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  1. thanks Synny. Took two days off...crazy days have ended after 6 months. finally. Today was 45 cardio level 16 and my beloved Manager-Tool podcasts this morning and then this late afternoon- early evening 1 x 10 FIVE times for my pushups for a total of FIFTY, first time since I took off time due to my shoulder hurting so bad. I couldn't even do squats--supporting wight killed me. I am back!!!!!! 3 x 10 @15 # incline press 3 x 10 @15# flat press 3 x 10 @ 10# dumb bell flies 3 x 10 assisted dips( they HURT) 3 x 10 @ 40# barbell bent over rows 3 x 10 single arm skull crushers w/ 10# tri ceps pull dpwns w/ rope 3 x 10 2 soem ridiculously low weight cause my shoulder could feel it..but I DID it 3 x 50 Roman Chir sit ups
  2. Hottie!!!! You're in Bay area, right? Where do you work out? Great pic!
  3. changing gyms is huge...be patient, Oh creature of habit...its like when road repairs are done---we groan for the months during construction...bitch and complain...wish they had left it as is...and then...change..its slow (like weight loss)...but can be radical (like veganism and weight loss). exercise patience- see if there arent benefits...and then decide. remember, the only constant in life is...change.
  4. i am going to adapt the diet to me...I am really having a time nailing GF and soy free, and right now...I want to do both. Thanks for teaching an old dog new tricks...have been floundering for about 6 weeks w/ my diet...I need a weight loss/ high performance, muscle building/ maintenance thing...love what you have come up with and will dive into probably NOW. yes, your avatar is amazing...I would have to go back 30 years in a time machine! do you buy GF oatmeal? will play w/ the sweet potatoes...yek...and the lentils...do you do your own, or do you buy at Trader Joe's? I think I can sub what I do like as close to possible on glycemic index, but love that you have little soy. and GF. you look beautiful. thanks, and happy training!
  5. day off yesterday...went to lift...meh today was 50 cardio... assuage the guilt of missing yesterday I wanna be skeeeeeny out the door for 2.5 hr drive to Los Angeles for 3rd interview for Nat'l Sales Mngmt job...I NEED it! rags to riches back to rags...time for some love and fun....and a job with passion and purpose...ummm....ya,...right. I want a 401 k, bennies, corporate credit card, decent salary, car allowance and a life!
  6. I love your diet. Gonna try a variation of the theme. thanks for sharing
  7. went back on Sunday 3 x 50 roman chair sit ups legs, a lot, I don't feel like logging today: 45 cardio
  8. Whats the Wayne Gretzky quote about taking the shots...you can't make the shot if you don't take it. You are SEVEN weeks out...unless you get really sick again, you have more than enough time to do this. Its almost TWO full months. If failure is not an option, than put your best foot forward, get your food squared away, and eat and train. And if mental mind games are present---this is part of moving forward...you set a goal, a date and now follow through is part of it. Its all part of being your best, right? I am sure only you see the difference ...and after three days of eating, you will see the weight come back on. If you were that down and out ( I do believe in the states- if cops were called you could have been eligible for a "5150"), you have more in the balance than not just eating or doing a competition, etc. NOT doing this now could be as big a disappointment...Goals and follow through. Don't make the competition bigger than YOU. I'm rooting for you, Disney Princess. You won't know if you q don't try...and unless you are medically contraindicated..Get back out there and finish!
  9. i LOVE your pic! Happy Anniversary, Gorgeous!
  10. In my worst moments I would say to self, "Lance would still ride". 7 weeks is longer than you think. A goal is a goal...you set it--go reach it!
  11. 45 cardio on stairmill this a.m. will go back this eve and do legs and some more cardio. Warrior mode as I job look.
  12. You are right on not warming up enough. I did some stretching yesterday and foam roller....and today i just did 45 stairmill. I was talking to one of the other hard cores...i probably stretched the anterior ligamnet bad..its just because i am older it isnt healing well....my back....grrrr...its from an incident in late 2009, and its just overuse. Will do legs tomorrow. I think i am going to do legs three times a week and abs 5 as i rehab my shoulder and cardio is a way of lfe. Someone told me i looked thinner. Yay.
  13. cardip, 45 stairmill, early a.m. went back at noon 3 min bike extensions 3 x 10 @ 70 curls, 3 x 10 @ 55 stretched, abs (roman chair, 2 x 50) butt blaster 3 x [email protected] 115 my back is hurt...I hate getting old. I hurt.
  14. 45 cardio stairmill...will try to get to gym this eve...crazy times...priorities....legs and abs. Still taking off completely all upper body to heal....grrrrr. Maybe some curls...but its now chronic in the anterior head of my right shoulder.
  15. i love almond butter...but i want the few lbs OFF! taking a big break from tofu...I held fat when I ate it in my 30's, so...20 years later I am finding same true. WE DO KNOW what makes us big...So...I have been ardently watching..I know I like Luna's...so, I for went the protein and factored the 190 kcal in...day before..I blew off some carbs and extra protein calories in favor of gummie calories..I really hate my clothes snug and I have worked too hard to get here to not stay here..and I was still lighter..I choose lean, fit and healthy so I need to stay fit and healthy
  16. dropped nut butter, tofu and my kombuchas... seeing a huge difference 45 cardo 2 x50 roman chair sit ups
  17. 45 cardio, stairmill- 16 roman chair sit ups 2 x 50 leg pres on hoist 3 x 10 @ 90
  18. to me...you are biggest worthy ...got a lil' tear o' joy for ya!
  19. you are an inspiration. You need to send your story to Biggest Loser. Brown rice tortillas mean at this precarious point are a "possible whole pkg. thing"...until I get a job and come to terms w/ what my ex hub has done..food is a slippery slope. Thanks for inspiring!
  20. looking good. amazing progress...I could use your positive attitude about now! Love the food pic! the interview is at 4 30 in Los Angeles tomrrow...job the other day was for poop! This one cold be IT! Gonna get brown rice tortillas for my next binge!
  21. Sat was legs...first almost decent workout in awhile Squats, lunges, extensions, curls, standing extensions, ..and abs Sun, and probably all I will have time for...we'll see about weights this eve... 90 min cardio- stairmill at 16 I plit it up in 35, 35, 20 anyone that may raed my log: send some good MoJo..I have a 2nd interview tomorrow...could use ! Thanks!
  22. in the same boat...plus, I just gained about 5# of frickin' FAT over the last 3 months...and my diet is mostly tofu...I am DONE ( except for the occasional salad from Whole Foods or Jimbos or whatever state I am in and that store has)- as I am POSITIVE the fat came from Tofu. My body is bored and tired. I am buying the fake meat at Trader Joe's right now (some of the gardein products are real high in protein and low in fat, too- but these are tastier and less $$$)...its the bomb diggity...it has 110 calories a serving..a whole pacakage is 330 calories, the fat is ess than 60 calories for the WHOLE package, and get this...SIXTY grams of protein!!!!!!
  23. Gym time Roman chair 2x50 My shoulder is thrashed as are my guts...so treading lightly By dumb, stupid, mean yek ex husband was at the gym this morning. I am on the higher road, but he is just a nasty jerk. Cannot believe i ever did THAT with him and had 3 kids. He is vermin, but i digress. Plie squats w/20# dumbbells 3x25 Leg curls 4x 10 @55 Squats w/ big girl bar and 10 oneach side(humbling) 3x10 Overhead something 3 sets of My legs and abs suck, and my arms are getting soft looking......its ALL in my head....
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