities, i think it is often a detriment to work the sore muscles. but if you're only doing one or two sets of light to moderate weight, often the opposite happens. you can knock the soreness out of your muscles without have a teardown effect, or so i've heard... now, i have a cutting question: you know how fat cells are constant in number? well, if someone was a fat little kid and built up a good amount of fat cells on the stomach area, how did he get a 10-pack? (this is about a friend of mine i hadn't seen in 10 years) seriously, where did the fat cells go? methinks instantly of liposuction, but wondered if just anyone can rid themselves of fat cells and get ab ripples.
  12. wow. why did i not know about this before? i even dated a macro girl for a while in college. i think i knew these distinction without really knowing they were yin/yang. interesting beause all of my favorite foods are yin, apparently. so andesuma: without going to a macro diet, you're saying you need to go to a more balanced yin/yang raw/fruit diet?
  13. my parents fed me meat, cheese, eggs, etc. when i was a kid. but i would never eat beef, no matter how it was prepared. i would only eat bacon if it was cooked so crisp and brown it was unrecognizable as bacon, and turkey or chicken had to be inside something else. i was never able to eat meats as just meats. fish a little, cuz we lived by the sea. but i didn't even like that. i always used juice on my cereal cuz milk smelled like ass and it made me sick (later figured out i'm allergic). and only one or two cheeses were acceptable. i remember when i was in the third grade, my parents took me to a chicken place and when i got my food i was pulling it apart and suddenly wondered how chicken made it. i knew it wasn't like eggs and i was farely certain the chickens had to die for me to eat chicken, but i didn't really understtand how foghorn leghorn turned into el pollo loco. my parents told me it was the muscle fibers and i didn't eat any chicken that night. now i still ate poultry and fish every now and then til i was about 9 or 10, and maybe turkey til 12. one day i remember i was eating a turkey sandwich at school and it just didn't taste like food. when i got home, i said i was thinking of becoming a vegetarian and my mom said that would be fine. so i've had fish once since then, and it was a test to see if i would like it or not. it made me sick. anyway, that's been a little over 12 years since i cut out meat and abotu 10 years of strict vegan. over the past two years i've gone more and more raw til now i'm at about 75-80% (i eat a lot of steamed greens...raw too, but steamed are still good to me, and beans...sprouted beans get tiring to me). my point i'm trying to get around to is: i don't ever crave meat or cheese. and i don't feel nostalgic for it. the opposite in fact. i often feel regret that i didn't make that decision earlier in life (especiallly since i never liked meat). i remember going to friends houses as a kid and going hungry because they had burgers or tacos. and it was embarrassing that i couldn't (wouldn't to them) eat it and didn't have an excuse (like now saying i'm vegan). if i had made the dicision earlier in life, i might not have so much regret about it. it's not for lack of education, cuz my mom was a vegetarian flower childin the 70s and the original dr dolittle was one of my favorite movies as a kid (and what made me stop eating bacon). i guess that victoria boutenko lecture bit you posted made me think of this. in fact, i often tell people that the only think that's not vegan that i ever miss is a bearclaw. you know, the donut/pastry? weird, huh? and i know how to make it vegan (and a raw one to boot) so it doesn't really matter. i don't eat soy or gluten anymore and those end up being the things i'm nostalgic for sometimes. man, now i'm hungry for an almond stuffed pastry... good thing i have some soaked almonds and raw agave in the fridge!
  14. i just bought a few of these at erewhon in hollywood last week. they were really good! especially the berry flavor! and i totallyy convinced the cashier to buy some of them after he asked me about them. (though i think he thought i worked for the company or something )
  15. seriously, i'll do a raw challenge with a journal or whatever... especially if it means free goodies!!! about the deoderant: i haven't used deaoderant for a few years, rob. and i'm in a business wherei have to present the best first impression possible. i found that deoderant actually made underarm oder worse and after a while, my body learned to take care of itself (a friend from france said this is the general theory of french and other europeans who also don't use deoderant). at most, you might want to wash your pits more often. hey, did you know Mathew McConaughey hasn't used deoderant in 12 years or something like that? i think he figured out the same thing. and lok at him: he was sexiest man alive!
  16. okay. thanks for all the replies. i was confused about the meal plan rob had posted on his main page i guess. it said raw, but i think it was "mostly" raw bodybuilding meal plan. i knew all about the nightshade and eyes and what not. that's why commercially packaged potato chips and fries are terrible for you. even the organic ones still end up having the eyes and green spots left on them. anyhoo... didn't know about juicing them, but i think i'll pass. that sounds terrible anyway
  17. i know evactly what you mean about cooked foods smelling terrible. i have to say, it's not all cooked foods, but definitely a large portion of them. it's just like when i was a kid and i turned vegan (12yrs old). i remember wanting to throw up at the smell of roast chicken, cheese, burgers, anything. this is interesting that going full fruititarian made your senses increase even more. i'm going to do it for a few days just to see what happens.
  18. okay, time to revisit this old thread i have never hurt myself doing this "power pilates" power yoga should be no different. just make sure you warm up and stretch before you start. and avoid any problem areas for your body, like if you've dislocated a shoulder before, you should lay off of side planking or if you have a bad neck you should avoid plow. i have a dirty mind, so i have to sit in the corner when i do it. now i haven;t hurt myself unless you count massively buring abs or glutes, which does tend to happen the next day... but usually only if i do high intensity. and that's good pain anyway. (for instance my hams and abs are sore today after doing an hour of high intensity power pilates last night, which sucked because i didn't plan on doing it since i had done a full leg workout the day before but when it's a former navy seal barking at you to lift your legs over your shoulder, you can't refuse) i like to cycle pilates just like rob and other cycle their weightlifting. low intensity twice, high intensity once. like that. i think they might go back and forth 1:1, but for pilates, unless your training for a cage fight or something, you don't need to go high intensity all the time. having said that, even my low intensity pilates still beats the stew out of normal "stretching type pilates" because it focuses so much on core training. apparently i;m doing what a lot of seals and speznauts do in their training. anyway, if anyone's interested i can type up a little routine. it usually just involves taking something from normal yoga or pilates and perverting it into some type of torture. like you would do a side plan, only instead of on your elbow, you'd be on your palm and you'd stack your legs. so you'd only be on your left palm and the outside edge of your left foot (and vice versa). then to torture yourself, you'd lift your right arm stright up and your right leg as high as you could. if you're flexible, go for a 90 degree angle. hold for 10-15 seconds. then rotate the leg forward so it's pointing in front of you in the same direction as your nose. hold for 15. then roate back behind you as far as your hips would go. hold for 15. back to center. lower the right leg. lower your body and breath, then turn over and do the other side. the key things to remember when doing that are to maintain a straight line through your spine. top of the head straight down to your left foot. and to keep your palm directly under your shoulder. and don't fall. i see people not using their abs or glutes enough while doing that and they will wobble back and forth. most of this stuff is about control and isometrics. so move slowly. unless you're doing high intensity like i did last night and then it just feels like cardio hell. anyway. just thought i'd visit this old topic. ciao
  19. on Rob's raw food bodybuilding diet, he has a line that is "Potato wedges with vegan dressing" i tried raw potatoes once and they were all starchy and coated my teeth. is there a better way of preparing them? should i marinate them in lemon/lime? anyone have raw potato recipes or suggestions? i know potatoes are generally considered acidifying, so raw diets usually preclude them. still, i'm irish so i can't help but wonder...
  20. at this vegan thai restaurant i eat at a lot, the waitress gave my friend and me a special non menu desert last month. it was just warm coconut sweetened with palm suger (basically, coconut sugar) and kombocha squash. the weird thing was, the squash still had the peeling on it. but she cooked it so it was soft. she said she eats it that way all the time, but i happened to know she's on a raw diet. so i inquired. she said she uses the food processor to grat the squash (keeping the seeds separate) and then she makes salad out of it. she leaves the peeling on!! for texture, fiber, vitamins, etc.!!!! so i guess you can do that. it will be a little bitter so you have to balance it out. some squash peels are harder than other, so just experiment with it.
  21. well, all the kombucha has about 0.5-1.0% alcohol content... so.... alcohol is acidifying... but it seems to have an alkalyzing effect on my digestion... maybe it's kind of neutral???
  22. you can make halva... i have done it before... just google halva(h) recipes and see what you find as for portable snacks, my new favorite bar comes from the Vegan Food Bar people. they have one called "Protein" that has 24 grams of protein and 300 calories. it's made of almond butter, brown rice protein, dates, flax sprouts, and raisins. i love it! such an easy way to get a good dose of pre or post workout protein and fat. i'm not sure how good it is for a cutting cycle as it's got 12 grams of fat and 22 grams of sugar, but the sugar is from dates and raisins, so it's good on the glycemic index. one other easy snack is flax crackers. you just soak the flax seeds for a few ours, drain them (they will be coated in slime now), spread them out on a dehydrater (or stone if you're going to sun dry them), and dry them until crisp. easy, high protein high calorie snack that is portable. but they tend to stick in my teeth a little, so remember the floss! lol
  23. you should do a lot of isometric holds... i guarantee i can outlast anyone on these boards in abs and i never lift any weight other than my own body... if you need some specific idea, i can help... for starters, try lying flat on your back and lift your legs six inches off the ground, keep your legs straight and your back flat.... hold for a minute at a time... or do that same thing, but hold for a ten count, then lift your legs straight up over your hips (90degrees) and then drop them back down to a twenty count (20 being at 90degrees and 1 being at 6 inches), then hold for ten and repeat... i guarantee that will be more difficult than it sounds... if you find it too easy, double the time counts... you could also get a medicine ball or something of 5-10 lbs weight to hold between you feet and do the same thing i got all of my ab training from two different navy seals instructors... i've watched guys way bigger than Rob moan and whimper in pain and collapse during those two guys' training courses
  24. i'm allergic to soy too... and i've been vegan for 11 years! granted for half of that i was eating soy and getting sick all of the time, thinking that i must have a crappy immune system... then i figured out that it was the soy... and on top of that, i already knew i was allergic to gluten... i hate to be that guy that pushes products, but Naturade has a protein powder call "Soy-Free Veg" that is marketed as being "formulated for vegans"...... it has pea, potato and spirulina protein, a flax fiber blend, digestive enaymes, reishi and shitake mushroom powder, and two extra amno acids to make it a complete protein. i thought it was really good. i was able to just mix it with water in a bottle and drink it straight... it is unsweetened, but it worked really well as a milk subtitute... and it blended well in shakes... or you could go with hemp protein... but it doesn't make a good mlk substitute... there is also brown rice protein powder... you can get it in stores or if you google around there are suppliers of organic brown rice protein in the bulk... and there is something called the supreme shake or something like that, which is soy free and made from spirulina, quinoa and amaranth... it's sweetened and is also good just with water, but it's bright green from the algae so people will stare if you drink it in public (i speak from personal experience) if you need any further soy free vegan advice, don't gesitate to ask me as i've been there
  25. I have done yoga since i was 15. I have done pilates for 4 years. Now, I study pilates with one particular instructor.... for the last 8 months or so. He calls it power pilates. It's very intense. He combines several different styles. I routinely hear people in the class moaning because they can't hold the position. Everyything is done at a high intensity with little or no resting. it's about 45 minutes. I usually start dripping sweat 15 minutes into it. He warns new people that his style is nothing like yoga and is not relaxing at all. I will try to post some specifics of what we do later, don't have time at the moment.
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