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  1. anyways, this thread is insanely old, but i just posted the photos to the flickr so i figure i'd post a couple here http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3558/3685330341_68b09f05d8.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2540/3686139254_dc97ce0c0d.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3664/3686138550_4418213214.jpg http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2496/3685329681_002fee6f16.jpg
  2. it's weird, 3.5 years doing the vegan thing, but the one thing that drives me nuts whenever i hear or see, it cottage cheese. it is one of the things i miss eating. does anyone have a decent recipe for it, or a product already made? i miss cottage cheese with green onion sandwiches
  3. borscht lol wtf is borsch? i have beets in the fridge, but no pierogi. i love my borscht with lots of pierogi
  4. haha thanks man i saw so many birthday wishes on here, so i went to my profile specifically and added my birthday (probably 20mins ago) just so i could get one from you too .... laaaaaaaaaame haha
  5. ya i've read that, totally bummed me out. all those times i was loading up and i could have done without lol they did studies where they showed people doing a loading phase had no significant gains vs the group who did 5g daily the entire time. that's awesome in my opinion
  6. decided what the hell, i made a vegan fitness group on the flickr since no search results came up with anything http://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/
  7. i hate your photos whenever i click your blog i always get hungry Haha, that's why my blog sucks now that I'm on a diet. i'm sure you don't need to be on a diet, get more food pics up
  8. i hate your photos whenever i click your blog i always get hungry
  9. no one else has a flickr? weird mine is not much up yet, still workin on it
  10. how the hell was Faulkner that spent during the 1st round? ... needs some more conditioning hehe "if you're not willing to sacrifice for your dream, then it's not really a dream and you're not really meant to have it" - Frank Lester nice
  11. ahhh crap!!!!! i forgot the show as on tonight
  12. i added this forum to stumbleupon basically you can read and write reviews and rate websites you visit when you install the toolbar. it's pretty cool. nice way to promote and gain feedback and stuff. http://www.stumbleupon.com/url/www.veganbodybuilding.com/phpBB2/
  13. i don't understand 1. why they would vote for reversing a right like that 2. think it's ok to go around changing a constitution 3. why other rights (say free speech) couldn't be whipped away by votes now
  14. CreaPure is synthetic and is only produced by one company in Germany. so buy the cheapest brand (one might be $34 another $44, same stuff though) and you're good to go
  15. totally random question hehe but which hosting companies you guys recommend? i gatta switch cause my jackass of a host sold me 2 years and he decided to cancel yearly packages today, resulting in my site being shut down (luckily i got it restored for a bit so i can back my shit up) but now i gatta find a new host. anyways, share please
  16. i think weighted vests are the shit, sadly i don't have one haha .... doesn't it make sense to wear one though? even doing random shit during the day? your body started getting used to the weight and eventually regular stuff feels easier when you're not wearing it. i wanna make one, thinking of using a life jacket with sand or something
  17. i'd like to know why gyms or employers require certification? is it only the paper or is there real substance to it? hehe ... i mean, for me personally, i don't care if a trainer is certified. granted gyms may require them, but i'd feel quite comfortable with a trainer without one if they have experience and/or are knowledgeable in the field. CANFITPRO is good, i think they're only in Canadian though.
  18. dammit, you beat me to it i was thinking "another hockey player goes veggie?" hehe he attended a fur demo in montreal few weeks ago too.
  19. very good lecture about food production. granted we all probably know most, if not all he mentions, but still worth a watch
  20. man, i'm inspired haha ... there's this huge asian area not far from me which i've never even stopped at once, defiantly gonna hit it next time i'm in the area
  21. firstly i'd have to be back home (Poland) i really wanna try the vegan thing there had plans to go in April, but sadly last minute shit fell apart second, i'd love to visit Okinawa and visit the amazing people you read about living there. other than that, i wanna go everywhere hehe
  22. anyone seen it? it's not so much a vegan movie, more a healthy movie. touches on crap ingredients, eating disorders, food, and life in general. i'm half way through and it's really good so far, sad, but good. it's aimed more towards a teenage audience, but still a good watch.
  23. mmm fudge ..... protein fudge
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