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  1. Octopussoir, firstly good job on the physique mate, really impressive. You look healthier now aswell which is inevitable now I suppose on a vegan diet. Can I just ask - where do you get your protein from (&how many grams per day approx) & is 1000 calories enough to maintain the size you are in the pictures?
  2. StrawberryJam said: Awww thanks, its a character called Zippy from a show we had here in the UK when I was a kid, it was called 'Rainbow', Hello everybody was his catchphrase, he talked alot & when the other puppets wanted him to shut up they just zipped his mouth shut hence the name Zippy Im sure its on youtube etc In regards to the banana/blueberry thing.. Each item of fruit is around 50-100 calories (apples, bananas etc) Fruit in general is just full of sugar.When you eat sugar & you are not using the energy your body will store the energy as fat. One banana & some berries will not turn it into high carbs though as they will only total 200 calories at the most - so you should be fine, even though fruit is quite high in sugar it is a healthy sugar so dont worry about it. I'm no expert but the above is what I have come to understand.To really avoid putting on weight I guess you should avoid wheat products (pasta,bread,etc) maybe avoid nuts (high in fat) & anything sugary that isnt fruit (chocolate,candy,etc) but dont avoid fruit!!!! Hope that helps a little !
  3. Marcina wrote: Marcina, you mentioned about being ectomorph, im not sure what I am but that sounds likely. I was working out 3-4 times a week & I wasnt gaining anything. Maybe you guys know better as you certainly have more experience in general than I do (im only a newbie really!) but I cut my workouts down to 2 major ones & sometimes a little one imbetween them.I find that doing such a smaller amount actually gains me muscle alot quicker, the reasoning I give to explain this is I feel my body needs longer to rebuild than general people, perhaps because of metabolism etc. Just thought id mention it because it might help you
  4. Yeah they are generally, but in my local health shop I have found quite a few that are quite high in carbs, I think for body builders wanting to bulk up too Its just worth checking
  5. DaN


    Sweet I was beginning to worry about the way you americans workout.
  6. Tarz my man, I suspected I may have got your back up with the reference to Hiroshima & Nagasaki.I perhaps could have made my point more clear. I am not in any way judging the US & their decision.I actually quite like America.It was just an example I gave because you made the point that they wouldnt be used & yet infact a form of them had already been used. I am simply stating the obvious fact that nuclear bombs are bad (I really do give up if you still cant see the almost painfully simple logic behind this statement) As for the japs thing, it is simply an abbreviation of japanese.My fingers simply ache a little less writing it that way, if anyone gets offended by that they need to grow some thicker skin.My name is actually Daniel, but Dan is fine lol As for preventing WW3, I fear that maybe they will cause it
  7. 1-2 tablespoons? That seems like a little amount I eat 100-150 grams of hummus a day with wholemeal bread & I seem to be ok, although anymore is gonna hurt the belly. My only concern was that it is a bit high in saturated fat when bought ready made, so I buy the reduced fat stuff.
  8. Strawberry Jam, you have hit the nail on the head, its all about experimenting.We all have different needs/metabolisms etc. My guess for you would be to do alot of cardio like swimming which will burn fat fast but also stimulate all over body muscle.To help the muscle find a low carb protein powder & you should be in business
  9. DaN


    Firstly hello, its nice to have you here Secondly - guys, whats a fanny? I dont think it means the same here in UK. I went to Canada some years ago & bought some new jeans, my great uncle said "hey I like your new pants" I was a bit confused cos pants are your underwear here
  10. Yeah sure I do kind of agree the japs 'deserved it' if you want to suggest that. I was not commenting on the subject in such a detailed way as you have provided. My point is more general.For all the 'good' nuclear bombs do, it only takes one to go off to cause a complete reversal of all the 'good' they have done so far. The device was designed only to kill vast amounts of people in one hit ( I have yet to hear of any other applications for the nuclear bomb - maybe deflecting asteroids? Oh, wait... this isnt the movies) Didnt the inventor say: " I have become the destoyer of worlds " He sounds like a nice chap. To suggest that they are a positive thing which helps keep the world a safer place honestly just seems a bit ridiculous, and you cannot view such a device in any other way other than the second most negative & destructive thing on this planet after of course its inventor the human being.
  11. I do 10 reps all the way, usually for 2-3 sets, and vary the workouts only occasionally. As said it varies from person to person.My gfs brother used to lift weights & he got pretty big.He was doing sets of 12 but doing like 4-5 sets of each exercise which I thought seemed like way too many total reps but hey it worked for him!
  12. Hi Lisa, welcome to the forum.They have been very helpful for me so I think they will be for you too I am from UK, in High Wycombe which is about 45 mins from London, where abouts you from?
  13. Hi Lizzie, congrats on being a vegan - I too only recently converted from being a vege. Hope you have fun here, it has certainly been helpful for me so I hope it is for you too!
  14. Anyone trying to body & eat only fruit in my opinion is gonna have a really hard time.Thats not to say he isnt strong.. Although most of us get caught up in size as an indicator of strength the most important thing is functional strength & although body builders dont like to admit it, speed & mobility are also very important.
  15. I mean look, I'm not saying these people would neccesarily be unhealthy, I think we could survive on almost anything. I keep being reminded of the simpsons episode when the kids are stranded & lisa survives by licking slime off of rocks - while the other kids kill & eat a boar. So do you only eat fruit in summer? If not dont you eat vegetables? My very brief understanding of Raw foodists (you are?) is vegans who dont cook anything? Please explain Oh by the way, I believe that buddhist monks only eat foods or liquids that are at room temperature {just randomly of interest perhaps}
  16. Thats awesome, I too can climb almost anything, it is a constant source of fun for my friends and family! They call me a monkey & I jokingly call them racists
  17. Erm so fruitarians only eat fruit - I dont really understand why they would do that myself.Theres nothing wrong with all the other food types in my opinion - is there any reasoning behind this? As for this raw food stuff - I admit I have only just heard about this while reading this thread. Sounds like a more healthy way to live, given that cooking just takes nutrients out of stuff.I dont see animals cruising around microwaving their lunch & they seem pretty healthy to me.Who ever suggested that our body cannot digest food raw needs in my opinion to actually think. You dont need any science to tell you thats a load of shite - you just need to use your brain!
  18. Yeah they really missed a trick there
  19. Yup I totally agree.I like pascifism in theory but in reality its is difficult to apply. Still we can dream
  20. During the formative stages of human evolution most of the continents weather systems were completely different to what they are today.Africa's hot weather now is geologically speaking, a fairly recent occurance. A great example of this is the south pole.Actual excavations (finding elephant bones, trees & dateable pollen) have proven without any doubt that as near as 20,000 years ago it was a subtropical continent which probably laid close to our current equator. Although noone is sure how such changes have occured it is probably tied in with crust displacement theory which has extreme symptoms such as water level chages & ice ages (correct DV) Another example is Lake Titicaka in south america.It is a lake that has the remains of large harbours built by a as yet unknown culture of humans dated anywhere between 0BC & 10000BC.It also is salt water & contains many ocean living creatures.Problem is it is now at 20,000ft above sea level. I could go on but you get the picture
  21. I had a coconut a couple of months back, & had the task of getting it open for me and my g/f. I wrapped it in a towel, & smashed the crap out of it with a hammer on the kitchen floor. Seemed to do the trick. My girlfriend asked me, is that the way you are supposed to do it? And I jokingly said "thats how the natives have always done it" to which she replied in her truly gullable way "Is it really?" Bless her.The idea that some ancient native tribes used tea towels & hammers is classic. Jokes aside, I'll make the topic simple....... Coconuts are fine, if eaten in MODERATION, like most things.Oh and I only mean actual coconuts.None of this oil/juice crap.Just eat it properly or not at all - in my opinion.
  22. Just a quick question - what exactly defines fruitarians.Is it that they will only eat fruit that has fallen naturally from its tree/bush?
  23. Beth I havnt seen you before on here, so hello and wow you are pretty I think this thread has split into 2 areas which those involved havn't noticed. Area 1 BEING VEGAN - Being a vegan is basically a refusal to harm another animal.I reckon nearly everyone on here would never harm an animal.And yet some seem to be partial to harming other humans.. Spot the malfunction of logic.. Area 2 NOT HARMING AT ALL - 'Im your man' is trying to say that if we all refused to harm eachother & had no army the world would be at peace.I dont really see how anyone can disagree with this. As for electing politicians, the whole idea of elected leaders has always caused problems.We need a form of collective population government which is as yet non existent on this planet. Tarz wrote: As for nuclear bombs not being used except as a detterant - you really believe that? Is Hiroshima & Nagasaki not taught in amercan history lessons? There were probably people talking about 'detterance' while the american government were fuelling up the planes to drop the atom bomb on some residential areas of japan.
  24. Yeah my left arm and pec are both smaller than my right.I have decided to put an extra kilo on the left side on all my workouts to force it to be the same as the right!!! NAUGHTY LEFT SIDE !!!!
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