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  1. a way of life. I see you both have the same bad habit. I ran for years. Then I couldn't run. I always wondered what I would do if I couldn't run anymore. I bitch about the stairmill. But I would have hated running this morning as well. I do miss my resistance work. I am still barely ;lifting. I can feel my fat cells getting fat; even with cardio. Must be the gluten free vegan brownie and vegan daiya cheese. Deadly on the thighs and abs.
  2. Roman Chair sit ups 3 x 50 45 Cardio on stairmill, I hated every single second and wanted to QUIT, but didn't cause I knew I would feel worse if I didnt do it at all
  3. 30 mins cardio squats 3 x 15 w/ sissy 15# dumbbells 3 x 10 lunges same weight plie squats 1 x 25 same weight will go back this eve
  4. bad habit from when the kids were infants and I pushed a baby jogger on the beach in the mornings...i think I did in college, too. I LOVE early a.m. workouts. They make me feel powerful! 85 sit ups on highest incline 5 x 10 push ups...I am OUT of shape ...the few weeks lax and my shoulder..and my guts...yek BUT...THIRTY more mins cardio. sweet! The fat I have on me will be gone...I like lean and wiry...getting there...right now I just look hottie mom...I really do prefer lean and little. preference.
  5. you wanna see a 6 pack/ distinct...and lower abs is the "v" that comes into the pubic crest area. as you said its probably the lighting. your legs have improved from your very first set of pics. I would seriously look into tweaking my macros to up the protein--minimum 1 g of protein per body weight...you need to keep that muscle! Real Food Daily is in Santa Monica, and I think there is another one somewhere in LA..A most yum vegan restaurant! Saw "Kramer" in there once. Please keep us posted. So many peeps competing...makes me want to eat even better!
  6. 5 30 am work out: 45 cardio on stair mill i may be ready to lift by weeks end like I am used to
  7. It is the light then. As i said, you look amazing! I felt bad typing it. The trainer in me says dont drop your cardio, but do a lower level intensity. And agree w/mj ...spice it up. Thoight: go buy a chrapie tanner and do a once over. You wi will see the cuts more and have a better idea. But you wanna pop! If you're abs look like your back..you are there!
  8. Your body is beautiful. With fake Tan, your legs will show more cuts. You're right about no meat, but you aren't competing Pro, so...just worry about keeping and building on what you have. To cut the butt fat...cardio, cardio, cardio. And leg specific free weight stuff...squats, lunges and butt wrk This is going to sound so nit picky, but, as flat and beautiful as your abs are...you need to get some more definition in the lower abs Your rectus abdomnis muscles need to "pop" more---that may just be cardio to lean it out,..but it doesn't look it- you are pretty lean and your waist is princess tiny!, or like you wrote..you are naturally skinny. Your hair is beautiful, your face is gorgeous, your body is amazing...but to WIN..you need some more MUSCLE definition on lower bod. Protein builds muscle...perhaps on your micros get some more protein. I know my coach had me at 120 - 150 grams a day and I am a LOT shorter than you, ...but it worked . I didn't gain any weight or more butt pudge, but I got more defined. I didn't want to buy into it...but he was right. And, again, amazing!
  9. Workout #2 Shoulder is TRASHED roman chair sit ups 3 x 50 leg extensions 3 x 10 @ 70 hamstring down chair thingie 3 x 10 @ 70 assisted pull ups 1 x 10 at hardly any assist, 2 x 10 LOTs of assist (sholder was screaming) upright row 3 x 10 @ 90# and the raison d'être: Stairmill 30 mins, radio mode @ level 16 listening to Lifehouse, Nirvana and the Fray So TODAY was one hour cardio...will make up for my lost Sa/Su on my FatBeGone plan. I have underwear lines in my leggings...meh. And no thongs...yek, belch hate 'em! Hate underwear lines just as much!
  10. you need to have a CA id and credit card, --say you want to try it out before you buy a membership- they usually will give you a 10 day or two week pass. go online to 24hourfitness.com and look it up.
  11. 35 cardio early a.m. will go back this eve and do at least 35 more, w/ abs and also some upper body work. Its time.
  12. i can't do pea protein, either. I am looking at rice as an option...but horrible stomach aches. Try cutting the amount in 1/2 and split the scoop so 1/2 in a.m. and half mid afternoon or eve.? I will be re introducing pea protein in my diet again this week, probably Wed.
  13. yek on her. and why would you feel like a scumbag? --you don't even look like a smegmy predator---maybe its the moustacheless beard?!...and trust me, I know what its like to feel like a scumbag! hey...do you have a CA Drivers license or ID card? You can get a free pass to 24..there is a really nice one in College Grove, a Magic Johnson one...before you take the YetiVan on a trip, we need to go to the gym! I go back to two cardio workouts/day starting tomorrow, in Operation "fatbegone" (and so I can go to Ranchos and eat!) monkey bars sound fun.
  14. two days off by happenstance. Life Legs: extensions 1 x 15 @ 50 2 x 12 @ 70 curls 4 x 12 @ 50 and 70 buttblaste 3 x 15 (1 at 100 and 2 at 115) press on vertical hoist 3 x 10 w/ 75# 45 cardio on my beloved stair mill. I may try to go back. I see the best progress with 2 workouts a day. I am still up 3 - 5 since Oct. I hate it.
  15. am cardio. 30 min on aerobic setting, level 16 tofu, gum drops, choco rice bar, fume sale from tofu, vegan GF bagel w/ cream cheese and vegan spread pm cardio 30 min interval HUGE difference in increased cardio and also feeling SOFT from shoulder injury and taking a week off to let my guts heal. Weird, tons of compliments...and , "Do you do yoga?" Still bigger than I like, but OK.
  16. yes, yay on the new wheels! I have one more week off from resistance as well. I will think of you tomorrow as I cruise aisle after aisle in search of vegan chocolates, vegan cookies and vegan crap food! I agree, Yetimobile!
  17. Today wa 30 mins..blood sugar plummeted while stairmilling. No 2nd workout today due to time.
  18. went to reply to say thank you for the information you provided me yesterday...so, a big heartfelt thank you. Always appreciative of all and any when people go the extra mile.
  19. So what are you doing, besides daily calisthenics to achieve your goal(exercises)? And yes, you are teeny, weeny, tiny little. Megan fox may be beautiful and sculpted, but....please...she is a mindless twit.
  20. I think it really varies on where you live, as regions and interests vary...climate, overall population, etc. Boston has a reputation of big city, chic, cutting edge....i am guessing its competitive-and no offense, but So Carolina is not So Cal- so what works for one, may not work as well for another. Caveat: separate from insurance..do a liability waiver no matter what!!!!! Good luck and happy selling (yourself)! Its a sales job without a doubt!
  21. I am also a supporter of a locally produced tofu here in So Cal....higher protein. You intensity about berating yourself...omg...i am reading your workout while salivating (is that cinnamon with a melted vegan spread?) thinking, "self,...get your lazy a$$ to the gym"
  22. Today, so far 45 minutes cardio level 16 stair mill, aerobic and 10 interval w/ extensions may go back tonite 8 oz wildwood Aloha baked tofu- lunch on the go- iInterview # 1 at 230 today vegan GF brownie- yummilicious damn frickin luna bar more tofu 30 more minutes on the stair mill potatoes and tofu w/ vegan parmesan cheese upped the cardio,moderate carbs...and I am seeing mega difference. taking time off from upper body altogether to heal my right shoulder and my abs/ intestines are feeling relief from no sit ups, lunges or heavy squats. working within modifications...grrr...but love what my cardio does. I look leaner...happier
  23. GREAT legs...you are an "apple"...I see the most loss from your shoulders, breast, and stomach..and FACE. A pretty one! Smile!!! I have a friend here that did the bypass surgery and doesn't look nearly as good as you...and there is hardly any loose skin--Kudos! You are quite inspirational- and your photos are great- thank you so much for posting here and sharing!
  24. mex food is the bomb! I am the peanut butter queen- switched to almond butter in Sept of 2011- just as dangerous. Thanks for being a daily dose of inspiration!
  25. Totally jealous of the trail runs...that was my passion for years, and I truly, physically can no longer run ( a 28 year old habit--Gone..poof) Thanks for the food day -I know you wrote your seitan recipe somewhere else...would you mind re posting. again, Thank you.
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