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  1. This is a cool idea, might do this in the UK once I'm 18. (http://www.wwoof.org.uk/)
  2. Awesome! Get going or the VBBF legal team will be round your house... ...... (And Robert Cheeke) Yeah could do! The VBBF 1 Million Pull Ups thread...I can see it already ha! Won't be making one at the moment because I don't really have anywhere to train them I guess push ups is easier for people because you can more or less do them anywhere.
  3. Have no fear we will all progress loads if we stick at it! And there's only 10 contributors so far. Imagine if all 1622 users did 30 a day lol! Not gonna happen I know but still Edit: And every little helps HCP! Wasnt long ago I could barely do 10 good ones either
  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery zinzin! 6 sets 35pu - 210 Running Total: 2255
  5. Nothing like a good slab of raw vbbf member eh?
  6. Hey Richard...soon as I can drive I'm coming to your house for vegan fun times. haha!
  7. Nice photos man! Hungry after seeing that Chickpea stuff
  8. Woah Manuel thats some good stuff you got going on!
  9. Good answer, with that in mind I bet most people here wouldn't refuse to eat.
  10. Ok I am curious; if you were locked in a room for 2 months and the only thing available to eat was meat then would you??? Obviously there's no knowing what we'd do until put into the situation but hypothetically? Bit like Saw but for vegans eh? lol
  11. My favourite film ever is Rocky. I refuse to watch the sequels though. Other favs: The Matrix...sequels are pants Lord of the Rings trilogy (if only it weren't for the annoying comedy bits between legolas and gimli for chris' sake. It's Helm's Deep: Elves and Rohan folk are dying left and right and they're cracking jokes! WTF) My fav is Fellowship personally. Fearless...slightly better than Ong Bak imo. Hero Click Happy Gilmore...lol Fight Club Batman Begins Shawshank Cool Runnings The Full Monty Only seen Starship Troopers once but did enjoy it a lot haha...Brain Bug!!!!
  12. Good stuff man! You look a bit like Tim Henman in that last one lol!
  13. I just ordered the dvd! I watched this clip on youtube...awesome in the full sense of the word. Correct if I'm being niave but I still can't believe this could be faked to look this good... http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=a69y3nhMaZY&feature=PlayList&p=9409DACA0970EEA9&playnext=1&index=4
  14. I'm no biologist either so I'm kinda on the fence when it comes to the 'foods cancellng each other out when eaten together' argument however I have had problems when eating fruit with other food types. Got to the point where I don't eat most fruit (especially apples and bananas) with any other kind of food...otherwise my stomach goes weird. Poor food combining? I don't know but I don't think what you've described could be that detrimental. Best thing you can do is stick with it for a while and see how your body reacts and how you feel then adjust (or not) accordingly. There's no one size fits all so at the end of the day do what feels right for you.
  15. Today's contribution from this morning: 8 sets of 35 = 280 + Final set of 30 310 Running Total: 1000 !
  16. I heard that Soy greatly increases oestragen levels and it's always seemed a bit funny to me so I at the moment am sticking to nuts and nut butter. I intend to try out some of that Sunwarrior soon it looks awesome.
  17. Some of my current favs...I'd bet money some of these have been posted already but I don't have the time to read 13 pages lol...oh and if they've already been mentioned then they probably deserve another! Eye of the Tiger Gonna Fly Now Tubthumping (The 'I get knocked down..' song) Right Here Right Now by Fatboy Slim We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions by Queen I've Got The Power by Snap Chariots of Fire Beautiful Day U2 Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz Lose Yourself Eminem I Like the Way you Move
  18. Question: How fast do you think you and I and everyone else here at VBBF can reach the combined total ofOne Million Push Ups? I was browsing the forum and was surprised to see we didn't have one of these threads which are very popular elsewhere. Basically everytime you do pushups, remember how many you did and then post here. We'll keep a running total and see how fast we can all contribute to One Million Push Ups completed by members of VBBF. THE VBBF ONE MILLION PUSH UP CHALLENGE: What will YOU contribute? Rules: 1. Be honest! (no hijacking with posts like '5 billion in the past 20 minutes' and imaginary push ups do no count). This is no race, 1 is a contribution. This is only for Strength gain. You can lie all you want, but it won't get you anywhere. 2. Keep the content strictly push up related as much as possible (ideally posts shouldn't be that long anyway as most posts will be people posting their total for the day) 3. Any pushups you post will be assumed to have been completed the day you posted unless you say otherwise 4. With every post, please note whether you did them all at once or in sets and what type (push ups done on knees count as half by the way) 5. Post how many you contribute each time and the running total, like I have at the bottom (in bold)...(saves me counting up ) 6. Under VBBF Law, once members have read this you MUST, under pain of severe nipple whipping, post all and any push ups you do, here. That's it! Pretty simple really so get doing some Push Ups! I'll start us off with the pushups I did today and yesterday: 6 sets of 35 pu x2 = 420 Running Total: 420 YEAH BUDDY Let's see how many people we can all get involved!
  19. 3 pints of water 1 pint of lime water green tea 6 tomatoes 1 kiwi 42 dates 3 bananas bowl of oats with honey oatcakes with peanut butter 16 cashew nuts 6 apricot kernels Steamed veg: 1 pepper, 5 carrots, mange tout 1 avocado zinc supplement
  20. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/40/Fractal_plant.jpg http://www.funpike.com/images/plant-bushes/1fractal_nature_2.jpg http://tiger.towson.edu/~gstiff1/images/fracta2.jpg This guy's work is awesome...for everyone here who thinks their genes run their life and that the nucleus controls what goes on in a cell needs to look at his stuff! I don't know how much good content is available through the Youtube channel though. I will probably be posting up some extracts from his book in the future...in a new thread though See, On Topic! V http://www.jordanscereals.co.uk/content/images/4e42ec22a15f64f00b96e1cf42a5543c.jpg
  21. Thought I'd contribute to a lengthy thread on oarsome oats! I usually have mine with cold water and I don't liek mixing fruit with other food types so I might be viewed as boring in the oat department! We Brits call it Porridge though I think this refers to oats when with milk technically speaking. Fractals! I know it's off topic but has anyone seen the Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton? There's an amazing piece in that about the mandelbrot set and fractal geometry/evolution.
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