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  1. Its a very hardcore tune. Watching too much ALF shit, getting VERY ANGRY. Angels and Saints makes Tom a mad human!
  2. Ahh the drugs are such a rare thing to think about now, though the thoughts of coke still grip me, strangly enough since I aint done that shit in 5 yrs+. I am on to the 8th step now, asking people for forgivness for being a drugged out douchebag and hurting and stealing and all that goes with that, ahh progress, such a humbling thing.
  3. Beneath the glare Days of agony are spent Caged, chained or penned Above a floor of wire fence Every basic right denied Even the freedom of movement Inescapable insanity Dominates every moment Enslaved and entombed I disengage the death machine species torn from nature individuals decreased from living beings no nothing more than mechaniced protein machines calves seized from their mothers confined in veal crates Meat, dairy industries connect To end with the same fate Enslaved and entombed I disengage the death machine Boxcars, stockyards � the killing floor decapitated in the abattoir partake suffer the consequence anthropocentric arrogance Beneath the glare Days of agony are spent Caged, chained or penned Above a floor of wire fence Every basic right denied Even the freedom of movement Inescapable insanity Dominates every moment Vegan for life Vegan to the death My wife found it, she rocks. Sick fucking song though.
  4. Try having two messed up shoulders and no spot and see how bad you f yourself up without the use of being able to spot yourself. Without the smith machine I would have no chest gains at all. And honestly I have no clue how much I can lift with or without it, I am just wanting to be back in shape you know. The machine has its uses is all. I defend it till the death.
  5. Dude seriously? If you want to do something do you need permission from us, and if you did it seems that you are trying your best to work the opinions to your advantage, just do what you are going to do, but if you confine the chickens, or go after them when they leave then they are your fucking food slaves, you are claiming life as property, and you my fellow VBB poster will be a douche.
  6. You rock kid, keep that shit up, we need you. 1 year and 2 months vegan, years and years veg. Saw the right show, found this website during the breaks in the show and never looked back. You can watch the show on hulu.com 30 days animal rights if that dude found love I could too.
  7. I cant freaking find the words to this damn song, Please post.
  8. zinzen


    Not the first time for that I am sure. Been thinking about that a lot though, well lets say a lot since I woke up 56 min ago so I take your message as an omen. Thank you my bud.
  9. My friend I am only deep enough to realize i am shallow. But really though coming from a hippy like yourself I say thanks.
  10. I have always been quite aware of the isness of all things, also quite aware of the dumbassness of myself and my affliction with drugs and addiction to my mind. I just finally gathered the nards ( nards when the fuck did you see that last, monster squad all the way baby) to do something about it. Back in 2001 I got out of a troubling time in my head where I was no longer in control of my own thoughts, I got out of this by realizing that the entire two years of insanity was brought on not by being insane in the conventional sense, but that the voices in my head were indeed voices of my head, i.e. the voice in my head my mind. once this realization occured it afforded me the oppertunity to take on myself as wrote by many enlightened and not so light lit cats throughout the ages instead of relying on psycotropic drugs, which were only making it worse. With weight training and the glorious plant of marijuana I took back my soul. But in the end my addiction took on a new form of using narcotics to summon control of every moment, to where if I was sad, pop a pill, mad pop a pill, happy, fuck it pop one anyways. his impeaded my ability to feel my energy and to feel the love I had for myself, and once I took a look around and saw what an ass I was teaching meditation but using drugs as my meditation I knew it must be stopped. Then once I stopped I saw my marriage get better, my mood stabilize, my head get clear thats when I saw it was not me, not the drugs, just my lack of control, my abuse that caused such a horrid cycle. medications are fine, they have a purpose, one that has great use and benifit( some I should say) Marijuana is one of the universes wonderful gifts to us humans, if you have no drug problem please see the greatness of this wonderful flower and do accordingly, this plant has never took a life alone, it has brought greatness to many, and ended suffering in many peoples lives without being played with or made better by man. I unfortunatly can no longeer use anything if I am to gain my control back, I know this and I morn that part of my life and embrace the new place I am in. And John hell yeah my energy is coming back and I am going often, getting tired of my shoulder coming out of place all the time so I am fixing it my self. soon I will be able to do flys again and then watch out, my chest will be as big as that cartoon VeganEssentials posted
  11. I am sorry but that was the most retarded thing I have ever fucking seen, forced these woman, are you kidding me, yeah that money really forces em to put animals against their skin. and all the protesters I know locking themsefs in cages are volunteers against animal cruelty who VOLUNTEER to do such things.
  12. Dont we all, nothing like your mind for bending you over and sticking it to ya
  13. would love to john, trying to figure on a time. If you get this soon and can meet early tomorrow I am down, like 9am As for the addictionpart, its not so hard now, occationally I hear a voice say something like, I am getting fucked up after this shit, or I cant wait to drink, it takes awareness to know that is just my mind. Its the other shit I am doing, the meditation, the ego seperation, the clearing of past habits and pre-conceived ideas, this is whats so fucking hard. I will take on coffee soon, but until then I fired up my old coffee maker and bought some silk creamer. Best of luck, drugs suck when you have no control, if you are in control then drugs are just...drugs. Out of control like me and they are a prison.
  14. zinzen


    http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/zinzen/ALF2.jpg I love em. Support the ALF
  15. This is for sure getting easier and harder at the same time, good times, good times.
  16. No one admit they have low self esteem, are you kidding me, I think shit of myself all the time, thats one of the things that got me here, not good enough, dont look good enough, all that jive crap, its all blah from tapes in my dome played on through centuries of humanity, even when we are happy the mind finds end of the world shit. we work on it or we drown in it. Aint nothing wrong with drugs or alcohol, all that was wrong was with my mind and my addiction to my mind. I cant control anything when using, including my using. There is nothing more taxing then knowing the exact weight of your bag, just how many pills you have and the constant math of how many I can take today varying my amount tomorrow waiting for the next fill, its been a minute since I refilled my adderal and I can still tell you that I couldve got another script on the 6th, not to mention remembering exactly how much booze was left in the bottle and where to get that shit the cheapest from this state and the next few around, I know the best liquor stores three states around yet I have a hard time remembering my neice and nephews names. The mind is a mofo, as is the spirit in its hardcore ability to free you from all this. our self is timeless, love and peace, all that is needed is not some special ability but the awareness moment to moment to see when we are here or when our mind is talking, with this we are free, without it bound by chains, no free will. Pride is another killer, thought being straight edge might help but it was just another link in the mind chain game, another bullshit story to hold on to, a mental dope. I will find peace, freedom and serenity, I find it moment by moment, and eventually it shall overcome. To all those suffering out there I send you peace and a promise of an answer. Find a program, get some help, just breathe and be. AND ABOVE ALL PUT THE FUCKING DOPE DOWN, life is suffering, but we can be free of this suffering in this life, just put it all down and keep on walking. Peace, -Tom
  17. Seems like someones been toking some greens VE That was a strange one
  18. This makes me so happy, I fucking love Bob
  19. More thought then I care to type in this here area, lots of mind, lots of mara lots of hell, you know typical human stuff. addiction to mind and the service there of. seems i did drugs to escape from confusion only to be confused by coming down to think that by using it would stop the pain, to be in pain from coming down, and on and on the list goes on and on the list goes on and on. rushes, well thats easy, you ever try to live in this day and age without escaping? thats pretty hardcore within itself. i get a rush every moment i choose compassion and love over selfishness and hate.
  20. Man this was a trying day, work blew, my dogs sick, my wife is gone, arrrrrrg. Still no drug use
  21. VJ come on man, how little we remember the crap the last round of politics created, we really need to stop, it never ends on the happy, lets save the animals from suffering side.
  22. OUTCRYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Better buddy. At least he won fair and square, that was always my beef, besides the simple fact that Bush was a douche.
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