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  1. Lately for grip I've been using the monkey bars at a local playground. Also I asked for one of these for Xmasukah http://www.ironwoodyfitness.com/hand_grips.html
  2. Cool. We should have a contest to see who can drink the most soy milk while doing a one handed dead hang
  3. This guy thinks you should learn kung fu http://www.joerch.org/karate/wong-strength.jpg
  4. Not sure about the best way to recover.... but standing Arnold presses are my favorite shoulder exercise
  5. You can get all the nutrients you need from either a vegan or from a meat-eating diet. Whether you are classified as vegan or non-vegan shouldn't have any effect on your muscle quality - only whether you get all your nutrients in the right amount or not. Creatine allows your cells to hold more water so you can gain weight more easily. It some cases it slightly increases the amount of weight you can lift.
  6. I just did 12 seconds on my first try. I'm not sure if my form was right (I don't even know what proper form is exactly for an L-seat)? But I did it with my palms open and my weight on my fingertips (I felt it in my hands the way you feel fingertip pushups)
  7. I'm not sure what you are trying to prove here... but when I lived in Arizona I used to climb the rocks up the side of mountains all the time and it was definitely cardio
  8. Rock climbing wouldn't be a cardiovascular workout, hiking or backpacking would be (unless you stop and start a lot). Maybe you climb rocks differently than I do. Rock climbing is cardio for me.
  9. Yeah gym cardio sitting on a stationary bike or running on a treadmill is boring. You could try something more fun for cardio like rock climbing
  10. I like to split and change it up a lot. Tonight I did rows and squats. Last night I did shoulder presses and crunches. The day before that I did deadlifts and calves. The day before that bench press and wrist curls... you get the idea.
  11. Do you ever get sharks in the Oregon waters?
  12. Will, Please explain how you define "terrorism" and which ALF actions you consider "terrorism"? I can't define terrorism through words. When I use words to define a controversial word like terrorism - no matter how precise I make my language - people end up twisting the meaning of the words to fit in with their agenda. I just know terrorism when I see it. As far as examples: I would say Open Rescue is not terrorism at all (see http://openrescue.org/about/index.html ). On the other hand, I consider a lot of what SHAC does to be terrorism.
  13. I like the new pic B. Your arms look huge!
  14. Humans have a body that allows us to consume either plants or animals, and a brain that allows us to decide which to eat
  15. I eat lotsa Tofurkey and spuds
  16. Good stuff Big. Are you doing all bodyweight training now?
  17. Grinding them is the best way. They are freshest if you grind them yourself and eat them immediately after grinding. It doesnt' take long. Just get a coffee grinder, pour some flax seeds in. Hit the grind button for about 3 seconds, then pour it on a bowl of oatmeal. I drench my oatmeal in ground up flaxseed . Its a great way to get EFAs Also if your'e looking for more fat, put olive oil on your beans. I love that stuff. I put olive oil on all kinds of stuff. I dip bread in olive oil with red pepper and go through a whole loaf of bread adn a bowl of olive oil in one sitting
  18. Keep it simple. Eat lots of beans, nuts, oatmeal, fruit, and veggies
  19. It's hard to say since ALF is comprised of a lot of different individuals and cells that work independently. Some ALF actions I would consider to be terrorism, and others I wouldn't consider to be terrorism
  20. Yeah I remember Gatekeeper by Framework, but I don't think Karl sang on it
  21. You mean this guy? http://helios.acomp.usf.edu/~wpeavy/popeye.JPG
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