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  1. I just flip when people think crazy dieting is taking care of their health. SURE you're gonna lose weight, but at what cost? Master cleanse = no protein or fats, acid, acid, acid... Doesn't seem like a very good idea. I've also heard it gives you terrible diarrhea (???).
  2. Yawning is not just a physical reaction, it's also considered to be an emotional response. I'm really - REALLY - shy, and sometimes I catch myself yawning when I'm unconfortable - I even do it during cardio too. Try and find out the reason(s) why you're having that problem(?).
  3. I promise to observe HomicideOut and experience the non-sycho world for one day if normal people in turn are willing to experience mine. I'm not being facetious here. In the long run it might be more productive to engage those with philosophical differences than it is to simply disparage them, and I say that as someone who admittedly does a whole lot of the latter. The world changes one mind at a time, and showing a willing normal person what murdering is truly all about might be the best way to help that process along. Oh, seriously.
  4. http://www.peta2.com/OUTTHERE/o-EmilieAutumn.asp?c=p24144 EA is also on this month's playboy - first time I'll ever buy one, and for the interviews
  5. There was a time I'd always jump rope during tv commercials. Now besides strenght training and running I often help my dad with his gardening. About stairs: It always amuses me when my classmates at university would rather stand in kilometrical lines to take the lift than taking the stairs - and our classroom is in third floor. I mean, seriously?
  6. Thought it would be a fun thread, just post pictures of places you usually go running or cycling. Mine: Whenever I want a quick run: http://www.guidoheuer.com.br/images/07.jpg It's an artwork by local artist Guido Heuer, it's a tamarindo sprout pointing downtown. It's about 20min from my house. Whenever I wanna run my brains out: http://g1.globo.com/VCnoG1/foto/0,,21526439-EX,00.jpg Ramiro Ruediger Park, about 40min away from home, it also has a 2km track. When I miss the capybaras: http://patilima.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/2008-08-04_11010blumenau3-upc.jpg Beira-Rio Avenue, downtown. Jogging there back and forth takes up to two hours. When the river level is low you can run on the little sidewalk next to the water. There are tons of capybaras on the grass, and they're quite used to runners, also no fumes at all, the whole thing is just zen. So, anyone?
  7. I'm thinking maybe you're not worried about the fat, but the size of your tummy. Here in Brazil people are big on stomach vacuum. It's said to work core muscles that hold your belly inwards even when relaxed. I like doing it, just for the soreness the day after. Never measured my waist, so I can't tell it worked for me, but after a while doing it I stopped having bellyaches (I mean that nasty cramp feeling next to an oblique) when I run. If you give it a shot, I'd be glad to hear back from you.
  8. Damn Phil, those lats are HUGE! Nice overall mass, but the lats are really massive! I wish mine were anywhere near that big... Sweet tatoo on the left arm too Gotta fix my cam soon
  9. Sorry, I just had to share this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF55PvI3e8o You just can't stop watching Nice forearms! The title says "learn how to train at home" I kinda feel bad for the guy...
  10. That should be interesting. The guy is a legend, no doubt, and probably has many fans on this forum. Is he going to compete for IFBB? If so, he's a sure top ten. Unbelievable obliques! Awesome biceps and quads. His traps are way smaller though, and he lacks a bit of lats and shoulders.
  11. It'd help if you told us what's your problem, if it's the going down, the going up, your back hurts or anything like that. Try doing a bodyweight squat If you can do it, it's just you may be trying to squat too much weight...
  12. Aw, so it's all bias, thanks Chris! A kilogram of castanhas de caju is around 25R$~15U$. There's also a big problem with caju, people like its nut, but not the fruit itself (you need a grown fruit to get one little nut), wich is often thrown away! A friend of mine has a recipe for caju mockmeat, I'm eager to try that out sometime. So, spamming ended, again, thanks and sorry everyone.
  13. Haha, thanks for claryfying! I was just wondering, cause an acquaintance told me the reason cashews and brazil nuts are so expensive here is that there are importing interests involved, and they're actually cheaper out there.
  14. Da-yumn! I want a serratus too! And man, that rhomboids look awesome! Killer abs and obliques, great work! Extra exclamation marks!
  15. Hope you all forgive me for the spamming, but just out of curiosity, how much costs a pound of cashews in US?
  16. A good squat session definitely brings out the best and the worst in me. Exercising is also my best therapy ever, I was diagnosed with ocd when I was twelve, and seem to have got it under control now (I've recently been noticing I'm unleashing my need to be in control on my eating habits. Took an orthorexia test the other day out of curiosity and scored two times what's already considered a disorder ). Idk, the way I look at it, viciousness(?) is just like lust: we all have it, just gotta get it under control.
  17. http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2324/2 http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2383/2 http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2621/2 Soy is reaaally high in fiber. What's strange though, is that when I'm cutting I practically live on soy beans, tofu and tvp, and I get by just fine, but when I'm not I have to save my beans for the weekends. It's a real bummer, I love having beans, it's a great food, and brazilian people have beans on a daily basys... must have something to do with gases on beans or something.
  18. Soy is really high in fiber, fiber makes you fart. It's not all bad though, by having lotsa fiber you help your digestive system work, lower insulin levels on your bloodstream and feel less hungry.
  19. I feel great too running on an empty stomach, and it really helps me stay very lean while bulking. I even feel more energic doing it on a fast rather than after eating something, even if it's very low gi stuff. Sometime ago I read an article about endurance training on low levels of glycogen, and I can say it's truth for me. Since I stopped using threadmills and started running in the morning, my endurance started developing quite a lot. Next thing I wanna start watching as far as bodyfat goes is my cheating days on cutting. I usually bulk 3-4 months and then cut 2-3 weeks. I can eat anything but grilled tvp, sweet potatoes and dark green salad if I want to, but on saturdays I binge eat HARD. This sunday it's my first 8k, I'm really pumped...
  20. Whoa, didn't know about post-exercise ketosis. Is it just temporary or it is possible to keep it going to skip the three day carb restriction before going on ketosis? It would make the UD2 even more efficient!
  21. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. This is what I have used for some time for both cutting and bulking with great results. Rafael Bracca is an acomplished brazilian bodybuilder with phds in P.E. and sports nutrition. Badly translated from Portuguese, I probably invented tons of non-words on the process taken from http://www.npng.com.br/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=67505 What happens is that our body isn’t meant to use fat as a primary source of energy, it’s the other way around, fat is our last possible resource of energy for emergencies. During normal cardio, your glycogen stores are high, so your body will use it as a primary source of energy, then the lean mass, and finally the awaited fat. For this to happen, are necessary at least 20min of cardio for your body to get to that stage, therefore counterproductive for us BBers, besides burning lean mass, it also fatigues the inferior members. So, with your organism using glycogen and lean mass energy sources let’s consider it inappropriate, or less productive, to use this cardio for one who wants to lose fat and minimize muscle loss! However, there are still people who insist on go running after eating a ton of carbs, with glycogen up to the skies! Results? Lots of muscular catabolism and little fat loss. But then, what can be done to maximize fatloss and minimize muscular catabolism in therms of aerobic exercise? Well, this is a simple practice with no secrets, it’s cardio done early in the morning before breakfast. Fasting? Are you crazy? Ain’t it gonna make me lose even more lean mass? Nahnah my friend, it’s just the opposite, by doing cardio on an empty stomach you end up manipulating your training in a way you force your body to utilize fat as a primary energy source, and better, with almost zero catabolism! But how does this happen? The time when we wake up is a precious time of the day where we were a lot of time without food, and that makes a very favourable environment for fatloss, because with the cardio on these conditions, and low glycogen stores, your body will have no option other that going to fat for energy. Lots of mediocre professionals, phds and masters have questioned me even in my phd, thinking it was an absurd for me to utilize this kind of practice with my clients and myself, saying it’s not efficient and also dangerous. For the fact that it never had scientific comprovation, they wouldn’t recommend anyone. Ok, now recently, my skinny coleagues, science has found out about the efficiency of this practice through a very detailed study I'd really like to read this study, does anyone have anything on it?, concluding it’s the bast way for fatloss with minimal lbm loss. Sometimes science has to prove what us BBers know since the 70’s. So, back to what matters, many still ask themselves: “but ain’t the calories burned in the same rate that any other time of the day?” Yeah, sure, but no matter how many calories you spend, what matters is where they come from! As soon as you wake up, drink 500ml of water to break the fast. If you want to, you can also have 200ml of black coffee (no sugar, OF COURSE…). And go do your cardio for 30 to 45 minutes. Doing this 3 times a week on every other day has astonishing effects, noticeable on the very first weeks. To beginners, starting this practice suddenly may cause severe hypoglycemy, so I recommend doing it carefully and for smaller amounts of time, working your way up to the 30~45m. It’s also important to carry a sweet with you, if you feel dizzy or lightheaded it’s the hypo coming, and with the sweet the worry’s gone. The exercise must be executed with moderated to low speed, that’s the only way your body will really tackle the fat I actually disagree a bit, friends of mine have used this method with guerilla cardio and had awesome results. And as your glycogen is low, your lean mass will be waving goodbye, so smart up! Getting home drink more 500ml of water, wait half an hour before you have breakfast, during this time you’ll still be burning the fat. That’s the time you need to shower and go peepee. It’s also no good using this method if you have the habit of waking up in the night and hitting the fridge, so if your doing this, cut it off right now, and be sure you’re getting your 8~10h sleep. As for your breakfast, go for protein and low gi carbs. No malto, as high gi would give you an insulin peak and stop lypolisys. I usually have also BCAAs, 0,5g of vitC and as B complex supplement. Bear hug! Rafael “Big Raffa” Bracca Bodybuilder and Phd in P.E. and Sports Nutrition.
  22. 30~45m cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is actually one of the most effective ways to get rid of bodyfat. You'll be using just your fat as a primary source of energy, what wouldn't happen if you had eaten something before doing your cardio (sugar in the bloodstream > sugar in the muscles > fat) just be sure to have a good breakfast half an hour after you're finished, especially lots of vitamin C. What Atomic Dream said about fats and protein is very important as well, if you're eating too much carbs, no caloric deficit or exercise in the world will make you ripped, you'll only lose lean mass.
  23. Hey, sounds awesome! Don't know what my classmates would think of me, dunking tofu and veggies while they munch on whatever is on sight, the greasier the better. I don't really care though, definitely gonna try that out! Just have to find some good recipe, the several times I tried to fry tofu it always turned out awful. Thanks for helping, really
  24. That's something I've been giving much tought: I'm at college from 5pm to 10pm, that's too much time not to eat anything, and at the same time, I don't wanna go for anything with much carbs for it being so late at night. Can anyone suggest something with some protein (15-20g is okay for my bw) and little/no carbs that's easy to just take out of a tupperware?
  25. You can also use dumbells a little more, so that you can work both shoulders equally. The difference should get very small in no time.
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