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  1. Embedded video from CNN Video how do you embed video.. it seems never to work for me.
  2. Yeah I am at it again. Living with fellow critters. Last time it was ants this time roaches. I think I am taking veganism to a whole new level. They tend to come out at night and like the kitchen area. They look for food of course. We moved to a new building and now I got these friends.. Lol man I think for a second that it is freakin strange but I guess we have lived with them now 3 months and so far they have not really bothered us. They just roam around for crumbs and most of our food is in fridge and freezer. They come out with their whole family it seems. From babies to adults. Maybe 6 of them or so. I can't get rid of them because I have heard other people complain in the building about them. I guess for a 890 dollar a month apartment that is what you get. Specially living 30 minutes from Center of of the city. Tell me your critter story
  3. salba seeds best source found so far in nature. That beat even fish. and its vegan. CHIA SEEDS remember the chia pets that people had... well those same seeds have found to contain amazing amounts of omega 3s
  4. I am not sure if you can order one with vega but I saw the vega packs there on the side. Maybe one could request it instead of all the whey garbage.
  5. I know got the veg form of vitamin D and see if it would if I felt better through out the winter with no sun. D2 seems to be the form in all vegan vitamins I have not found a D3. People say that D3 is the converting form. Again could someone explain this to me. I am to lazy to do the research right now.
  6. I found Vega packs in Smoothie king. I went with American Parkour traceurs to smoothie king since that was one of the pit stops after practice and ended up trying to boycot the whole thing and ended up finding vega packs droped some with some juice and I was good to go. Meanwhile everyone else was pounding down whey, fruit and a whole lot of sugary syrup. That is me doing stuff just not to look antisocial. Anyway it was good to see a familiar product in a pretty junky place.
  7. Any idea what you do if you take someone out for business and they order meat? I think this is an awkward situation but I guess it you do what you can. Second situation is what if you play a sport like baseball and football in which leather is used to create items for the sport. Do you stop playing the sport? Do you try to find alternatives? Like baseball glove and so on... Just wanted to hear people's advice.
  8. Oats and Potatoes is Indian from Nothern India. Mad chill guy too!
  9. there will be always exceptions to the rule! I think that people say a little but that is never the case. People eat a little here ... a little there and next thing you know it is a whole lot. This is not in response to your comment Marcina but like my coworker says everything in moderation. I think that word means absolutely nothing and it is a copout for a bad habit. No one doing heroin or crack would accept in moderation.... there is no measurement of true moderation since it really is up to one's own interpretation. Since with food it takes a long period of time to take affect than it seem reasonable that people apply that word to diet. My point should be eat healthy all the time if you fall off then just clean up your act and get back on it. No more moderation nonsense and dumb fad diets that you hear all over the media. Everyone one knows what are the good foods and what are the not so good foods. Oh cancer can be caused by stress, environmental factors, and genetic predisposition that with a trigger activates the gene, or just a whole lot of sugar in your diet. Any of these with enough of it you will be on your way to the same kind of diseases as those who eat meat. Just a different path to get there. Plenty of research proving this. Diet is great and important because it is one of a few things that you can control in your life.
  10. This is rather annoying and it happens to me way to much that I just almost refuse to get on here because of it. every time I push " view your posts" or "view new posts" or View active topics I get this warning. "Sorry but you cannot use search at this time. Please try again in a few minutes." I have to usually have to leave the site to come back and try the links. Any idea why this happens?
  11. thanks johan... I felt your response was constructive! He does mention at the end that fructose in fruit is fine for you because of the fiber that comes with the fruit which slows the process of absorption. Let everyone make their own choice but mine is that added sugar is a huge problem with Obesity.
  12. yeah well too much of anything is not good. I still see to many Vegans buy cupcakes and vegan treats. I am not one to point fingers because I went on a trip and ate a like 8 health bars in two days loaded with sugar and came down with a cold. I did this thinking I could get by since I was traveling to a place that I could not prep food at all and had to hold off my appetite until I got to a meal. So now after researching more about the health effects of sugar I see how destructive that was. But my consumption dwarfs what I have seen fellow vegans eat. BUT I have learned my lesson. Basically Sugar=stored fat I do want to say moderation is never a great term because I see people use it for all things. No one is moderating anything people eat what they feel like eating. Sugar is in almost everything and I am not talking about in whole foods I am talking about added sugar (table sugar, agave, cane syrup, high fructose corn syrup, maple syrup and for those non vegans honey) These are all causing problems beyond eating bad fats and oils. Eating whole foods is the key the more you eat the better you will be in health. I am taking the no more added sugar challenge. No juices unless it is fresh squeezed. I will let people know how I feel.
  13. Still wondering why you get colds, why your can't loose that extra fat around your belly, why vegans still get heart disease... well the key is to stop consuming fructose speciallly if it is not in fruit. Highly active people consuming small amounts of it will end up needing it to restore glycogen stores. Most people are not high performance athletes and they are harming their health with sugar. Fructose is your enemy when it comes to health. If your vegan and you think your heart attack proof... think again... enjoy the lecture.
  14. Why meat does not help cancer victims. here is the first part One thing that is extremely important is a reduction in the meat that you eat. If you’re eating huge amounts of meat to get your protein you should start reducing this immediately. Your pancreas produces pancreatic enzymes which are good for fighting cancer by making the cancer cell protective walls weak. Studies are showing now more and more the important role of eating whole foods and avoid the meat and dairy. Cancer cells are coated with a protein lining. This protein lining can be in-penetrable to white blood cells. Leukocytes are white blood cells. Leukocytes are those soldier like cells in our bodies that come to our defenses when our system is under attack. Enzymes are responsible for breaking down proteins in our bodies, as well as for other processes. Enzymes are considered catalyst and are responsible for required for every chemical process in the body. When cancer cells begin to proliferate in the body, the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin break down the protein lining of the cancer cells, which allows leukocytes to take over the bad cell. Thus, enzymes are crucial in our defenses against cancer. .... so want to learn more do some research on how cancer walls are broken down by the human body. If your busy breaking down meat proteins which takes a lot of enzymes what is your body doing to fight the cancer...
  15. oh and I forgot on your fourth picture the person in the back is OATSANDPOTOES forum member this was him a few months back.
  16. yeaup! She didn't even know ... lol... oh man are you serious clubbin... no problem. We will have more time to chill at a later time! Your always welcome back!
  17. awesome! I had a great time with everyone too. Jimmy is mad awesome! Super friendly and just an all around great guy! I am glad he came to DC. Finally put a face with the legend!
  18. Parkour taking classes with American Parkour "The Tribe" bunch of guys ... learning pretty fast. It is getting me up and over obsicles. Last week we did 42" vaults... 3.5 feet which is higher than a typical handrail. Average hand rail code requires the height to be in between 32" and 34". Some of the teachers or people who show up are in this clip ... I did not know that D.C. was a big parkour area...
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plSRdiwxhTc (mocking fast food eaters)
  20. How did the comp go? did the music workout?
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