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  1. We will likely have a meeting place in Portland on July 19th before heading up to the cabin. Most people should arrive by then and if anyone is coming in after the meeting time may have to arrange to carpool with other late arrivers or get there themselves although parking spaces will be limited. It is a little early for specific details but that will all be ironed out in the months to come.
  2. I use Jason Sunbrellas Chemical Free Sun Block SPF 30+ (chemical, fragrance and paraben free, complete UVA & UVB protection, 100% Vegetarian) edit: also it does have the "not tested on animals" symbol on it as well and no beeswax in the ingredients list.. it doesn't say it is micronized, what are the concerns with that? Active ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, it does go on white but doesn't stay white after rubbing it in a bit. I have been using it on my hiking trips and it works quite well!
  3. I have heard terrible things about Greyhound and bus rides in general but I've never ridden one, 12 hours isn't bad. I do enjoy riding Amtrak though! Train rides are FUN! But I'm kindof a train-nerd a bit hehe
  4. I like the flavor of peanut butter but I sometimes have an allergic reaction to it, sometimes not. Occasionally I'll eat some but it's really not worth the chance of a reaction for it.... so I opt for almond butter most of the time but I haven't found one I like best yet. My most recent jar purchased is Barney Butter. It has cane sugar and palm oil so it's not my top choice health-wise, also it is supposed to be no stir but it definitely separates.... and it's not organic I mostly just get a little bit at a time of fresh ground almond butter from the machine, but that's not organic either.
  5. That's my kind of vacation! haha! I suspect LoveLiberate would be all for that idea as well! If there is interest we can plan a night of camping for those who want to, perhaps after the cabin trip?
  6. I think this is a good idea hsorlando... the $150 is only a bit higher than the lowest price anyway
  7. For updated information please see viewtopic.php?t=13032
  8. I wasn't really going for creative, I just wanted to show off the new shirt. I don't want to win, I already bought my new logo shirt
  9. I did this a couple years ago, it was permanent. The red faded to hot pink after a month though and ever since then I have gradually been getting back to my natural strawberry-blond-ish hair but the black is stubbornly still there.. (sorry the pics are so big...)
  10. I think when one finds them in the midst of a conflict, especially an intellectual conflict, it is an incredibly powerful opportunity for self growth to be able to honestly admit to oneself and others "I am wrong, but I am learning" and especially to be thankful for the opportunity to gain a new perspective. The best way to get to this I think is through listening and observing and to thoughtfully ask questions if views differ. Perhaps those who create conflict want to experience that but don't necessarily know how to engage in a constructive manner. I am for the most part a conflict-avoider, drama and negativity make me incredibly uncomfortable. But there are a few things I will defend passionately. I am baffled to see at times that individuals who seem to care about the well-being of their fellow humans beings would say or act in a way to irresponsibly(hurtfully) give rise to conflict in minor disagreements. Perhaps what is considered minor to some is not to others but I'm not so sure that is a legitimate excuse for the majority of conflicts. I think though that playing devils advocate (if done respectfully) can be beneficial.... imagine having an opposing view and then arguing FOR that view. I admit I did that anonymously for a bit on a political-themed blog a couple years ago and I learned quite a bit and ultimately changed my stance by arguing against my original view!
  11. Hi Amy! Welcome! I think an easy way to start making vegan recipes is to make the recipes you already make and then slowly substitute alternative to the non-vegan ingredients (of course this depends on what type of food you already eat)... for instance Earth Balance instead of butter, Veganaise instead of mayo, soy/rice/almond milk instead of cow milk, and tofu/tempeh/seitan instead of meat. Most of those ingredients are usually pretty easy to find in a store that has a natural/health food section.
  12. He is already on the poll though... 4th down.
  13. I haven't voted yet..... I was going to vote for you... but now my vote is going to Mr Lean and Green.
  14. haha. Not fair. Your avatar is cuter than mine Richard
  15. You can't see it very well in that video but if you look closely both Rob and Bradley are wearing the new VBBF logo tanks!
  16. Welcome! Great username! haha! Glad you are interested in Vegan Vacation too! It will be an awesome time!
  17. I used to always have peacelilys in my house, I haven't owned one in about a year but I think those are my favorite house plants.... right now I've got a christmas cactus and I am wanting to get a good aloe plant I don't have any pictures right now, maybe later!
  18. I like thedailyplate.com much better but you have to pay ($45-$60/year) to track nutrients, minerals, etc. Just a free basic profile only allows calorie count with food tracking
  19. That's really funny... gingerbread waiting all weekend on your porch, haha! I am great... my hike yesterday kicked my butt though! It was a tough steep 10+ mile roundtrip (two summits though! yipee! for those familiar with the gorge I did Wind Mtn. then Dog Mtn.) Sorry for off-food/workout-topic pics everyone! I hope you all don't mind! I'll get to posting food stuffs again soon I hope.
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