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  1. Creatine volumizes muscles cells, making larger muscles basically. It's kind of like an all-day pump. The increased muscle volume gives an increase in leverage making it possible to lift more weight. It also increases muscle endurance and recovery making it possible to lift more weight more often. Lifting heavier weights results in increased muscle size and strength that lasts even after you stop using creatine. Recent studies have also shown improvements in short-term memory and concentration. Is most creatine made vegan? I have never checked up on that! I guess I have some reading to do!
  2. Where are you getting this mix? I want some, anywhere I can save money you know!!!
  3. AMEN! People always tell me that smoking is protected under freedom, which the act fully is protected as everyones right to choose to smoke or not smoke. But before we go slapping or hitting people lets read the Merriam-Webster definition for self defense 1 : a plea of justification for the use of force or for homicide 2 : the act of defending oneself, one's property, or a close relative so the real questions are; if someone is smoking around you can you take action to stop the smoking or do you have to first attempt to verbally halt the harmful act before using reasonable force to stop the smoking. This is what I do and I only do this in situations where myself, my loved ones or our youth are at stake. I have only had to do this three times that I can remember. 1. ask the person to stop smoking nicely and with your justification as to why they should stop. if they refuse 2. take the cigarette from their mouth and stomp it out. Neither time that I have done this has lead to a fight becuase it does not need to lead there. I learned to have no tolerance for smoking by helping run or just attending hardcore shows in portland. People would try to smoke in non smoking venues or in areas that young kids had to walk through. I do not appreciate someone close minded enough to smoke in an area that will harm another person who chooses not to smoke. Ohhh and one more thing. The choice to smoke cigarettes is backed by our freedom of choice, right? Well if those who choose not to smoke are forced to inhale smoke anyway, then what is backing our decision? What is working for us to help create a smoke free atmosphere paralelling our decisions. I took advantage of the smoking ban in my county of Oregon when I lived there and never really appreciated how nice it was. Kentucky is a whole different story though, smoking and burbon is a way of life. All of the above is why I would never date anyone who smokes and also why I do not eat boca products (owned by phillip morros inc.) even though they are damn tasty.
  4. I would never date anyone that smokes or does drugs. It is not something that I want around me at all for health reasons. I do not want to date a balidgerant drunk nor a social drinker that will go spend all her money on booze. So basically I find ladies, and have found a lady that is as close to edge as you can get. I wont date someone that eats meat though, it makes it too hard to go out and make dinners.
  5. I am going to have so much fun. I am going to wear the smallest 80's running shorts!
  6. I am opposite of you, I am having a terrible time trying to get ABOVE 170!
  7. But I am afraid pop-tarts are kinda counter productive since they will promote fatty weight gain and not lean muscle mass. Bulking does end up giving you both but if you can get there by eating clean then awesome!
  8. I was thinking about how awesome burritos are yesterday (had two huge bean and veggie burritos for dinner last night) I'll make a burrito out of anything- it's my favorite kind of "fast food" I'll make a burrito out of beans, rice, veggies, seitan or whatever else I have in the fridge and eat it on the way to work or school or the gym. I've also taken peanut butter (or Tofutti cream cheese with a little lime or lemon juice and just a pinch of organic sugar) and spread it on a tortilla with fresh fruit for a snack. Yeah i never really use bread anymore, except for toast.... everything is in a wrap of some sort. My fav is to do a hummos, veggie and seitan wrap w/ avacado.
  9. As with any medicine or supplement. Ive had my share of taking too much of one thing. yeah it is never good to over do your supplements. Instructions are there for a reason!
  10. Funny as it may seem, I have been known to play a good game of table tennis. We should have played when I was living in portland 3 months ago.
  11. that is a possibility. I guess I would have to get some taken first wouldnt I! The world without a digital camera can be a bitch!
  12. I was wondering if everyone thought that we should suggest to rob (hint hint) that there should be a users gallery with pictures of bulks, cuts, progress, transformations or just you chillin. what does everyone thing and Rob is this even possible?
  13. If i buy a bunch of the merch do I get a special deal?
  14. Yeah I am green with envy. I want a pair. I guess I will have to one up him and get one of those funny thongs that look like an elephant or an aligator from the front.
  15. hahahahaha doubled up kollison is right, but I was figuring that everyone knew that warm up excesizes or cardio comes before everthing. Just make sure your warm ups are truly warm ups. I have heard of a lot of people warming up and pulling a muscle becuase they are running too hard/lifting too much weights without being stretched out.
  16. Most immediate goal is to get rid of the "squish" that's accumulated in the months since I've been to the gym! (abs to thigh area primarily) I'd prefer to lose weight and gain muscle, but I'd be happy just converting it to muscle if I could lose some inches in the process! I need that toned look I used to flaunt! hahahaha.... the squish. Even I have the shquish and I was just at 7% bf. The squish comes and goes and with enough cadio and light weight/high rep work yours will be gone.
  17. I said before, after and during your sets which would all come after your warm up. The warm up comes before everything or it would not be the warm up.
  18. I am currently on BSN nitrix. I am getting slightly bigger gains and my pumps are slightly bigger. I have been on it for about a week now and I have noticed one very important thing.........FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PERFECTLY. The instrucktions are carefully calculated and it is very important to accuratly follow them.
  19. That is right, it is the best middle school gym sport ever and...... I just joined a dodge ball team. That is right I am going to be playing competitive dodgeball. I will be joining the team that has won their division 4 years straight.
  20. well keep working on it, I hope all is going well!
  21. we come from the same place, from somwhere around the skinny as hell and over 6' tall area. Before I started bulking the first time I was 6'2'' and about 155. I have tried a lot of different things when it comes to how much weight to lift and I have found what works best for me. I never do more than 8 reps per set. It is classic of the ectomorph body(the naturally skinny w/ less muscle mass) to be built the fastest with less reps with higher intesity. I lift way more than 60% of my max, somtimes I get closer to 90%. Currently I am pushing 170, shooting for 190 and doing more weight at less reps is getting me there faster than anything else has done. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ROB'S INSTRUCTIONS ON STARTING OUT. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT POWER LIFTING/BODY BUILDING IS MAKING SURE YOU HAVE GOOD FORM TO START OUT. IF YOU HAVE BAD FORM THE WEIGHT YOU LIFT WILL NOT BE BENEFICIAL AND WILL PROBABLY HURT YOUR BODY IN THE LONG RUN OHHHHHHH, and make sure that you stretch before, after and during your sets.
  22. it is important to let your bodyparts rest that you work. Post your proposed workout and what you plan to do with your workout and I can critique it so help you out.
  23. it just depends on what your goal is I guess. Most people say before your workout to warm up is good. Really the point of cardio is to get your heart rate up for an extended period of time. I would suggest hiit training before your work out.
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