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making the switch


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Hello readers! I have posted a couple replies to topics, but realized I should write a quick intro:


I have been a vegetarian most my life, and for 2 years in college was a vegan. The last couple months I have been trying to make the switch to veganism. It is very hard! I realized I need support, which is why I joined this forum.


I just signed up for the PDX vegan friends yahoo site. I hope to meet some folks in person soon. I feel that it is more realistic for me to really do this vegan thing if I surround myself with others in the same boat.


In terms of athletics, it's running all the way for me! I love trail running and am getting back into marathons as well. I intend to join a gym soon for the strength training. (Any suggestions on good gyms in North Portland?)


Thanks for your time! I look forward to meeting new friends.



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Hello my new friend! Welcome to our group. I guess I said welcome in person before replying on here. That is how efficient we are on this forum. Imagine when a new member joins from Australia. It's quite the journey for me to go welcome them in person, but that is how I roll. You know, that little personal touch.


Anyway, great to have you here on the forum. I'm sure you'll meet up with tons of people locally, especially at the Vegan Holiday Festival.


As for gyms. There are local gyms in North Portland. I belonged to West Coast Health and Fitness for a year but recently switched over to 24-Hour Fitness in Hollywood as Jessifly mentioned and I like it 100 times better, for a lot of reasons. It's just so much more motivating, hundreds of fit people are there all the time, I always bump into friends, the gym is large and they have a pool, sauna, steam room, hot tub, basketball court, etc. It's only 20 minutes from where you live.


Anyway, we'll chat more. I'm heading out of town for 10 days but see you when I get back. In the meantime, get out there and meet up with other members of our local "club."

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For a period, a lot of people have lived with me:






Brendan Brazier









and others.....



Granted, many of these are just a week at a time, during Vegan Vacation, but some have been for months and some are currently here.

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Smile But then again, my roommates have a track record of not being active on the forum


Ya know. I bet I'd post half as much if I lived with you. Cuz like, half the posts I make seem like conversations I'm having with you that I'd just say to you/ask you about if you lived there.


Like the last few in this thread.



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