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  1. before the gym- i go to workout at 9am- i make a big breakfast before. but if you have no time you should try energetic shakes, so put in the shake: nuts(or if your blender is not strong enough put nuts butter-almondbutter, peanut butter etc), banana, soy-ricemilk and protein powder. are a good combination of fats as reserve, carbs as energy and proteins.
  2. second season? you still need the other 2 sorry for the spoiler hhaha
  3. great courage man to make free body wo. i hate pull ups
  4. man your workouts are massive! you are full of energy, and that pizza is awesome! ps i think rick is dying
  5. THANKS MAN! TODAY: SQUAT 12x20kg warm up 10x30kg warm up 5x40kg 5x43 5x45 5x47 5x50kg BENCH PRESS 5x25 5x28 5x30 5x33 5x35 5x37 i wanted to arrive to 40 but the technique was getting too dirty with the last rep DEADLIFT 5x45 5x50 5x53 5x55 5x57 5x60kg LEG PRESS 5x10x72.5 DECLINED CRUNCHES W/10KG 3x20 food for today: BREAKFAST 100gr oatflakes 100gr almonds, dried apricots, dates, cranberries, soy-ricemilk POST WO SHAKE pea proteins + soyricemilk POST WO MEAL seitan with veggies, sour cream, coriander salad SNACK fruits LUNCH quinoa with lentils PRESLEEP SHAKE peaprotein + soyricemilk this week i quit creatine and in 2 weeks i will start again to put it in my shakes
  6. well no, 110 with deadlift is not pathetic at all, i think is really really good especially if you are beginner. it even depends how long have you been training, but as a start is perfect. try even to make the 5x5 on progressions. like 5x80, 5x83, 5x85, 5x88, 5x90kg it gives the muscle the right help to make a good progression of training, for example making a rep of 70kg and then the other one of 80 could make it feel too heavy
  7. hey mike, thats true unfortunately this forum isnt too active, but at least 10 people write here everyday. open a training journal i guess we are curious to read about your training.
  8. wow man thats really nice! good luck. if you want try the 5x5 strength training on squats-deadlift and bench it could help even more since you do martial arts
  9. hey. for vegan products what do you mean? like processed industrialized meat substitutes? because actually you dont really need them! to make this step on thinking about veganism after reading peter singer is gives you honor, he is a good author, but remember that starting with veganism means starting to read and read and experiment with food nutrients etc. to be healthy you just need good sources of carbs, proteins, fats and vitamines. you can find all these things in all the natural world carbs: wheat products (i guess they are the most famous and cheaper ones), corn, rice, oats, millet, barley, spelt, quinoa etc. most of them have the essentials aminoacids you need to assimilate proteins. proteins: peas, lentils, beans (black, red, white etc.), lupine, chickpeas, soybeans, seitan, tofu and other soyproducts, remember that with legumes it woudl be better (especially lentils) to combine them with cereals like quinoa etc. healty fats: nuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia, pine nuts, pistachios, avocado, coconut, dates, seeds. most of these fat sources are high on proteins too. for the rest try to eat veggies at every meal and fruits like there is no tomorrow. if you are going to start weightlifting so you should start to eat at least 5 times per day, that doesnt mean you need t eat a lot. but dividng nutrients through out the day it helps the body to assimilate better. for example my favorite meal is the breakfast: 100gr oatflakes, 100 gr of mixed nuts, rice/soy milk, dried cranberries, banana, apricots, dates, figs and if you have it a bit of soy joghurt. if you want other tips about health and diet go in the right section and open a topic there. plus in the veganbodybuilding website there's a bunch of articles about diets. if you need just write in this forum i am sure you will get the right support and answers. good luck and welcome
  10. 15.02.2014 today i used the grip-straps and i felt really good, even with the legs-protection seems like my knees were more stable during squat SQUAT 10x20kg warm up 5x35kg 5x38kg 5x40kg 5x43 5x45 DUMBBELL SHOULDER 5x10x12.5 kg each arm ALTERNATE LEG CURL MACHINE 3x10x55kg each leg DEADLIFT 2x5x40kg 3x5x50kg
  11. i was just watching some deadlift competitions on youtube and i found this video...... i am speechless..
  12. dont know why but i actually prefered your physique in the january 2013 picture
  13. really nice to read that someone with a bit of experience in weightlifting and with a omnivore diet is thinking to change his diet. hope you read something about essentials meals on a vegan-bodybuilding diet, if you have questions or you are confuse about something just go in the health section and start a topic, i am sure a lot of people will help you. best wishes and welcome
  14. wow i am impressed from all the reps you made with squat!
  15. 14.02.2014 after 3 days of legs-doms i went to gym again BENCH PRESS 5x25kg 5x28 5x30 2x5x33 BARBELL CURLS 5x10x26kg BENCH DIPS 5x10 CALF RAISE 5x15 LAT MACHINE 5x10x45kg CABLE CROSS 3x10x25kg each arm DECLINED BENCH CRUNCHES + 10KG 3x20 today i bought grip-straps and protection for knees, i am looking forward to use them tomorrow with deadlift and squat
  16. as ross said dogs dont have problems with a balanced vegan diet, i am sure if you would cook vegan food for them would be always healthier and more tasty than those crunchy friskies bullshit that people give to dogs today. but yeah if cats follow a vegan diet they will have problems esepcially with eyes (blindness etc), and that would be even stupid because cats are primarly carnivores.
  17. no when i talked about machines, i meant machines for weightlifting. by the way if your goals are so simple, just watch your daily calories, and try to burn a good quantity. about strength training, squat is one of the best exercises, with deadlift. (then crunches, curls, rowing exercises etc) with repetitions of 5
  18. 10.02.2014 SQUAT 5x35kg 5x37 5x40 5x43 5x43 BENCH PRESS 5x25kg 5x27.5 5x30 5x33 5x33 DEADLIFT 3x5x40 2x5x50 DIPS 5x10 TRACTIONS 3X10 BARBELL SHRUGS 3X10X30KG LEG PRESS 5X10X70KG ABS-DECLINED BENCH +10KG 3X20
  19. it depends what kind of workout and goals do you have in mind. but i would say always to use free weights instead of machines. dumbbells and barbells in this case
  20. sometimes i ask myself where these "trainers" get the right to open a gym and give schedules or tips for workouts.. starting a journal is the best. define your strength and physical goals, so people could help you better.. here is full of nice people that are 3000 times better than your trainer. welcome
  21. because to eat enough protein i should eat a good amounts of meals (6 at least including shakes) but on cheat days i eat for example like buffet, or vegan fast food stuff and after that i am not hungry for all day
  22. another good protein source supplement is pea protein (28gr of pro) where do you buy from? unfortunately i dont know many american-southamerican websites, but you can look on amazon for protein powders, is the shipping expensive?
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