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  1. of course. no matches within 20 miles of me!
  2. Hah! Finally some bands that an old guy like me has heard of! I saw Agnostic Front play back in about '91. It was a great show, lot of fun. My favorite band though, has a much different sound. Check out "Avail" at www.availavail.com Avail still has an amazing amount of energy for a band that has toured for 15 years. Damn, I'm getting old! My first show that I saw in Kentucky (I moved here about 3months ago or so) was avail. they started their new tour in Louisville and I was soooooooooo excited to see them. My list of favorite bands include Trial Hatebreed (older the better) Turmoil Strife (before they sold out edge) Make Move Left with nothing Madball Disembodied Buried Alive 7 angels 7 plagues Eyelid Chain of Strength Ten Yard Fight (old stuff) Sick of it All (old stuff) There is plenty more but these bands to me are some of my favorite.
  3. No, you can't say that (for BSF + PtW) really in my eyes. BSF has always been a band, which has very different styles. They have some slow melodic songs, some fast punk-style songs and raw + heavy songs as well. All in all it's still hardcore-music... but you're right, the new BSF album is in fact pretty "poppy" compared to the 2 LPs before! And Poisen the Well? I've been to a concert last year (they played with Dillinger Escape Plan) and I can tell you they're no pop-rock! I don't know what "artsy" means, have to look that up in the dictionary first. I'm always having a hard time connecting a band with a specififc genre. I mean what are Converge playing? It's pretty difficult to describe... I just threw some names of bands out, which I thought are pretty popular. In general my music taste is pretty wide in this direction. So maybe the best thing is I just tell you some more bands I like to listen to lately: 36Crazyfists, Thursday, Breather Resist, Walls of Jericho, Nora, Norma Jean, Silverstein , the hurt process, life in your way... You know "Caliban" or "Heavan Shall Burn"? Those are 2 awesome metalcore bands from germany. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could tell some bands I should listen to! Well, poinson the well has mellowed down a hell of a lot from about 2000 on. They still play some of their older songs live which gives them the same edge that is today concidered hardcore, but it is nothing like what hardcore was in 95. If you like the newer style of hardcore you should go to either myspace.com or hxmp3.com and do a search within orange county california. There is a lot of bands coming out of there with that sound. Not being into that style of hardcore I am not framiliar with too many band names that sound like that.
  4. I second that, I lived in the northwest my entire life until this february. Now I am in Kentucky which is beautiful in a similar way. But the northwest has unprecidented forestry and beautiful mountains.
  5. it is nice to have you here!
  6. Forget the whole democracy thing, Lets have two reality t.v. shows to see who should run for each party (democrat and republican) nationwide and then a third local newstation can run one for the green party (if they are still around) in oregon, washington and california. Think about the drama, business advangelists weighing their options on how to coax each other into getting John Doe voted out of the office. They can have political challanges and they will get into slap fights... Ohhh I would watch it!
  7. I know Idaho has to have a lot of them since bodybuilding.com is headquatered out of there. There has to be a good chain reaction from vegans in relation to the two sites.
  8. I have been there, it is in astoria which is located in the north east corner of oregon. Another great film that was shot there, Kindergarden Cop.
  9. No that is where it was shot and they used a bunch of natural props from the area and the house is there still.
  10. Be careful will the before and after stretching comments, kollison does not approve of that method He's a big dude too. Watch out! I stretch between sets, seems to be the most effective for me. Sometimes I stretch after lifting too, but don't usually have time. I only said that becuase we had already had that dicussion! haha no negative condentation implied!
  11. Hahaha, the part that sucks is remembering to take the pills and and then trying to eat every 2 hours. We will see how many times I mess up this week!
  12. There is something that always makes me puzzled. I am trying to eat 6-8 times per day 3 times per day I have to take my Nitrix pills on an empty tummy 1 time per day I have to take my b-complex on an empty tummy with no other viatamins It does not seem like there is enough time in the day to even eat the way I want to! hahahahaha
  13. #1 oregon #2 washington #3 california #4 idaho #5 Kentucky (as soon as i buy all that I am going ot buy) #6 texas (hahahaha kinda a joke) #7 Arizona #8 Florida #9 Maryland #10 New York
  14. About 8 months ago, when I was still living in Oregon, I took a trip to see their house and a bunch of other related areas in by the coast.
  15. Ohhh I will be wearing it all the time!
  16. I wish I had a digital camera to take pictures, I think I would do well in the upper/lower body challange. My legs need some work
  17. Naw I am not saying that you should do it, just presenting an option for some interval high intesity training. It is refreshing to be outside sometimes rather than surrounded by walls and mirrors. I personally love the outdoors when it is sunny so I am drawn to it at all times. Plus you can get a good tan while running!!!
  18. Be careful will the before and after stretching comments, kollison does not approve of that method
  19. NO no no, I was asking if it was vegan and was responded to by, " I DONT know of any brand that is not vegan." I was just wondering and did not have a bottle on hand to check for myself.
  20. Normally for my cardio I run hills at this split I jog along the bottom of the hill back and forth to warm up. Stretch jog along the base again to start my hr back up after my stretches sprint up the hill and run down 3x job along the bottom back and forth for 5 mins sprint up the hill and run down 3x job along the bottom back and forth for 5 mins sprint up the hill and run down 5x 5 min cool down job. I like to run outside when its nice so this is what I normally do when it is not raining!
  21. that vegan essentials site has dope shoes!
  22. you know it. I am going to look a lot like something out of dazed and confused. Maybe I will stop trimming my beard and will let it grow out for this as well!
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