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  1. We have a group of 16 to 18 yr olds lads who spend all night at the gym mostly standing around talking and comparing abs and pecs......I shit you not they hog the mirrors, standing right in front of the dumbbell racks, holding up their t shirts and poking each other!!!!! WTF???? We also have a girl who comes in to stretch.....she sits on the mats with her legs stretched out as far as she can go and reads a book for an hour....then wonders why she can't do the splits yet!!!!
  2. Hello and welcome....glad to meet you
  3. Hi Candy.... I followed Roberts facebook post and I'm so glad I did.....your transformation is amazing......I know many people have already said this but you really are an inspiration!!!! You definitely deserve an award p.s. Happy birthday too
  4. Generally people place my age as between 25 and 29....The look of shock on their faces when I tell them I'm 36 is brilliant!!! I am convinced it's because of my diet especially as my carnivore younger brother looks about 40!!!!
  5. Wishing you the best and I admire your courage in tackling your addictions and talking about them so openly.......
  6. LMFAO!!!! Priceless.....thats the best answer I ever heard......seriously that has made my day
  7. Really cool!!! great position choice too!!!
  8. LMFAO!!! I actually got asked this question by my weight training partners (all male I should add) just two days ago......I said it doesn't hurt any living creature and its a good source of protein......They offered to donate me their protein!!!
  9. Arghhhhhh!!!!! In the past week I have heard some right crap......and it's driving me mad so I thought here would be a good place to rant!!!! 1) My mum has told me that being vegan is a stupid diet and that if everyone became vegan there would be no cows!!!!! 2) That it's ok to eat veal cos what the animals don't know they won't miss!!! 3) One of the lads at the gym dragged his veggie mate over to me and said "Ask her, she'll tell you that you can't be a bodybuilder and eat a veggie diet" his face was a picture when I told him I was vegan 4) "Vegan Bodybuilders? isn't that a contradiction in terms!" 5) "You look too healthy to be a vegan" On the plus side my JKD Instructor has said that I look "impressive" when I'm lifting weights and that no matter what people may think of my diet it is certainly working for me!!! He also said that sometime soon he will take some photos of me training so that I can post them here and on facebook to show what vegans can do What's the dumbest thing someone has said to the rest of you????
  10. Hi govegan!!! I gotta say that I agree 100% with marcina.....you do not look 46 at all!!! I hope you've managed to sort out those night time cravings......If I feel peckish whilst watching the TV I start doing stretches to take my mind off the cravings..... Good luck
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