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  1. steeler game Man, your rating has just dropped by 50% You damned YINZER hey now, what did you expect?
  2. sorry i couldn't make it back over for the party. i forgot about the steeler game. looked like a fun and delicious time.
  3. before i overdosed on champagne i took some nice pictures. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y62/flexwell/DSC00355.jpg no one could resist the lure of fine american country music. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y62/flexwell/DSC00369.jpg i told you this party was going to be hot! http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y62/flexwell/DSC00361.jpg it was that kind of party. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y62/flexwell/DSC00372.jpg friends from highschool, friends for life. all veg*n. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y62/flexwell/DSC00350.jpg waylon & willie get the girls shakin'. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y62/flexwell/a1.jpg no need for sleeves.
  4. i use l-glutamine. don't think it gives me much strength-wise, but my endurance is really good these days so maybe it gives me an edge there. its so cheap (at least the one i bought is) that its hard to justify not using it even though i would say my results are inconclusive. although i would guess it has helped me maintain muscle mass while i have been cutting and slacking on my lower body work.
  5. i don't care what you guys say, those kids are adorable. jesus rules
  6. loveliberate, i'll go one step further just for you..............reverse mullet
  7. yeah, if it wasn't fixed right the first time then its hard to have faith that it will be fixed this time. i just want to make it clear that it is extremely bothersome to some members and i hope it is taken seriously.
  8. cosigned. the ads are ing. why can't they just all be axed and you could add a paypal thing that people can donate if they wish.
  9. nice. poor tiffaney, she forgot to take a picture of her lovely self.
  10. this was really awesome. expensively awesome either way, i had a great time. oh and just for the record, i looked fabulous
  11. if either of you two come to the burgh, i will whip up a special outfit just for yinz. one part american flag pants, two parts sleveless shirt, one part aviator shades, and a bandana with lightning bolts on it. welcome to pittsburgh
  12. good luck. i'd probably screw up the lb to kilo conversions and kill myself trying to clean 400 lbs.
  13. i'd love to know your behind the forum robert. let me see if i can crack the code: {Ctrl C} www.veganfitness.net {Ctrl V} www.veganbodybuilding.com/phpBBB2 now that the page is laid out, time to recruit some members. hmmm, where to find them. [robert thinks to himself]: i need to assemble the hottest and strongest vegan muscleheads in the virtural world. {Ctrl L} www.veganfitness.net {PM} hey wannalift, its me robert. come over to veganbodybuilding.com/phpBB2. its hot. {PM} hey robert, its wannalift. okay. that's how i remember it anyway
  14. i do pull ups with extra weight i tie onto a belt. my best was 35 lbs for 3 reps and i'm working back towards that. by the end of next year i want to do + 1/2 bodyweight which should be around 92.5 lbs.
  15. vixen, i used to have tight hamstrings as well. i was embarassed that i couldn't touch my toes without feeling a great strain. i got over it by doing a forward bend for 30 seconds at least once a day EVERYDAY. it was real easy to remember because i would stretch after washing my face and actually dry it with a towel while i was bent over. there is a specific science to stretching. don't try and push yourself to the limit. you need to stretch to the point at which the onset of pain begins to surface. it shouldn't hurt. take slow, long breaths. as you exhale, go a little deeper into the stretch. i have done this for over 4 years or so and now i can go almost completely vertical. good luck.
  16. there are ways to obtain phonebooks for free without breaking the law. not a big deal. as far as nails, i bought a bucket of 60D spiral nails to bend for volume and use 1/4" HRS for PR's. someone from a different board is putting together a custom bending kit and program for me to start. next goal is a regular 60D penny nail.
  17. probably a skinnier phonebook. seriously. i need to be able to complete a feat like this in 5 or 10 seconds, not 4+ minutes. i was using way too much muscle and not enough technique. the only thing i can say in my defense though was that i did a brutal nail bending session the day before and my grip was far from 100%. my impatience drove me to attempt the feat the next day, but hey, i got it on my first try so i can't complain too much. eventually i'd like to be able to tear down a 2" book and maybe a deck of playing cards.
  18. 1 3/8" phonebook sent straight to hell. i spared you all the first 3 minutes as it took over 4 minutes from start to finish. probably should have started with a skinnier book. enjoy.
  19. Wouldn't it be cool if the opera had fur-free performances? If not all performances, then at least selected dates/times. Same with the ballet. If rock concerts can disallow my purse and restaurants can require a suit/tie... then why not? a girl can dream.
  20. i think its more along the lines of "they gave me a bad day seeing them where fur so i'm going to return the favor". as far as that comment i made, i've gone a lot further in the past. one time i saw these people set up a stand inside a mall in front of a department store. i went up to them and asked if they were in charge of it. she smilled and said an enthusiastic "yes". then i said something to the effect of "business must be going pretty bad if you have to slum it here in the mall. i hope you don't sell anything you baby animal killers." needless to say she called security on me and i had to hightail it out of there. of course this begs the question, what was i doing in a mall in the first place it was YEARS ago.
  21. i was leaving the opera with one of my friends and there was this woman walking in front of us with a fur coat on. when my friend asked me how the experience was, i told him with a voice loud enough that she could hear, that "i can't stand all those people wearing fur". "what's a matter with them anyway?" then i went over the top and said "it must be quite sad to have a combination of no morality with no sense of fashion". fyi, if you hate fur, stay away from the opera.
  22. anyone know if this stuff is vegan or not? thanks.
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