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  1. Thanks a lot SV. I'm trying to get defined, but not necessarily ripped per say. (It wouldn't hurt though) I have to give it a try because I am trying to lose some belly fat, not that I'm fat. I weigh ca. 84-86 kg and am 1'85 cm. And I try to eat clean as possible and am Vegan. ?: When you cut out carbs, do other sources of carbs, such as veggies, even frozen ones and fruits provide you the energy needed to sustain the weight you are pushing/pulling? I have to educate myself on the carbs aspect because I do not eat any White Flour, Bread of late (when I do it's dark whole grain bread), pasta, etc. Though I eat grains such as Millet, Quinoa, and Spelt. After training, my body craves carbs. Do yiu get that too? I guess I need to replace it with more protein. And I am an olive oil fanatic. Thanks for your input and feedback. Patrick
  2. Thanks SV. The reason I asked is the weight you are pulling and pushing is solid. You weigh approx. 20kg more than I. See you are DownUnder, and after legs it's good to go for a walkabout, right? I've got a way to go to meet the weight you are tugging, but getting there slowly. Curious: How do you (and this question goes out to all). How do you get ripped, or defined. Do you all cut carbs and increase protein? any suggestions would help. Take it easy. Great log. Patrick
  3. Hi SV! Out of curiosity: How tall are you and how much do you weigh? I've read through this thread and this regime you have going is good. Patrick
  4. Can anyone tell me what is a Widow Maker? Nice pictures!!! Shows the dedication and hard work you put in. Patrick
  5. Thanks VP. I never heard of a machine like that. I'll google it. Is there a manufacturer you could recommend? Patrick
  6. Hi Veganpotter! Just reading the thread and was wondering what is a soymilk maker. Is it expensive? I drink a lot of oatmilk, and self-made almond milk. Thanks Patrick
  7. VeJoe: My pleasure. Try popping a few berries into the blender instead of the raw cane sugar. It tastes orgasmic!!!
  8. I agree with you VP. It's a great product with a lot of protein in it. It's more or less a "meal substitute". Does anyobody happen to know whether VEGA has caffeine in it?
  9. Hi Paulcats, how long did you bake them, & @ what temperature? Definitely gonna try this recipe. Thank you for sharing!!!!
  10. Than I must be gearing toward 80, or 85. My metabolism is Speedy Gonzales!!!
  12. My experience with making nut butter: Get yourself a Champion Juicer, it provides the capability of making terrific nut butters. Do a google for The Champion Juicer. I believe they are located in Lodi, California. I am overseas, and have one that is idle becuase I can not use it. 230v vs. 110. I would sell it. It's like new. Anyone? I was so excited about making my own but it's not really happening.
  13. Does anyone by chance have a good vegan tiramisu recipe? Thanks-Patrick
  14. Millet Quinoa All salads (raw beets, love 'em) hummus (chickpeas) almonds banana olives olive oil garlic cashew butter almond butter oats (irish oats) apples tofu seitan bragg's liquid aminos
  15. Dr. Pink Almond milk is high in protein too. Especially if you create it yourself with a TBSP and add water a even a sprinkle of vanilla. The best milk in town.
  16. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to try that!!!
  17. I agree with Veganpotter that almond milk is your best bet. But I have found that the almondmilk sold in nutrition stores is awafully sweet. What I do instead is I buy some pure almond butter and take a heaping tablespoon and add it in a blender with bottled water. Blend it up and, it tastes awesome. If you ever want to try a great nut butter, go to www.livingtreecommunity.com. It's the best nut butter I have ever tasted. Patrick
  18. Welcome Mueller. As Tasha stated, take it slowly. It's the best decision one can make for themselves. Keep it up!!! Patrick
  19. Hello All, My girlfriend's mother (she is 75 years old) has just begun kidney dialysis treatment. The treatment is quite extensive (3x/per week for 5 hours). It is quite taxing, and all the fluid she has retained is slowly being eliminated. It appears that she will be receiving treatment for quite some time; maybe for the rest of her life. She has lost a bit of weight (7kg) too. I read that there are many foods, minerals, etc. one must avoid while receiving this treatment, even her daily fluid intake is limited/monitored. Would anyone please provide me knowledgable feedback in this delicate/trying situation. I really appreciate your help. Thanks---Patrick
  20. A Vega smoothie is good with an assortment of fruits. Or: Cooked millet with fruits, some oat milk and any fruits. Patrick
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