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  1. Not sure if that's right or not, but it takes a longgggggg time for us to digest our food so it's not necessarily a bad thing to eat more than 20g of protein per hour. Something funny tells me nobody here is eating anywhere near 480g of protein per day. Well maybe Jono is.
  2. Yeah I read that. Wonder what they're going to do? I'm pretty sure there were mostly done with filming but I may be wrong.... Sad to see people die so young.
  3. I'm glad that they're making them darker. Batman was always a very dark dark dark comic and cartoon. Plus they filmed a lot of it in Chicago!!!
  4. It took my awhile. I had to get my shit together again. The gym isn't open today because of MLK day. They use student workers in the weight room to supervise so unfortunately legs are going to have to wait until tomorrow. I may just use the bikes in my apartment complex. They have some nice cardio equipment downstairs beneath their office. I need to move my body.
  5. Goals- Loose fat, gain muscle, don't hurt myself Nutrition- Lots and lots of grains and legumes with loads and loads of fresh veggies and fruit. Farmer's market raids will become routine as the warm weather rolls in later this year... Friday- Upper body day Had a light day lifting, getting back into the swing of things after a few months off. Bench [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Triceps pulldown, [email protected], [email protected] Curls- [email protected] Nice and light. Sunday- Cardio 30 minutes of HIIT on bike. Routine looks like this.... Monday- Squats Tuesday- Cardio Wednesday- Back/shoulders Thursday- Possible cardio day but more than likely a rest day Friday- Chest/arms Saturday- Cardio Sunday- REST! Rinse repeat. Probably am going to invest in some BCAAs and then start cycling creatine this summer. Gotta talk to my friends back at home and see if they want to all join the same gym over summer.
  6. Yeah I just go back to where I left off, usually because any sickness I've had since going vegan has rarely lasted over 24 hours.
  7. I'm gonna have to go with Zappa.
  8. My friends and I want to make a Nickelback parody band called "Dimereturn" where we cover Nickelback songs but replace all the lyrics with the word "nickelback". And yes they're terrible Robert. Don't worry, we still love you. Anybody have that website that plays two of their songs at the same time? They line up perfectly because they write the same crap over and over again and sell it to brainwashed masses of "music fans". Ok, angry indie-kid rant is now over, continue with the thread.
  9. Interestingly enough the expanse and age of the universe makes it very unlikely that two intelligent spacefaring civilizations will exist at the same time. I'm not ruling it out though, mainly because I think it would be cool to have alien friends.
  10. Get my wooden parrot back from my ex-girlfriend Get straight As Get an internship in the music biz Record my band Spend less money Eat better then last semester(yick) Regain my strength I had last year and then some Travel
  11. Samuel Smith has an organic beer. A beer every now and then isn't going to hurt you. Just don't go wacky like my asshole neighbors.
  12. Quality has not suffered. They're back and badass. There is another game for PC called Witchcraft(or something) that uses the new engine they created for mass effect. If I had more money I'd buy that too.
  13. UNKLE- Lonely Soul and now my girlfriend telling me she accidentally died her hair green.
  14. Andrew Kearney, Millikin University I'm already Michelle's friend!
  15. Yayy Richard!!! We could almost open up another forum for "Thank You Richard" threads!
  16. Steroids just have terrible effects on the bodies organs(liver, heart etc). That's why Arnold has a bad ticker.
  17. Some of them are awesome, some of them are lame and more made for power gamers. I'm a bit of a completest so I enjoyed them.
  18. I can not do socks when I'm sleeping. Nor can I do pants. I've been in totally platonic sleeping situations and have been like "This is going to seem weird, but I need to take my pants off." Also tighty whiteys are a no go for me. But spiderman is cool. I'm conflicted.
  19. I really like reading peoples training logs and getting motivated through that. Also the sports and fitness and bodybuilding/weight lifting sections are big deals for me(and I really should post in them more). I read those more then I post in them, mainly because I have limited knowledge. I try to help where I can though!
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