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  1. Hey guys, made a vegan recipe specifically for weight gain and/or as a protein shake for the day. It definitely tastes great, and is also high in calories/protein! Could be useful for those looking to put on weight and muscle and for those who are having trouble getting enough calories into their diet. Check out the video and let me know what you think . Hopefully a couple people can try it and let me know how you found the taste. P.S. - You can substitute any vegan protein powder for this (hemp, rice, etc). I just prefer Genuine Health's product so used that in the recipe.
  2. Looks great! Thanks for sharing, have been looking for a different kind of soup to eat as a healthy snack.
  3. Nice update capfit. Hope to see you continue logging your workouts around here. Some great compound lifts being used. Really hitting it hard on squats.
  4. Heard those Rave runs were pretty fun. Nice job getting back out there after the time off! Tattoo looks great.
  5. Great lifts Rossco! Solid increases from workout #9 to workout #10. Now that's progress!
  6. 185lbs on deadlifts today for 4 sets x 6 reps. Not my heaviest ever for sure, but first time doing these in a while.
  7. Have to say you have made tremendous progress bro. Definitely can see gains in the shoulders and arms. Congratulations on all the hard work. Certainly paying off!
  8. Wow huge increases. Awesome job! Do you know how much muscle you put on since those pictures were taken? Keep it up .
  9. Awesome job with the weight loss! Definitely put in a lot of work to attain those results. Keep it up! Do you have a journal?
  10. Awesome Snugs, keep it posted. That last bit of body fat (belly fat) is always the toughest to get rid of. Focus on those weights and diet and you'll be set. Consistency = results . Hope you start a journal!
  11. Awesome Snugs, keep it posted. That last bit of body fat (belly fat) is always the toughest to get rid of. Focus on those weights and diet and you'll be set. Consistency = results . Hope you start a journal!
  12. Hey Snugs, congrats on getting serious with the weightlifting. You will probably find that you are able to burn more fat with adding in weight sessions. As for an essential food that will help you burn fat or recover....not really. It's all about consistency really. Eating a healthy and balanced diet and eating under your maintenance calorie level. Do you know what yours is? If you keep the diet in check and don't miss workouts, of course you'll lose weight/fat. Agreed, you should start a journal. Could be a good way to get extra feedback and keep yourself dedicated .
  13. Thanks Dylan, I'm from Canada, east coast. And yes, 10 years, crazy how fast that has gone. Started working out when Ron Coleman was still winning Sandows haha. I have never competed, it was a goal for a long time. Unfortunately too many injuries and what not so can't lift as heavy as I used to. I'm only in my mid 20's so figured if I keep lifting like I was (heavy, high volume) then by mid 30's I'de be a mess haha. What about yourself? Ever competed?
  14. Awesome work BnB. Really hitting the compound lifts hard. That will definitely help you grown . Form looked good in the vids. You might be able to get a little lower on squats (as already mentioned), but I think it is fine. Some just aren't made to get below parallel. Myself included. Do you know how many calories you are eating a day? Are you consistently gaining weight? Just wondering . Good luck!
  15. Great lift Huddi . I am not lifting heavy as of late due to injuries, but I was happy to hit hack squats for the first time for 4 sets of 12-15 reps with strict form and going below parallel.
  16. Hey Muchidna, thanks for answering. Just my opinion and food for thought, but I'm not really sure how brisk walks or jogs would help to much for your sport. You mentioned practices and games were pretty intense cardio wise and I don't doubt that considering field hockey can be a pretty demanding sport. In your training you would want to simulate what happens in your game. Sprints, plyometric conditioning, and other workouts would seem to be better for yourself. You don't have to sprint all day . Just get that intensity up. As well, putting muscle on is very dependent on diet, and if you are improving it that is great! Just make sure you are eating over your maintance for calories and try to get in enough protein. As well, are you going to failure on your lifts? Have you tried lowering your rep range to say 8-12 reps? Or 6-8 and see how that worked out? This would allow you to lift heavier then your current rep range, which could be beneficial for you. Just lots of trial and error . Good luck!
  17. Wow Boodie, those lifts are crazy strong! Very inspirational, reading your bench number is some added motivation for an upcoming chest workout haha. Agree with other comments here, I've been switching up the workouts as of late. Just switched to a full body workout three times a week. This was something I would be open to a year ago (was set on keeping a regular four day or five day split) and have seen some good results lately. Also helps for keeping things interesting and fun in the gym, and not doing the same things over and over again which can hurt my motivation sometimes. Good luck to everyone in reaching your goals!
  18. Hey, what exercises are you doing for upper body with dumbbells? And sorry, but what was your workout plan going to look like? Was it weights 5 times a week? You certainly can put on muscle, especially if you are just getting into weigh lifting. Try to eat over maintenance however, as gaining muscle will be extremely tough if you are eating below your caloric maintenance, especially with all the cardio you do. Have you considered joining a gym? Is that a possibility?
  19. Hmmmm, interesting. Thanks for bringing this up as I have used Scivation products before, specifically Xtend! I will try to find what I can and if I find anything else I will post back here. Thanks again!
  20. Hey Dodge, this is something I can relate to all too well. Hang in there. It will take time to build up your endurance, but it can be done, of course . Seems like one of the bigger problems is that you mentioned you have been "off and on". This is probably holding you back a bit in terms of endurance. Consistency builds endurance just like anything else. You can't run 10K every month and expect to get any quicker. First I would try to be a little more consistent. Your body will adapt. My work outs from 5-10 years ago look nothing like they do today. 9 sets for back and 6 sets for biceps for ONE workout was all I did when I was starting out, not there is much more volume. As well, I have never done the workout by Layne which you mentioned, but from what I remember, isn't his program fairly volume? It would seem like even the most dedicated gym goers would have trouble hitting it hard or maxing on lifts through out each workout. Maybe which to a program that has a little less volume. Less volume, more intensity. The HIIT is probably burning you out a lot as well. Especially after workouts. Lastly, how is your diet and sleep schedule? If you are not eating enough or getting enough sleep each night, this could hurt endurance as well. I'm sure you have most of these covered, just food for though.
  21. Hey muschidna. Your question depends on quite a bit of variables. Sure you can still build muscle with light jogs. A lot of other questions need to be answered though. How long will you be jogging? How often? How long have you been lifting weights? What type of split/rep range? What is your diet like? Etc....... If you are eating over maintenance while still doing your cardio and hitting it hard in the gym with that weights, you should be able to build muscle, just might be a bit slower. Just my two cents. What sport are you looking to improve?
  22. Great job, very inspiring to say the least. Lower chest was looking crazy in your most muscular pose. Lots to be proud of, contest prep is NOT easy. What is your plan moving forward?
  23. Hello everyone, just joined the forums. Am very happy to have found such a wonderful community as I have been lifting weights for quite sometime, but am much more new to the vegan lifestyle. Have been lifting weights for almost 10 years and it is one of my favorite hobbies. Try to make it to the gym around 4 times a week. Hope to learn some new recipes and engage with you all . Thanks!
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