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  1. Your meals seems great to me. There is nothing wrong with your meal or your schedule. Just add some more fatty food on your list. Banana will be great to gain some weight.
  2. Going vegan has its own advantages rather than disadvantages.
  3. What do you want to do lose a weight? or you want to build a muscle. I am confused
  4. Hi Vegandoll, You need to change your diet pattern include lots of whole grain in your diet. Change your workout technique every week if it's not working. For me cardio exercise are the best exercise to lose your weight. Try squat jumping and side planks some of the effective cardio exercise. I am sure it's gonna work.
  5. For me change is a must. I all ways look for an alternate technique. Just change your diet a bit make a list of all whole grain foods and vegetables. Consuming lesser calories will all ways be your positive point, but your body need and adequate amount of calories for your muscle. So just balance your calorie chart and use some new technique of gym or yoga to cut down your weight.
  6. Loved the recipe provided by you in vegan outreach. Pasta and rice recipe was my favorite one.
  7. I would prefer squat jump one of the best cardio exercise. Helped me a lot to reduce the extra body fat from my body
  8. How about healthy vegetable smoothie. I consume it as my alternative break fast.
  9. Loved the 3 point. From today i am going to consume more of this stuff.
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