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  1. Thanks! Demi Moore attributes her youthful appearance to her raw / fruitarian diet. ANother reason why I am going raw - to look 40 when I am 6
  2. That's not the same, at least not in how I've seen the word "prick" used, as our gender isn't being insulted by women as being weak or inferior... Not weak and inferior, but a prick is someone who is really irritating. Same with cock, dick, bell-end... and let's not forget that bollocks means rubbish. All pretty male-oriented derogatory words. I agree with Richard and Tarz. When women (at least women that I have met and know) call somebody a prick or a dick, we mean they are an ass***le. An assh**le certainly isnt superior to a nice human being; it is obviously inferior, meant to insult by reference to male genitalia. So at least on a superficial level, it is the same thing in my view.
  3. I am very pleased to hear that there is fundraising across North America for the SHAC 7 appeal. It appauls me to know that the evil f**ks at Huntington Life Sciences are protected by the long arm of the law and the judiciary, while those like the SHAC 7 that are defending animals with no choice and no voice are sentenced to potentially length jail terms. SHAC 's methods may be over the top to some folks, but the fact is that they have been compelled to use such tactics because the system protects the abusers, not the voiceless and innocent victims. An example of this is UK animal rights activists have been banned from peacefully protesting outside of a new ghastly laboratory that is under construction to torture animals. No wonder people are pushed to the brink like the SHAC 7. There will be a fundraiser for SHAC in Toronto and I fully intend on supporting it. These people have sacrificed their own freedom to liberate animals. Anyway, my point is I am so happy to hear that these fundraising are happening and are successful!
  4. That's too funny What other things do you daydream about? Boys in superman tights.
  5. Take some vegan buttery spread like Earth balance, and leave it out until it softens (like 20 minutes). Take a little bit sweetener of your choice, like agave nector or the like, like maybe a teaspoon to start with. Mix it in with the vegan butter, and then whip the butter unil it is fluffy and light. Viola - vegan "honey butter." I love this with some dinner rolls and a vegan caesar salad. Disclaimer: I havent actually made this yet, but I pictured how itbwould look and taste ina day dream I just had, and the verdict in theory is **yum** If you think something would be better in this recipe than agave as the sweetener, feel free to post!
  6. Source: www.directaction.info June 5, 2006 Anonymous communique: "This past weekend 35 hens were liberated from a large battery cage egg facility in Delaware, USA. In the middle of the night we simply entered the unlocked facility (after scouting several locations), removed one to two hens from many different cages so as to give those who remained a tiny bit of extra space, and once all of the hens were set to go we were off into the night. As we moved across the grass outside they were eerily quiet, taking in the fresh night air for the first time in their lives. Each of these is a sentinent being who up to this point has lived a life of pain and suffering, and now each has freedom and peace for the rest of its days. To all of the old activists whose bandanas are dusty, and to all of the young ones who don't yet know how much is possible - get off of MySpace and get out on the farms, labs, and everywhere else where beings live in constant pain. You are their only chance. Animal Liberation: don't call it a comeback, we've been here for years"
  7. Okay, so will you guys be coming down if we have a toronto meet up?
  8. Happy B-day Tim and Khan. And like Loveliberate said, thanks for all your hard work!
  9. heehee! My b-day is June 26. I am a cancer baby. Thanks for the very early b-day wishes though my friends. Much love, Natalie
  10. Things like this will happen vegdad. Just chaulk it up to a learning experience and move on like you said.
  11. Well send him a heartfelt thanks and a big hug from me, and may his courage and kindess be returned to him a thousand times over!
  12. When was Splenda's homecoming? Is this lab emoployee your friend? If so, then maybe you can both work together, however covertly, to rescue more animals in the future from that lab? **hugs**
  13. T, Tears of joy. I cant thank- you enough and express how awesome I think you are for rescuing this innocent being from a life of torture and misery. I cant say "you rock" enough. again, tears of joy. That pic of Splenda and Noah side by side is so cute! I hope they become the best of friends and love each other's company soon. Please keep us posted and post more pics any time. There is no such thing as "overkill" here when it comes to animal pics! You have SO SO SO made by otherwise sh**y day. I just finished viewing some gruesome lab footage so this post of yours couldnt have come at a better time. I love Noah and Splenda. And you are a damn awesome person with a heart of gold. <3
  14. linking www.meetyourmeat.com to it. A few people seem to have seen it on Robert's page alone or something and are now seriously thinking about going vegan. So it seems that you can use your myspace page to get meet your meat out there to potentially compassionate people who just need a lil wake up call.... Congrats to the new forum members that watched it and made the right ethical choice thereafter of going vegan. You are saving innocent animals with no voice and no choice from unspeakable suffering. So in short consider linking meetyourmeat to just about everything you can - my space, as a signtaure in your email you send out to people, etc etc. Let us get these powerful images that the industry would rather suppress out there for the world to see!
  15. Do you like papayas? I dont hate them, nor do I love them. They are just okay. They dont have that much flavour like a juicy ripe mango does. Are all papayas mild tasting or did I just pick a really tasteless papaya you think?
  16. YOur welcome. No, nobody specific. But it is important to call the Korean Embassy in your cuntry (assuming there is one) and demand that they enforce the existing ban on this BOK atrocity. P.S. Cristian, have a great trip.
  17. Ya, I wasnt sure if it actually was pig lard, and if it was, I thought maybe you missed it/didnt see it. I know you wouldnt intentionally post a non vegan ingredient Crash. Hm, sorry if my post came across as implying otherwise. I was confused more than anything because I always thought/'assumed (until now) that Crisco shortening was animal lard. I dont actually use it so I never really needed to confirm (before now) my assumption when I went vegan. Anyway, thanks for educating me on what the hell Crisco is. And thanks for the recipe. I take it you yourself have had Armenian pizza? pazios, your mom makes homemade Armenian Pizza? Are you Armenian (not that you have to be Armenian to make Armenian pizza)?
  18. Wait a minute - isnt Crisco pig lard? And if this internet recipe calls for Crisco, then that means that the Bakery probably also uses pig lard in its dough! I asked them a hundred times before I bought them whether this had any animal ingredients in the dough, and they assured me that it didnt! WTF? I have been consuming pig lard without even knowing it? My first reaction is My second reaction is
  19. i dont have a recipe. i just but this from the Armenian bakery in Toronto (actually it is the Lebanese bakery in Toronto I think).
  20. "You wake up one morning and your beloved pet is gone, you search back and forth all over the place but he is no where to be found, no matter how long you search you know deep down in your heart that you will never see him again. This isn’t the usual scenario as in Australia, you cant just walk up the road and find him scavenging in someone else’s back yard, you cant just wait and expect him to turn up in an hour or so, you cant just call in to the pound and pick him up from there, no- your dog has been stolen and is being sent to one of the 6,484 restaurants and dog meat markets around Korea. This is not a horror story; this is the grim reality for over two million innocent, helpless dogs in Korea every year. When your dog has been fattened up, he will be shoved into a large wire crate stuffed full of hundreds of other dogs, piled one on top of the other with no room whatsoever to move. These crates are loaded onto large trucks and driven thousands of kilometers in the sweltering summer heat; they are not given any food or water. Once they have reached the destination, the cages are carelessly pushed from atop the trucks further injuring many of the dogs in the process- but the worst is still to come. As the your dog remains in the cage, customers arrive to inspect the dogs, when your dog is chosen, a rope is tied around its neck and it is dragged from the cage. If he is lucky he will be dispatched with a quick blow to the head with a hammer or even electrocuted, although it is much more likely that he will be strangled, beaten to death, blow torched or hung- or even a combination of the four. Cats are more often pounded on the ground in sacks or boiled alive. When the animal is dead it is placed in a spinner of boiling water, just like a washing machine to remove its fur, it is then disemboweled, browned with a blowtorch and hacked into pieces. Flies are everywhere and filthy, bloody wastewater trickles down public drains and through the cages of live animals that watch and wait their turn. So why is this happening? Surely anyone could see this is a completely cruel, and not to mention unhygienic practice. Koreans argue that eating dog meat is a matter of cultural pride, stemming from a centuries old tradition. In truth the “habit” of eating dog meat isn’t based on any deeply rooted tradition. It began during world war two due to widespread poverty. Now however, greedy unscrupulous dog meat traders have propagated the myth that dog meat increases male sexual ability and overall health, cat meat is used as a cure for arthritis. It is believed that the longer, slower and more painful the animals death, the more potent and tender the flesh will be. This is a fallacy. Doctors and health officials have stated that these supposed health benefits are simply dangerous superstitions, there are cheaper herbal alternatives readily available readily available which are proven much more effective. Every year over two million dogs are killed in Korea alone. In peak season- on summer “bok” days or “dog” days, throughout June, July, and August, thousands of dogs are killed daily. Of these dogs, it is estimated that’s 30% are stolen from loving families, many are homeless strays captured by butchers and the rest are bred and raised in massive dog farms which are currently spreading like cancer throughout the Korean country side, these facilities in themselves are an issue concerning the welfare of dogs which live in putrid tiny cages, they receive minimal food and water and no exercise or socialization whatsoever. Official figures indicate that there are at least 6,484 stores, including restaurants and markets nation wide dealing in this horrific trade. The practice mainly occurs in South Korea, but is also common in China, Taiwan and the Philippines. So, why don’t they just ban this sadistic trade? Well guess what? It already is banned! The Korean government was placed under such immense pressure by foreign animal rights activists prior to the 1988 Seoul Olympic games that they were forced to make it illegal. However trade continues and appears to be growing. So why aren’t these abusive murderers thrown into jail? Why does the government let them get away with this savagery? Authorities have turned a blind eye. Dealers bribe government officials and police and hire thugs to intimidate animal welfare campaigners and media. Surprisingly only 10% of Koreans consume dog meat on a regular basis, this may seem like a small and insignificant figure, although out of 47, 000,000 people, that is in excess of 3, 000, 000 people regularly contributing to this brutality. These barbaric people use the meat to make “bosintang”, or “gae-jang-gook”, meaning “dog meat soup”, or “soup for health.” Cats are prepared in high pressure cookers with dates, herbs and chestnuts to create an elixir called “kaesoju” or “liquid cat.” As mentioned before these supposed health tonics are simply myths created by ignorant death dealers trying to make money. Luckily, the majority of Koreans oppose this revolting habit. International Aid for Korean Animals, and the Korean Animal Protection Society are animal aid organizations organized by Koreans, dedicated to ending the illegal and unnecessary torture, slaughter and consumption of millions of helpless dogs and cats each year. International animal rights organizations such as World Society for the Protection Against Animal cruelty, and Animals in Asia are rallying against the Korean government to actually enforce its existing laws." Courteosy of research by gargleblaster on veganfreak
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