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  1. Yeah they do. You know how many white men have been sacrificed in wars, have had to work sh**ty jobs, etc and so on throughout history. I mean in U.S. history look at the civil war, or look at WWI or II. We had millions and millions of white men being brutally slaughtered as pawns in a much bigger power game. Just because someone is a white male doesn't mean he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth Obviously I don't think that "just because somebody is a white man" that means he is automatically born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Perhaps I should have phrased what I said differently but I thought the point I was trying to make was rather self-evident. Yes, white men have been sacrificed in wars, etc etc. but the fact remains that society has generally privileged white males more than, say, black males - and to varying degrees at different historical periods. Will, I think it is self-evident that calling somebody a "stupid nigger" is WAY more offensive than calling somebody a "stupid white man" can ever be. If you are going to insist that calling you a 'stupid white man' is no less offensive than calling a black guy "a stupid nigger", well then we will have to agree to disagree.
  2. It is not the same because "white men" are not, or do not have a history of being, marginalized, ostracized or otherwise oppressed by society. Surely, Will, you can see the difference in the 'offense factor' between calling somebody a "stupid white man" and calling somebody a "stupid nigger"? As I said elsewhere though, irrespective of whether the individual himself/herself finds the impugned words offensive, common sense dictates that it is NOT cool to start a thread on a public forum and name it "F*ckin dyke". Endcruelty: In short, a little less self-indulgence and a little more self-awareness please.
  3. how come when I make stuff it never ends up looking so "restaurant worthy"?
  4. Apparently a vacuum by Dyson called the Animal is supposed to be the best vacuum cleaner ever invented for picking up animal hairs and everything in between. though it doesnt come cheap. $500 - I paid less for my current car.
  5. damn it i couldnt fit the whole bolded quote in my siganture as there is a 255 character limit.
  6. I just read an article by Paul Watson, part of which reads: 500 years from now, no one will remember the trivialities of today. No one will care who said what about who. No one will even remember most individual actions or campaigns. People will remember that whales once lived, but are no more. They will remember that there were once rain-forests. Or perhaps there will be rainforests and they will remember the name of Randy Hayes. Or perhaps there will still be Mountain gorillas and they will remember Dian Fossey. And hopefully, there will still be whales in the oceans because of our direct-action conservation efforts. People reviled today for their activism will be tomorrow's angels, and people respected today for their wealth and power will be tomorrow's demons. History will absolve us and condemn them. One thing can be said with absolute certainty. Saving lives, protecting species and habitats is good. Killing and destroying species and habitats is bad. There is nothing confusing about this agenda. You are either a protector of the Earth, or a destructive parasite on the Earth. I absolutely positively couldnt agree more with Watson, and have changed my signature to his quote. Watson by the way will be speaking at the ar conference.
  7. is Ryan gonna have a booth selling some goodies like whipped cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, etc etc ? Damn me and my gluttony...
  8. In addition to what Robert said, I will add, in response to Flanders' comment about "inattentive mods", that the reason why hijackiing is not usually corrected by the mods here is because we are not sticklers here about thread hijacking - it is NOT because we are being "inattentive." And anybody who posts here frequently would know this (i.e. that there is a VERY high tolerance at VB&F for thread hijacking. Heck, even the mods and admin do it!). The comment "cardio is for pussies" really goes to show you how ignorant of fitness the subscriber to that is. Rob is anything but a "pussy", neither is Tarz and a lot of other guys here that are smart enough to realize that when you want be shredded and achieve single digit body fat levels, cardio is as essential as weight lifting. If a guy really thinks that doing cardio makes a man a whimp, well, all I could say is 'get a clue' and learn something about fitness! I will also note that that attitide toward cardio reminds me of the ignorant omni attitude of "veganism is for whimps." ya exactly. Whoever it is/was that had this signature I GUARANTEE doesnt have abs as scrumptuous as yours in your avatar tarz. I think guys who say cardio is for whimps are probably trying to make themselves feel better about the likelihood of them failing miserably at a cardiovascularly challenging activity. It isn't very "manly" or 'sexy' when your man needs a freakin' oxygen mask after a few minutes of rough "in the sack" activity - Cardiovascular endurance and fitness is one of the ultimate turn ons in this girl's opinion. Lastly and very briefly, it is common sense to realize that starting a thread on a public forum and calling it "f*ckin dyke" is ****NOT ******** cool, and likely to offend somebody else, irrespective of whether you personally find it offensive or not. So this is your friendly moderator reminding you to please be a little less self-indulgent and a little more considerate of others' feelings here!
  9. That looks so so gorgeous and healthy!
  10. Ya as for this woman, I have always found her very unattractive )her and Kirstin Dunst both - however you spell her name), and now I think they are even uglier than I thought they were before. Ugly insides always somehow show on your outside in my opinion, and anybody that mocks and ridicules tortured animals and those that try to do right by them is to be perfectly clear ****UGLY ON THE INSIDE***. Poor girl -- ugly on both the inside and outside. Oh well, maybe her money and fame will be enough to comfort her (which wouldnt surprise me considering how shallow her character obviously is).
  11. I just don't understand how anyone could be "anti-vegan," unless they have some kind of vested interest in people continuing to eat animal products. totally agree. People are effed up!
  12. I'm worried that all they'll be to eat at Nat's place is nothing but cake.
  13. that cute lil sleepy head kitty wasnt actually my kitty though (just in case anybody thinks it was). he was one sleepy lil guy though. In fact, he is probably still sleeping!
  14. keep those pics and tips coming people! Thanks AIET!
  15. bastard! LOL. I'd like to think it's something innocent. I don't decide people are bastards until they really prove it. That's not even close. heehee me just jokin.' I knew you'd laugh out loud at my sweet and simple "bastard!" post jay.
  16. Crystal is here too now! I am absolutely elated because she has so much personal experience working directly with animals and lots of activism experience that she could contribute significantly to ethics discussions. Welcome Crystal!
  18. so it is $300 for the 4 days but does that include the hotel fees? Does it include food or is that extra?
  19. What is the dif between the two in a recipe? What do they do? Also, I dont get the point of sweet recipes like for cookies and whatnot calling for a lil salt. What is the purpose of the salt in such recipes? Thanks in advanced for the cullinary education.
  20. PAUL WATSON IS SPEAKING!! He is one of my favourite animal and enviro activist veterans!
  21. so far i cant find any raw chocolate. By the jjaj, it is really helpful to me when you post pics of all the ingredients and labels and stuff, as well as a few steps in the cooking process. That is what Tiff used to do and it is really helpful to the kitchen challenged like me.
  22. and dander out of your carpets and indoor air? I saw something on an informercial ( i know i know) called the H20 Vac. ANybody try this? I am developing an allergy to my furry babies and would obviously never abandon them so I need a solution. This vac, that uses water as a filtration system and seems to have great suction power, is what I need because I need a vacuum that can keep my apartment free of dust dander and other allergens. I already have a Bionaire air purifier in my room that uses a genuine hepa filter but it doesnt seem to be helping with my allergies much, so I think I will have to vacuum daily with a super powerful and thorough vac. This seems to be a good one: http://www.thane.ca/products/housewares/h2o/quick/h2o.php?CMP=KNC-N8A457143946&HBX_PK=h2o+vac&HBX_OU=50&gclid=CLyO4LaipIUCFTPWJAodqkiMzg Thoughts, opinions?
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