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  1. Kollision, I got a Personal Record at 10 lb over my previous record. A push press is a standing overhead barbell press using a bit of leg drive. I got 185 lb for a single today, a couple weeks ago I maxed out at 175 lb. By the look of your arms you can probably strict press it But I will get there.
  2. Got 185 lb up for a push press PR by 10 lb. I have only been doing these for 2 months or so, and just had a 25 lb PR a few weeks back. I am aiming for my bodyweight of 215 lb, so I will see what I can do by the year's end. It is a little competition over at veganfitness.net to see who can get their bodyweight overhead first (aside from several people who already can). I have gained 5 lb in the last few weeks though, so I am making it tougher on myself
  3. I was born and raised a catholic. I am now an atheist. I changed because I am not an idiot. From another thread, something I hate is the catholic religion. Organized religion in general. I really have a problem with missionaries. Spirituality and a belief in a higher power is fine if that is what you believe in, I just prefer that organized religion stop influencing my life and the laws I have to abide by.
  4. Hate is a strong word. As far as people go there isn't anyone I hate, as it seems to me you have to love someone first before you can hate them. There aren't very many people at all that I can stomach for long, but it isn't hate, it is more like , and it is directed at the vast majority of the world.
  5. How much do you work? As in, hours per week
  6. It is vitamins and the such that aren't absorbed getting peed out.
  7. I have been with my girlfriend for 7 years. We were both vegetarian when we met, and we went vegan together 5 or so years ag, I don't really remember. I met her when my friends and I crashed a party at her house, we didn't know anyone there. Regarding sXe, it gets a bad rep because like many people, I don't know anyone who is still sXe. I know LOTS of people who were straightedge, and strangely, their drinking/smoking/drug use coincides with them moving out of mom and dad's house or turning 21. And those I knew who were 'sXe' back in the day were always spending their time chasing girls and getting laid. I never knew a sXe kid who was abstinent. Being drug free is a great choice, I myself have abstained from even a single beer for over a year at a time for various reasons, though now I go out drinking a couple times a month. To me, as long as you are in control and it doesn't have any negative impacts on your life, what is the big deal? I can say I go out less and less because I want to make sure I feel in top shape for a workout or for MA training.
  8. I love making pancakes with chocolate chips (vegan ones, of course)! I make pancakes using applesauce instead of eggs (using just a vegan pancake mix), and it makes them very soft and fluffy. And I add in a ton of chocolate chips. Quite a treat.
  9. I am like michaelhobson, I eat nutritional yeast by the half cup (or sometimes cup). I like putting lots of it on steamed broccoli. I also love the mac and cheese, it is so delicious, I frequently make a huge batch with a pound of pasta and eat the whole thing throughout one day. I have also made a variation with peas and tuno.
  10. I have picked up several strange words from veganfitness. The first that come to mind are 'chuffed' and 'knackered'. As to waistcoat, it sounds like something you would wear in the 19th century along with your tophat and monocle
  11. My girl and I do the same thing, last year for thanksgiving week we went to Jamaica, and this year we are going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico (just booked the trip last night, f$#k yeah!). There are a couple of vegetarians in my family, but I just don't like thanksgiving as a holiday anyway. My friends and I do have vegan thanksgivings most every year, even though they are only vegetarians and some meat eaters. We make tofurkeys, mashed potatoes, stuffing and the like. My favorite drink! People tell me this is a grandpa type of drink, but hey, my grandpa used to drink them when I was a kid, so I guess they are right
  12. mmm... olive brine I love olive juice and pickle juice, I will drink it right out of the jar. That being said, I would probably like a dirty martini, but I am more of a beer & whiskey kind of guy
  13. Here in the states (at least Ohio where I am from) there are sound ordinances. From something like 8am till 8pm you can make loud noise, and to hell with the neighbors. Before and after that time you can get cited by the cops. I don't understand how you can never be allowed to play your drums on your own property, even during the day. God forbid you do something like mow the lawn, it may be too loud
  14. When I was a kid monkey bars were so easy, somehow they got harder as I got older I have just started doing timed one hand hangs from a chinup bar to work my grip strength, it is pretty tough, especially when you are swinging back and forth.
  15. I am guilty of this, sorry, I will try not to drop any more f-bombs
  16. Farmers walks! Just grab the biggest dumbbells you can find and walk for distance. Not only do these really work your grip, but also your arms, back, core and legs. And hips. Basically full body. First time I did these with proper farmers walk handles I did several 100' walks with 150 lb per hand and I felt like an old man for 2 days after I was so sore (especially my hips!). I did tear a huge callous off my hand doing them, but it only made my hands tougher once it healed
  17. I agree with Daywalker, it was probably mental, because if you did 3x12 at only 5 lb less per hand, you should be able to knock out at least a few. I am the same way when squatting, I walk out with the weight on my back and it feels heavy, but then I squat and pop it back up like nothing.
  18. My gym is like all others, in that it is full of people who stand around bullshitting more than lifting. There are a couple people I say hi to, and one guy I train with occassionally with much more experience than me. I do talk to him between sets, because we talk lifting and he usually has good pointers to help my form or routine.
  19. What are you, 15 years old? Why would you pick on someone, that is fucking stupid.
  20. He only has me by 1.5", perhaps I will have a growth spurt and catch up
  21. compassionate girl, I think you misunderstood me, perhaps I didn't choose the right words. I think that hufu CAN negatively impact veganism, and I think that that is lame! As in it really sucks that such a stupid product can have a negative impact on veganism. Also, I never looked at the site and wasn't referring to that, but the interview I saw on the Daily Show of hufu's creator had no mention of vegetarians or vegans.
  22. lol, just a looped tape of 'Eye of the Tiger' would do it for me I personally just need to be working toward a goal. Usually what happens is I set a goal and work until I get there, get a new goal, and repeat. Perhaps I will be really into squatting, then deadlifting, then benching, then squatting again, or whatever. Right now I am focusing on overhead pressing and also on incline bench. I can't wait to overhead press tomorrow, I can't stop thinking about it!
  23. yeah sure... heaven no, just kidding, she is pretty rad (and hot to boot )
  24. definately cool, it is so nice to be able to get vitamins etc in vegecaps
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