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  1. My vote goes to no . I say, you do not need to combine all those. The reason you may want to, however, is to not eat one single food so much, so often. It's the same with most foods in that you should be eating a variety, not just a handful of foods. So, how about eating a variety of leafy greens, a variety of nuts, and a variety of seeds too? Now that would be giving you a lot of fatty acids and protein, not to mention, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, phytochemicals and macronutrients. .
  2. I think they kind of force you to do them right Definitely feel it more!
  3. Ah, yes, the technical terminology This thingy? http://www.formerfatguyblog.com/weight-loss/exercise/perfect-pushups.jpg these are actually very good. When I was using them ...
  4. That's a nice recipe. Most granolas are pretty bad. You could even use some quinoa flakes or other for the second grain, and some coconut in place of the hemp. Easy to make that a raw granola too .
  5. Can any of you who know Germany well give me some sources for shopping for whole foods? In other words, not protein powders and bars, etc. I mean a market that sells dry legumes (not canned), leafy greens, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, etc. I guess, any store. It doesn't matter what area at this point! It's been difficult to find these things... Also, any German-based sites where dry legumes and beans, lentils and whole grains can be ordered??? Ordering from the U.S. or other countries is just going to be too expensive. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, Michelle. Problem is I want to get the phony name off
  7. It's not. And it's not hard to shoot to kill either. Eight- and nine-year olds are doing it, en masse, in some warring parts of the world as we speak. Didn't/Doesn't take long for them to learn.
  8. Okay, I get it, but it just seems that if big guys can bench press huge amounts of weight (more than they weigh sometimes, right?) then why can't they lift themselves But then big doesn't equal strong anyway. I guess it's the repetition they can't achieve. Or maybe, these types just don't generally practice pushups...maybe they would be able to bust out a lot.
  9. This can be treated through nutrition. But not just "Vegan," "Vegetarian" or "RAW" diets. You need to read "Eat to Live" by Dr. Fuhrman. You need a comprehensive plan, not just to "eat right." Get the book and, if you want, read and go to his site drfuhrman.com. Do it right and don't get willy-nilly advice from non-professionals (like me ). You can get better!
  10. It,s not dangerous but it does or surpose to raise testorone levels so it,s aimed[sales wise] at men,re dreams this is minerals doing that same as taking a B-complex at night[which you should]you get some wried dreams ROBBIEx Thanks, ROBBIE. And thanks for this too
  11. Love seeing the in shape vegan men on ETL! You (We) will live long and prosper
  12. Just checking this out...how would I get rid of the Mini feed? What the heck is that for? People can see every action you took on your page? And it requires you use your lastname to register -- is there a way to get it off? Never used one of these pages, no myspace or other page (only a Blogger a long time ago); so I have no idea how to even deal with this thing.
  13. Why not up your intake of leafy greens, sunflower seeds and pinenuts? Lots of vegan protein sources that are better for you than soy isolate.
  14. haha Probably. But even a placebo-induced dream is real
  15. I'd like to know about the vivid dreams claims -- Zack, can you comment, please. I'd like to know what your experience has been. ROBBIE, is the ZMA product dangerous for women in some way? I read that it was safe for women to use. Thanks
  16. So the heavier you are the less you can do? Is that a sort of standard, general truth? I didn't start doing pushups until I was already light, so I don't know that from personal experience. I was also already in shape when I started them, and, while they were hard, I got the count up within days. I'm sure I could do more than the 100, but I never worked on it...lazy! I guess, though, if I use my running as an illustration, it would make sense: I feel every *ounce* I gain when I run! To me, this is crucial. You will never get maximum results if not eating optimally for nutrition. Exercise and nutrition work synergistically. And, I think it was beforewisdom who wrote in another post somewhere, the stuff that goes for "facts" about nutrition on some of these boards is some of the worst I've seen. Some even worse than non-vegan nutritional advice.
  17. Haven't seen what I would like from any of the female pics, though Timea Majorova's entire backside is undeniable. The UFC guy has an okay body but I get the feeling if I saw the whole body he'd look too stocky for my tastes. But I like that he looks more realistic and natural and in proportion, which has always been the main issue for me so far as aesthetics concerning the body. Nice tatt, though I don't know what it means Arnel guy looks unnaturally tight - is anyone that tight natural? Looks like you could snap his arms, they look so stiff. Could be the costumes, but those celluloid pics aren't attractive either.
  18. I can only do 20 consec at a time for a total of 100; though I've never tried to improve them in any way, which is pretty pathetic. I think, though, the question is, How many proper pushups can you do? I can do a whole lot more crappy ones I think your progress is great. I think you'll get to 15 in a flash . I wonder if pushups and pullups are equal? I mean in the muscles used and strength needed? Pullups were much more difficult for me. Still are.
  19. My sorry record was only 13 in a row, palms out . I haven't done them consistently, despite setting up a bar in my home. Gotta get back to those. Ugh, day's one, suck
  20. Hi, GRR, Flax is not ideal for consumption as food, but as a supplement, it has its benefits. The recommendation being limited -- 1 Tablespoon GROUND Flaxseed per day, only*; however, flax oil, is not recommended for anyone. Flax oil is especially problematic and dangerous for men -- it has been linked to prostate cancer. Personally, I take chia seeds. Their nutritional profile is slightly superior to flax, but the main advantage being that the risks associated with flax are non-existent with chias. As well, chias are a food, and can be eaten in quantity without a prescribed, limited amount. Great for weightloss, diabetes, endurance athletes, on, and on, and on. It is a truly great food. The benefits are tremendous. Flax seeds, are fine, 1 Tablespoon per day; Chias, better . If you are interested in the latest, solid, reliable science on nutrition, read up on and keep up with Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He truly takes his oath seriously. He tells it like it is, whether you like it or not. My kinda man . You can suscribe to his newsletter, or join the website; but Disease Proof Blog has excellent, free information. Do a search for anything, and you can read up on the latest. Dr. Fuhrman will not let you down; this is why he's pretty much the expert, the professional doctor I trust most. So, if you want chias, I suggest the seeds, of course, since all oils are stripped of their nutrition and should only be prescribed as medicine for a particular condition and not used to get one's nutritional needs met for EFA's or anything else. Let me know if you need a source, I know several *More flax can be consumed, but not much; the one tablespoon per day limit being the safest recommendation.
  21. I don't know exactly to what you are referring, but if it is soy flakes as meat sub, then, no, you'd not normally put it in cereals. (also referred to as TVP, TSP, Soy Curls, etc.) I'd not recommend them for consumption, myself, but, if you are going to eat them, you should soak them in a "meaty" broth like a vegan "chicken" or vegan "beef" broth (use powders, soy sauce, or, better, use marmite) to rehydrate them. Then cook them as for meat. Flakes would be best as a ground "beef" sub, so burgers, pasta sauce, etc. If you are referring to a soy flakes cereal, then, I suppose you could toast it, but it's already toasted and that would just add more insult (acrylamides) to the injury (its non-nutritous status).
  22. SirVeganism, that looks quite yummy . I make my raw pasta, similarly, but a different type sauce -- do you put oil in yours? You should try other veggies for the noodles too.
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