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  1. No worries. Shane Carwin will take out Lesnar after he takes out Cain.
  2. Cyborg all the way! Gina is getting KO'ed in this one. Mark my words.
  3. I dont think they use real leather for very many of the mma gloves. Im pretty sure its all man made. Granted there are some out there but im thinking it would be kinda expensive to make leather mma gloves considering they only use them once.
  4. UFC 100 is next! Im stoked to see GSP defend his title. I think he'll beat Alves pretty soundly. Mir will sub Lesnar again. Maybe not as quickly as the first time cause Lesnar will be a bit more careful. Unless Lesnar hits him with a big shot cause Mir is known to go down relatively easy. Should be an awesome card!
  5. Miguel Torres, Mike Brown, Kenny Florian, GSP, Anderson Silva, Big Nog
  6. Mike Brown is a stud. He was constantly trying to finish that fight. Everytime it went to the ground he was looking for a choke but Urijah pushed through it. Im very impressed with Brown after seeing both his title defenses. I hope he keeps the title for a long while. Which I think he'll keep it for a bit. I dont think Aldo can beat Brown but in MMA anything can happen.
  7. Both my girlfriend (and of course our unborn child lol) and I are looking to move down to Los Angeles area. We are living in Roseburg Oregon right now but we both feel there will be way more opportunities in Southern California. Especially for Bjj/MMA training for me and massage therapy schooling for Melissa. If anybody could help me out with some information on good areas to live and if anybody has any job tips i would greatly appreciate it! Seems to be a little more difficult to find a job through the internet. Not impossible but a little more difficult. Anyways thanks in advanced for the help! Brent
  8. Anderson Silva is set to fight in the light heavyweight division! He is fighting James Irvin. I'm excited to see how he does against the bigger guys.
  9. Crocop is no longer under contract with the UFC. I'm not sure if they let him go or if his contract was just up. I believe it was the latter.
  10. A win against Matt Serra and retirement. Why is Matt Serra fighting at 170. If anything if he's still wanting to fight he should fight at 155. Personally I'm not interested in a Hughes-Serra fight.
  11. So in the elitexc show in Hawaii we have ANOTHER fighter that missed weight. Nick Diaz came in 9 lbs over weight. The bout was suppose to be at 160 and he weighed in at a whopping 169.
  12. Well on mmajunkie.com they talk about the ufc trying to get sanctioned in New York. I'm guessing that is the news. But that's kinda odd that Dana would make an announcement without for sure news.
  13. I sure hope its a better announcement than the dolls they have coming out lol. Daddy daddy I want a Chuck liddel doll!
  14. That was quite the fat intro! Welcome
  15. I love Brazilian jiu jitsu, so I love to here when someone either trains it or at least somewhat follows it Mac was pretty well known on here, at least to the mma fans. And I think after going on the ultimate fighter his name is def more well known. Just one more example of how someone on a vegan diet can do as well as the carnivores.(if not better )
  16. Well welcome! A lot of people on this forum have some great info so if there are any questions, someone will have an answer
  17. You know I'm not sure what they called it. I never knew people liked to eat bone marrow like that.
  18. Lacrosse looks like a really fun sport. Unfortunately I didn't find out about it till my last year of high school and even then it was too late to get into it
  19. Haha I think you're right Ronnie about the Hughes brothers lol
  20. Someting interesting I found on mmajunkie.com about Matt Hughs One intriguing subplot to the former champ's future fight plans was confirmation that his brother, Mark, who posted a 6-2 pro record from April 1999 to August 2003, is poised to ink an exclusive deal with the UFC."I do know that Mark is going to sign a contract with the UFC," Hughes said. "He won't compete for anybody else. ... There's no fight scheduled. He is going to sign a contract with the UFC to fight for them and nobody else."Hughes, an Illinois native, said that he had tried to arrange a fight card that would include both him and his brother but that the former UFC ownership group wasn't really interested. He hopes the UFC's current owners will go for it -- and perhaps host the event in a Midwest city such as St. Louis or Chicago
  21. On iron chef last night they were eating bone marrow out of bones with a spoon as part of the meal. Puuuuuuke!
  22. I actually did want alves to win until I found out he was 4 lbs over. If you're the main event you should prob have the motivation the get down to your weight. I found out he was suspended for using a diuretic (sp?) not too long ago. If you can't make the weight move up a weight class.
  23. FC 85 – Official Weigh-In Results Main EventThiago Alves (174) VS *Matt Hughes* (170)*Jason Day* (184) VS Michael Bisping (184)Mike Swick (170) VS *Marcus Davis* (170) Thales Leites (185) VS *Nate Marquardt* (185)Fabricio Werdum (247) VS *Brandon Vera* (228)*Martin Kampmann* (186) VS Jorge Rivera (185)Thiago Tavares (154.5) VS Matt Wiman (155)Roan Carneiro (171) VS Kevin Burns (170)Luiz Cane (204) VS Jason Lambert (205)Jess Liaudin (169) VS Paul Taylor (169)Eddie Sanchez (244) VS Antoni Hardonk (247) I put asterisks next to the fighters I want to win. Alright what is up with people not making weight anymore. Its seriously doesn't make me happy that people would be so far over. For being an "up and comer" you shouldnt be 4 lbs over!
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